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It’s OK - a standard gaming and travel podcast.
I think I’ve listened to all of these podcasts; much respect to both of you guys, and I really enjoy the topics and information. My only critique is the 9 minute theme. I don’t see the point of it in all honesty. There is this huge community of listeners who love these topics you guys are talking about, myself included. But when I heard the Cosmo episode you just put out, I had to comment on it. It would have been such a great episode if you guys just chatted about everything naturally. Most of us listen in the car or at work or in our free time. We aren’t trying to cram in a quick podcast; we can just pause and come back to it if need be. The new episode had this hurried anxious feeling to it, where you guys rushed through all these topics that I think most of us would really like to hear about In depth. Not to mention a decent amount of those nine minutes were you guys getting off topic and trying to get back on track to make the time. It just doesn’t make sense. Relax and chat about things you guys love. We will all listen. I don’t think anyone would be mad if you just changed the gimmick and made a normal podcast. Chat for a while about things we all enjoy as a community. Anyway, nothing but love to you guys, and still very thankful for what you do despite the criticism. P.S. Maybe put more effort into not talking over each other as much as well. It can be hard to listen to.
I love this podcast. Great information, and good chemistry between Michael and his arrogant, pompous co-host Steve. Keep up the great content. Looking forward to using my Travel Zork keychains…..lol
Really enjoying the podcast as travel and casinos start to ramp up again. Steve is a great addition for Michael to bounce ideas off of. Plus, if you’re based in England, somebody needs to have a British accent! Keep up the great work.
The content marries two of my favorite subjects, casinos and travel hacking, like no other. Interesting, entertaining and passionate host who had found a way to present info in an incredibly unique way. I also always enjoy listening to michaels unique takes on things.
I’ve been enjoying Zorkcast for sometime now. I definitely learned a thing or two from this team. Always happy to recommend the show to friends and members looking to make the most out of their gaming resort travel. Keep me coming!
Great information, innovative and fresh ideas and a pleasure to listen to.
Great content in a show that takes less time to listen to than it takes to read a CVS receipt. -TFB