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The host of the Surviving Medicine podcast, highlights all aspects of healthcare professionals, medicine and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Just discovered this podcast and have been devouring past episodes. So great to hear the different perspectives from physicians who share their stories- especially some of the influential MDs I follow on instagram and on other platforms. Nice to hear doctors being vulnerable about their path and struggles through medicine which is refreshingly different from the highlights we see on social media. Best, Gerald @ GrepMed
As a medical student it’s easy to feel alone and bogged down by the day to day grind. This post cast helps to remind me that there’s an end in sight. It helps me to remind myself why I want to be a physician. There are such inspiring physicians and medical professionals and I love listening to all perspectives on medicine.
Love love love this podcast. My favorite for long runs - makes 10 miles fly by! I was so disappointed when my headphones died at mile 6 today in the middle of an episode! Keep up the great work, Dr, Cusimano and company.
I listen to this podcast even though I’m not pursuing a medical degree or have any involvement in the medical industry. I simply find physicians to be some of the most driven people and I’m able to draw inspiration from these episodes and learn a little on the way. Thank you Frank!
The host, Frank Cusimano, brings such a wide variety of people in medicine on the podcast and provides unique stories of the beauty in medicine and in life. This podcast has truly expanded my mind of what is possible in the vast world of medicine.
I am an AVID podcast listener and I can honestly say this is one of my favorite. You get the rare peek into the real lives of doctors at all stages of education - the trials and tribulations we face. Surviving MED is more than a podcast - it’s a community. And it’s one I’m grateful to be a part of.
I admire his perseverance! I truly enjoyed this interview, informative and very well spoken. Dr. Bradley has been a great inspiration, love his posts on Instagram. He’s an amazing doctor! He’s very humble and kind. I wish him the best!
I have only listened to the introduction and I already fell in love!!
The interview with all these fantastic doctors give a great details of what doctors are about. The struggles the good times etc. Dr Alok Patel full up straightforward told us his experience. No lies. Hid nothing from us. Towards the end of the podcast. Hilarious. When he told his fellow workmates that he may not be continuing for fellowship and everyone else was like. Yeah it’s obvious that you’re doing something with abc. The path is wide. There’s so many opportunities Great minds. Dr.Cusimano and Dr.Patel It was a pleasure listening to this interview
I enjoy these podcast. I’m 32 and had triple bypass at 30. I’ve lost a ton of weight and a1c down to 5.8. To hear this surgeon say he doesn’t like to perform heart transplants because most of those patients aren’t compliant and mostly live an unhealthy lifestyle is kind of condescending. Some times people require a wake up call, and others don’t have a choice on how their bodies choose to work.
Love this podcast and what it does to inform and help young people in the medical journey! I was interviewed by Frank and it was amazing. He is professional and a great guy. Thank you for your work
Need to put in audio format. Not just video bc playback freezes while streaming at times. Audio podcast format please!!!!


Need more of these for health care professionals