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I’ve really enjoyed every one of these shows. The interviews are insightful, the guests are interesting and there’s a ton of information to be learned from listening. Besides that, Jamie’s voice is remarkably soothing. I try not to miss an episode!
Invaluable advice for newcomers!
I can’t speak highly enough of this podcast. In this industry, there is so much information out there. Jamie interviews people who are really working in the industry, not just people who are trying to promote their own coaching businesses, etc., and you can tell that they are legitimate. Lots and lots of really good solid advice from the real world working voiceover artists and other associated people. What a difference from some of the other podcasts out there!


I listen to a few VO podcast. This is by far the best. Top notch guests and very educational. I am binge listening.
I am just getting started, there is a lot of noise out there and this podcast clears it up. I am learning something each episode.
I’m always searching for good podcasts about voice over. There are many that either died out many moons ago or just aren’t that entertaining. VO School Podcast, however, is like striking gold. One of the best VO podcasts since Crispin Freeman’s Voice Acting Mastery. I look forward to every episode and have learned so much in just the 11 episodes Jaime has done so far. Thank you for your work!
I’m a couple episodes in and am really enjoying this podcast. Great resource for someone just starting off in their VO careers or seasoned pros wanting to stay sharp on trends.
Very helpful!
Very entertaining and informative. I’m am looking forward to the many various guests in the coming weeks!
Enjoying this podcast so far and have been encouraged and armed with info. I hope they'll eventually include episodes with listener's calls!
I'm very new to VO and love the podcast. I've listened to all of Crispin Freeman's back catalog and grateful for an additional source I feel comfortable trusting. Thanks for all the hard work
Only three podcasts in and I am interested to hear what’s next. I would like to hear more listers questions though.