EBPR Podcast

Reviews For EBPR Podcast

I enjoyed every second of this podcast! The hosts have some of the best and most entertaining conversations I’ve ever heard!
Legit the best idea ever. That is all. Xo Sam from Super Normal
We live in a world where politics and religion are everywhere and this podcast is a great safe haven for those looking to escape it for a while.
Intellectual topics with a ratchet flair. I love this podcast. Feels like I’m listening to my friends experiences and shenanigans. Also, love Des’ personality.
Love listening to this podcast! They talk about topics I can actually relate to and empowers me to be stronger and to know my worth. Will forever be a subscriber! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Y’all are hilarious! I love the Dez on Dame story...and I too detest UDP. I don’t want that mess!! 😂😂
I use podcasts as a way to relax and unwind, but do many of them talk about things that stress me out... Until I found EBPR!!! Thank you for being funny and allowing me an escape from the drama in our crazy world!!!
I enjoyed the episode with Des! Y'all were hilarious and I appreciate the candor.