Reviews For Uncivil

I love the history of the civil war, however I don’t want to hear it from the biased perspective of either side.
This is a great show but everyone talks so fast they sound like computer robots with the speed turned up. It’s bizarre I wonder if they record it and then speed it up manually to make it fit their time limits? Not sure I can listen anymore. Even the commercials are on speed!
Would love to hear more. There is so much history that is lost. It’s nice to hear these stories and learn the truth!
super ready for next season, please hurry LOL
History re-examined, reconstructed, and retold. For casual listeners and history buffs alike. Essential.
Takes what you think you learned in school and adds a perspective you’ve never heard. Leaves you wanting more! I’m waiting impatiently for season two!
I’m learning so much I wish I’d been taught years ago in school.


This show is loose on facts and more about feelings. Angry black feelings and those with white guilt. I’m not denying the facts of slavery but I’m not going to apologize for it either. Learn from mistakes of the past and make the future better.
If you’re a history buff you’re going to really enjoy this!
I so hope they are in the works of making a new season.
So glad I found this informative and enlightening podcast. Thank for giving me a new understanding on American history. And doing it in such interesting way!
Listening to the diverse perspectives the reporters curated truly helped my peel back my own white racial frame. I appriated the honest and thorough reporting. A must listen for all Americans.
A lot of eye-opening history that *somehow* didn’t make it into any school textbooks I ever read. Highly recommend!
Smart, serious, with humor and no easy answers. Beautifully produced all around. I'm learning so much listening to Uncivil. Thanks!
Very helpful if you're trying to review history in light of current events.
Incredible stories, extraordinary research, and profound commentary by an amazing team. If you want to learn about American history in a way that you’ve never heard before, check it out.
This is what your high school history books seem to skim past or not mention at all. This gives you a whole new appreciation for the hidden meanings and malicious roots behind historical symbols, items and stories that we still hear about today.
Just tell us it’s about the black role/history/contribution/abuse/lack of recognition during and after the civil war. I’d still subscribe and listen. I’ll continue to subscribe and listen. It just takes awhile to adjust to what story is truly being told.
Hey! I miss learning from you! When are you returning with new episodes?
So interesting and educational. It’s great to hear a POC perspective on this history.
I love this podcast. It’s so great to get information about the civil war that isn’t told through the shameful lens of white men. As a mother, I appreciate that there are not a lot of gory details so I can share this with my 8 year old son. It is so important to me that he understands that he should always critically think about the things he is taught and why it is told that way. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
History belongs to the victors. True. But as an epoch fades, responsibility for sleuthing in attempt to bring stories needed truth so descendents can LEARN is essential. I want to cry when I read that teachers want to use This for teaching. This is activism and ideology using historical pretext. This is not history.
Currently listening for a second time. So interesting to come back to it after a few months of consuming other civil war histories. This is a history that is completely unarticulated in our education as Americans. Keep it up, I’d love to hear more!! (Also lol @ the “bad” reviews) So thankful this podcast exists!
I wish I had found this podcast earlier in my life. How did I not know Harriet Tubman was a nurse!!! My nine-year-old and 11-year-old love it. When we listen in the car they are silent and captivated. Thank you!
What do expect from a some non-whites telling a story about American history.
This show is soooooo good. I can’t wait for more episodes! Hurry up
Can’t wait for more episodes!
Great reporting, and much needed fact based rebuttal of long standing presumptions. I hope there is a 2nd season...?
....that people will pretend is a good show so they don't seem racist. Don't say you weren't warned.
I would give this more than 5 stars if possible. Insanely interesting, informative, and supremely needed. This is the kind of history lesson I SHOULD have had growing up and will be glad my children can have it. Thank you Gimlet Media! You. Rock!
Thank you for making hope seem a bit less like a lost cause. Growing up in a GA town I’ve heard a LOT of ignorant BS. When facts seem to matter so little, a show like this is a life raft in this ocean of absurdity. Thank you to its creators and all involved in such wonderful reporting. ❤️✊🏼🤘🏼
This podcast should be mandatory listening in every school in the country!
Loving this podcast. I’m a teacher and I just want to tell you all that my students do a document based questioning piece on Tubman. They analyze primary source documents and they learn about Combahee. Many of the students declare it Tubman’s greatest achievement. And you’re right, it’s not in our lame textbook! I am proud to say they do learn about it!
This was exceptional. I detoured from my true crime and politics to listen to this and I’ve since listened to the whole thing three times. Very informative and poignant. Would love to see more content like this!
When is season 2 coming???
I was expecting a straight-up History podcast - dull narration of past events. This is living history, very smart and timely. One like this on CITIES. I’ll produce it for you!
This is the history we should have learned. Cannot wait for more episodes.
With a glut of podcast I always appreciate when the black guy who tips makes a recommendation or drops a tip. When Karen mentioned Uncivil I was like let me take a listen; I have not been disappointed and look forward to season two!


By Lasleyt
I love that The Raid received a Peabody, but The Spin lives in my head everyday, changing how I see my own city and neighborhood. It should be required listening every Confederate Memorial Day.


Please comeback! The best story telling podcast yet! I’m a true fan!!
This make me want to dig into my family Origins as well.
Very good narration with more than one voice to accentuate some lines. I ususally listen to true crime - straight, no comedy. This podcast is not "empty" it's got something to give to me. History, alternative lifestyle, alrenative race, sooo great and well done. Trying to find more podcasts like it.
Never thought a podcast like this would be up my alley, but it has turned out to be a fav!!! Thank you so much for such fantastic reporting and topical coverage. Can’t wait for Season 2!! 👏🏾👏🏾
This podcast is an amazing take on both American history and its relationship to current race politics, you will learn something, you will definitely say wow, you may get angry, and you will definitely be riveted whether you are listening in your car, plane, train....
When I work overnight shifts I enjoy hearing deep talks about social issues America still fights with on the daily. Also being a Black, I enjoy hear someone speak on my experiences in America.
If you care at all about this country and the people who live here, you need to learn real history. Start here.
EVERYONE should listen to this pod.
I need more!