Whispers of the Paranormal Podcast

Reviews For Whispers of the Paranormal Podcast

Was really intrigued, very scary! Boooo!
Great storyline and kept me intrigued to hear more. Guest speakers had great insight and fascinating experience. Izzy story time is a good creepy listen. I’ll be listening!
Whispers of the paranormal podcast is a very entertaining and growing podcast. I’m very excited for future episodes as this continues to grow and develop
Very well done! Not overly edited, just real people telling their stories. Marcus James does a great job of finding authentic individuals, asking probing questions, and delivering a worthwhile interview.
Great show , cannot wait for more!
This is truly a legitimate podcast. The stories are real, the interviews are real and the host has a passion to try and understand why paranormal activity occurs. This is an enjoyable show - definitely worth subscribing as you'll never know what neat story you'll hear about next!