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If you are a living a photographic life, The Candid Frame is a must listen! Ibarionex always has great guests whether they are some one I’ve never heard of or a photographic hero of mine. The podcast is insightful, informative and inspiring. Thank you for what you do Ibarionex!
By far one of, if not the best, photography podcasts. Ibarionex interview style is brilliant, he does not focus on what gear is used, although that does come up at times, but who the photographer is and how they work. I have not listened to all of the Candid Frames extensive library but each one I have so far has tought me something new, and inspired me to go and create.
This is by far the best photography podcast out there. This is what you should listen to if you want to improve as a photographer.
The Candid Frame is essential. It inspires, entertains and informs in a way no other podcast is quite able to do. Most importantly, it keeps my camera in my bag and mind constantly searching for new ways to push the boundaries of my craft. Thank you!
Ibarionex gives you a seat at the table as he interviews a who’s who of photographers spanning subjects and sensibilities. Both insightful and empathetic, he explores the most fascinating details of the masters and encourages his listeners to apply lessons learned to their own creative journey. Not to be missed.
For the amateur, hobbyist, and professional photographer alike, this podcast is informative and inspiring. Since I began listening to The Candid Frame earlier this year, I have learned an immense amount on the creative, technical, and business sides of photography. Besides being entertaining, I truly believe this podcast has helped me become a better photographer. Because of information I have gathered from the guests and host, as well as feeling motivated after each episode I listen to, my work has improved. Ibarionex is a compelling host with a great voice for radio. He asks guests informative, thought-provoking questions. In turn, the guests give provocative answers. This is the type of podcast I keep a note on my phone that stores helpful quotes and tips from the various guests. It is not just one of my favorite photography podcasts, it’s one of my favorite shows of all time. If you have any passion for photography, I wholeheartedly recommend this podcast.
If you’re interested in what makes photographers click, how they go about creating their work, how they run their business, then this is the podcast for you.
Ibarionex is a sincere, unpretentious, curious and engaged listener- which makes his questions natural and the interviews informative and entertaining. Though I shoot primarily in the documentary genre, I'm interested in what photogrpahers from all genres have to say about process, motivation, doubt, failures, revelations and peak moments. I often listen while driving, cooking or getting dressed for the day, and I always learn something-- which may be about humanity or emotional states- or something more specific to photography like a unique way to edit - but the podcast is always thought-provoking. Just try the most recent interview with Alastair McLachlan- an incredibly humble, clear thinker and articulate speaker - and experience for yourself Ibarionex's enthusiam and ability to take the conversation where it needs to go. (I'm also a monthly donor through Patreon.)
This is by far one of the best podcast available right now, deep, insightful, highly inspirational and highly educational, the amount of knowledge you can acquire from it it’s simply mind blowing and invaluable, focused much more on understanding what drives some of the most talented photographers ever out there rather than geeking out about gear or fads this podcast will feed your soul as a person and the artist in you. Victor Trasvina
Ibarionex is a skilled interviewer. He has interviewed many of the great names in photography. He draws out the individual nuances of each of his guests. It not the same questions given to each guests. You can tell he thoroughly researchs each guest he has on. If you're into gear, this isn't the podcast for you but if you want to sit down with the greats of photography and get to know them you'll love this podcast!
If you want to step up your game in the photography, then you must listen to this podcast. Hearing how established photographers got started and about their sometimes struggles is both informative and entertaining. I'm glad I found this podcast. I hope to one day be as awesome as many of Ibarionex's guests. Thanks.
I´ve been listening to the candid frame for a while now and I´m finaly taking the time to write this review. As a photographer, working commercialy but exploring documentative narratives and with a background in street work, I simply adore to sit down at my desk while editing and listen to Ibarionex interview his fantastic guests. This is the podcast for you if you enjoy photography of anykind but especially if you are OBSESSED with photography and storytelling and have decided to invest yourself in it fully. I get true pleasure in discovering new, exiting photographers and their work and it has helped me become more determined in pursuing my goal to develop long term, meaningful projects. I find that most of the questions and doubts that run through my mind are being explored here and talked about in such a genuine way that it helps feeling better and more motivated about my own work after most episodes. There is a lot of good I could say but I think you just have to go ahead and start listening! I catch up on the newest podcasts regularly but also enjoy going back to the early ones. I basically can´t get bored anymore! Thank you Ibarionex for all of your efforts to do this to share with us and for your true love of the medium and of it´s people!
Great podcast for all with a serious interest in photography and photographers.
This is a podcast that is timeless. I have been a listener for several years and I never grow tired of listening to the insightful and fresh interviews that Ibarionex has cultivated over the years and today. Do yourself a favor and listen in. You will be educated, entertained, delighted and happy that you did. If you're like me you will have to listen them all.
After subscribing to the Candid Frame Podcast and listening all episodes on the itunes feed I was sad that I had to wait for the new episodes to keep listening to the podcast, I wanted more. By checking your website I found out about the app for iphone. I had a firm idea of writing this review after listening all the episodes of the podcast. You cracked me at the episode #138 and now I am writing this review while I’m listening again to that episode. The emotion brought to this episode emphasizes to me that is because of emotion that I take photos. It is because of the joy that I feel that I press the button saying yes to the image I see. What to say about to the journey that includes self-discovery with photography inspired by this podcast? It is a joy to listen to photographers and what they experienced when they took great photos. The last question that you make is the start of discovering images that I didn’t know about. That’s is what this podcast is about a body of knowledge from the feeling inside to the search of the light. May the light of Christ be with you in your journey, that’s the best I can wish to you. Thanks and Regards, Ricardo da Silva
I love this show and look forward to each episode!
I have always loved career development stories and photography stories. This truly outstanding podcast satisfies my hunger for both. Keep up the great work!
An excellent and serious approach to photography. Great learning material.
Iabrionex is good at establishing a relaxed intimate atmosphere for his subject to tell their story. This works especially well with episode 359. Kevin Weinstien has a great story and it was a wonderful experience hearing him talk about the subjects of his photography. Thanks for the work you do. Both of you.
Ibarionex Perello interviews photographers from all walks of life, and the stories they tell are truly inspiring. He has a great interviewing style where he asks great questions and then listens. We get to hear in-depth answers from the photographers on a whole range of topics. On recent podcasts, we've heard Stacey Pearsall, a military photographer who is working on a project photographing veterans, and we've heard from Klara Plicanic, an upbeat and fun wedding photographer. These two interviews show the range of the podcast, from serious to fun subjects and everything in between.
The Candid Frame is the best photography podcast out there, and, frankly, it's not close. The guests are world-class talents from all corners of the world of photography. And Ibarionex's interviews are graceful and natural, always bringing the best out his subjects. No gear reviews. No tips or tutorials. Just passionate, creative photographers saying really interesting, educational and inspiring things.
Quite simply great conversations with great photographers. Not to be missed!
I spend a lot of time in my vehicle for my work and I listen to a lot of photo podcasts. This is one of my favorites, it's way more than a photo podcast. The human interest element runs high. It's one podcast my wife enjoys and she's not a photographer.
The title says it all.
Easily one of the best photography podcasts out there. Informative, enthusiastic conversations between a superb interviewer and talented shooters. CAUTION: May be habit forming!
Ibarionex Perello has taken the photography podcast to another level with his excellent interviewing style and questions. This is not a typical conversation where photographers talk about their favorite images and how they made them. Ibarionex dives into the history of a photographer's work, how they approach their career path, what inspires them to be more creative, and so much more. His questions are insightful and the guests are at the top of their game. I am likely to be consdiered incredibly biased because I was featured on this podcast but I was a listener long before being asked on the show. I hope you'll subscribe to this very inspirational series!
I love this podcast! I'm so glad I stumbled on it. Thank you.
The answer : 'The Candid Frame". What was the question? Pick any episode and give it a listen, the question will be asked. Any familiar listener is knowingly smiling right now. If you have any intrest in photography as an art and by-the-way, you don't even have to be a photographer, I encourage you to listen to one or two of these interveiws. Find a familiar name or an interesting subject in the show notes and soon you will be knowingly smiling too.
What a great podcast. In a disposable world where it seems everyone and their mother has a podcast, Ibarionex has put together a simple, straightforward program. It is great to go through the archives, not only to hear from some really great photographers, but to hear Ibarionex develop as an interviewer. The interview with Estevan Oriol is not to be missed. Great job, please keep up the studied, insightful work...
I'm constantly looking for resources to improve my photography, amazing people in the industry, and diverse thinking on the subject of photography and the role it plays. All of that is here. I'm so lucky to have stumbled on this podcast and can't wait to recommend to others.
No matter what genre of photography you're into, you'll find great interviews with the best photographers on The Candid Frame. Got a long drive coming up? Load up a few TCF podcasts and learn a thing or two while the miles fly by. Ibarionex is a great interviewer, and enables his subject's personalities to come through.
Not because his show is boring, far from it! Ibarionex has such a smooth voice it's almost hard to listen to him without drifting off. The content of the show is incredible from an inspirational standpoint and the variety of guests bring viewpoints and wisdom from so many corners of the photography world. This is one of my favorite podcasts, keep up the great work!
I love this podcast. I never skip an episode . If you are into photography , even casually, you can pick up great ideas from listening to the different photographers!
Ibarionex puts out an exceptional podcast, with an emphasis on the artistic side of photography. His approach is a highly welcome change from the gear-gear-gear theme of many of the popular podcasts, which either review last week's camera gear, or the latest updates in technology. Plus, he has one of the great expressive voices, to boot. Two thumbs up.
This is the best photography podcast, hands down in my opinion. I've listened to others, but they've fallen by the wayside. None of them hold a candle to Ibarionex's style and quality of interviews.
One of the best photo podcasts out there, and getting better all the time. Great guests, great topics, no nonsense.
Ibarionex has a talented way of producing excellent questions and (here’s the important part) stepping out of the way to allow his interview subject to tell a story. Another fine ingredient to this successful podcast is his ability to bring in such talented and legendary people in the photography community. With such a catalog of interviews produced with extreme quality, The Candid Frame is an important history of the people behind the photographs. Well done.
If I could only listen to one photography podcast each week, this would be the one. Ibarionex is a fantastic and insightful interviewer and host, and his guests are always interesting. From the experiences and information shared by Ibarionex and his guests you'll learn the important things about photography - far more than you could get from gear-centric shows (which I also love, btw). This show focuses more on the inspiration, motivation and personal stories that shed so much more light on being a creative photographer than you'll get from any other show out there. That's what makes The Candid Frame such an important resource. Thank you very much, Ibarionex!
Five stars to Ibarionex for bring us so many talented photographers. A most worthwhile Podcast with insightful interviews that really help us get to know these artists! Thanks I.
Brilliant interviews!
I learn of, and about, so many photographers from this podcast. Each week I look forward to Ibarionex’s insightful questions to his guests, as wells as the answers that each provides to him.


By mccutcr
I stumbled upon this podcast after listening to Valerie Jardin's interview of Ibarionex on her podcast, Street Focus (another terrific listen). What a great compliment the two are to one another in terms of content. Ibarionex is a really terrific interviewer and has gotten access to some stellar talent in the photography world to create compelling, educational, and highly inspirational pieces that are perfect for a drive to work, a long plane ride, or just to sit and listen. Please keep up the good work Ibarionex!!
It's a podcast about the love of the craft of photography, not about the newest shiniest gear...although that's fun too sometimes, but this isn't that. Thanks Ibarionex!
Found my way to the Candid Frame through another Twip show and this is honestly by far the most inspiring photography podcast shows I’ve ever had the honor to listen to and enjoy. There are a lot of podcast out there about gears and skills, this one is all about passion and pursuing dreams, I love that each episode really going into the stories of the very diverse paths of the brilliant photography guests and how they converge to pursuing their dream of doing photography. Ibarionex is a fantastic host (and an amazing street photographer) for the show and his pure passion for photography always comes through thoroughly in each show. The interview are casual but in depth, because he really gently nudge the guests with his probing questions but also let them express their passion for photography in many directions. In many ways, this will serve as an audio history of photographers in the decades to come.
I’m not a big podcast listener, but as a photographer, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards this one. If this were just about gear and technique, I would’ve lost interest long ago; but Ibarionex really does his homework and asks all the right questions, often delving deeply into the history of the art form and each photographer’s personal philosophy and approach. If you’re a photographer and you’re not hip to this podcast, well, get on it! You’re really missing out on something special.
If you’re a lover of photography there’s no better show you’ll find on the internet.
Ibarionex’s interviews are thoughtful, revealing, and perceptive. The host is a photographer and it shows. Wonderfully crafted podcast without the gimmicks, plugs for gear, and “it’s all about me” that so often takes over in this genre. You’ll meet some of the world’s best photographers and visual artists on this show. Listen.
Ibarionex provides in depth and insightful interviews with an insane amount of extremely talented photographers. I go in waves whether I am listening to podcasts or not, but whenever I look for motivation and inspiration the Candid Frame always provides that and more.
I really enjoy Ibarionex' style of interviewing as well as the amazingly interesting people that he interviews. His interview style gets to what drives an artist to do what he or she does. I always look forward to his next interview
Ibarionex’s interviews are engaging, insightful and inspiring. Unlike the vast majority of photography podcasts there’s no mention of gear, settings, post-processing etc. Ibarionex gets photographers to open up about their lives and what makes them tick - talking about what’s behind the photos that they create and the passion that drives them. The Candid Frame is essential listening each and every week. There’s really nothing else like it in photog podcast land!