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it's spooky season and literaly love this show so much. i love how it's all REAL and scary and emotional and beautiful. thank u thank u thank u (not next)
Love this podcast. But I guess its to late to save it. I hear the plea to buy Tshirts, etc but nothing appears on the website. Too bad its a good one! Its been a year since the last one and I only heard of it now from The Lineup and I listen in the dark on the drive home from work. Makes it go quicker. The clown was sheer terror! The suicide woman was sad. A tip, background music is supposed to be just that! The drum beat music is so loud the announcer cant be heard clearly! Turning up the vol, blasts the ear drums. Fix the music.
I fully believe we only see 1/3 of what is visible. This show will give you a new appreciation for the other 2/3. I love the stories and even more so because they come directly from the horse’s mouth. Thank you for making my car rides better in traffic. I’ve really enjoyed your show! Cheers!
I think this is a good podcast? It’s just so difficult b/c the background music is too distracting and it is also too loud so I can barely hear the person talking so FIX THAT PPL
My new favorite. The host does an amazing job of introducing the stories.


By KJB92
I could not stop listening to it once I started. This podcast is so well produced and the music is perfect. I recommend it everyone I know.
Wow. Wow. WOW! This guy is incredible. From the amazing host, to the absolutely spellbinding production, and I don't know where they find the storytellers -- this show has it all. Glynn Washington is a find! Minute one, he had me screaming and hiding under my covers. Be afraid, and don't turn out the lights! A++++++


By JanePPC
One of my favorites. This last season got a little weak, but the series as a whole has been something I regularly look forward to.
My partner and i look forward to listening to spooked every week because it really expands our imagination. If you like story telling you’ll love the formate of this show. The only thing i wish there were more of is stories about other paranormal/unusual encounters aside from ghosts. It becomes a bit repetitive. Overall a very well done and eye opening podcast i’d recommend to anyone interested in being spooked!
Can Glenn Washington be done? Please? Are there seriously people who thinks he’s a talented writer or storyteller? How many otherwise promising podcasts must he ruin with his incredibly incredibly indulgent droll yarns. Is he bribing y’all WNYC? Is this like an “ honorary sheriff” thing.
I enjoy this podcast from every angle. Everyone does such a great job! Music, content, insight. Keep them coming!
Oh how I wish this was a year round podcast.
I listen to every single podcast I can find in this category and yours is the best! By far! My only complaint is that I’ve already plowed through each episode and have no more! Love you guys.
I would give season one 5 stars and season two 3 stars. Season One had more variety whereas Season Two was the same haunted house story on repeat. I like the authenticity of Spooked but it seemed that the producers were scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with new material. I look forward to next season!
I am a subscriber and love this podcast. It’s very well produced and the stories are great, It would be nice if the episode were a little longer but I can live with that. My only real gripe is the hosts style of speaking which is apparently a carryover from his spoken word performances. I can accept hearing it in spoken word performance but as a narrator for a podcast it’s distracting.
These stories are creepy and spooky but not gory, which is just perfect for me. I love to listen to the episodes while I walk my dog or while I'm sewing. I hope this series goes on forever! Thank you, WNYC, for producing these!
Awesome podcast for this time of year! I love how non-judgemental it is, really just about the story. This season there's even a story that's an admitted hoax and still a great story. I recommend this to everyone when the conversation turns to podcasts!
Are those stories of his real? They are super f-up...If they are not real, then can we skip that part. They are weird and uncomfortable.
I LOVE this podcast! The narration is so good I don’t even mind listening to the commercials! Was searching for scary stories to listen to and so glad this one popped up, I’ve listened to every episode already.
I listened to the entire first season in one day! Then of course couldn’t sleep 😱. Super spooky and suspenseful show!
Best show without sounding cheesy or over done!!
This is one of the only places I go to aside from CNN, to get my news. Love love this guy and The Young Turks.
I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve repeated some stories because I’ve listened to them all. Lol I have some spooky stories myself I’ll have to share soon.
This is exactly my kind of podcast! The storytelling is stellar and I am voice crushing hard on my new favorite narrator. I could listen to Glen Washington talk all day!
Some seriously awesome and chilling stories. Yay!
I started listening to Snap Judgement and then heard about this spin-off. I was excited just from the description of the podcast! I have blown through both seasons in two weeks! Love the narration, music, stories, all of it!
I have never ever never ever ever never been that dramatic about anything in my life. I have to click off as soon as the story is over to avoid that ending. The narration style just isn’t my taste but I appreciate the stories
Some of the stories are decent, others mediocre. The host is over the top obnoxious.
Beyond dumb I tried to listen to an episode and there was so much music full band, it was impossible to pay attention to the narrator, who actually made very little sense. Big disappointment. The whole thing needs to be retooled. Don’t waste your time.
You feel like you’re there... in the story with the person telling it. That’s how good a job every storyteller does recalling their encounters. I’m a new addict.
Stories are so human, spooky and fascinating! The production is above and beyond. I love this show so much!
The stories are to the point and great well told by actual people, not actors. Everything is great, but the host. He’s a bit cheesy and overly voice acting.
This is my favorite podcast by far. I look forward to new episodes and I listen to them over and over again and always pick up on something I missed before. I recommend this podcast to everyone who asks for recommendations.
I listen to dozens of podcasts and he is by far the very best. I love listening to him. I love Spooked and Heavens Gate.
This is great stuff, even for us skeptics.
This is by far the best danged Podcast evah! I LOVE Snap Judgement and had already dug through the archives listening to their October episodes! These are the BEST stories out there! Wonderfully produced, no cheese, just the real thing!! Enjoy!! And leave the lights on!
I’m not sure if I believe some of the stories being told, nevertheless, they are very interesting.
First of all, let’s get one thing straight- host Glynn Washington’s voice is the only thing I ever want to hear on a haunted night. The storytelling narratives, first person accounts, sound track, and (obviously) Glynn, elevate this podcast to a whole new level of scary stories. Forget about your other ghost story podcasts, all you need is Spooked.
Omg i luv spooked! Its so interesting and spooky I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good scary story!🦄🦄
Wanted to listen to something a little spooky to get into the Halloween spirit and came across this podcast. I can’t stop listening! It’s so well done, definitely spooky and the quality is fantastic. The stories are unique and the accounts are authentic and well done. I listened to the Heaven’s Gate podcast, which has the same host, so the second I heard his voice I subscribed- he’s fabulous! This is a must listen. I’m hooked, and spooked!!
I wish I had an unlimited supply of this podcast; it’s hard to not binge right through all of them.
Sometimes I can’t get enough of this podcast. The stories are entertaining, the narrator seems like a cool person, and I also love the beats in between the stories. I am looking forward to the next season next year!
All are spooky except the 37 seconds episode, avoid that episode of risk losing 37 minutes of your life. I can’t imagine how boring the storyteller’s book is...


Glynn Washington and his team are amazing! Long time fan of Snap Judgement and fell in love with Spooked last season and this year is even better! I can’t get enough! Thank you😀
This is my favorite podcast, and every week it captivated me. I recommend it to everyone I can think of and I will be a fan for years to come.
Love this podcast, the stories, the sound design! Great stories about the paranormal and many blood chilling moments!
Love, Love, Love Spooked!! Wish it was all year round! Thank You Glenn and Team!


Love the stories. All of them are awesome. I don’t care for the narrator and his stories. They just don’t make any sense and are boring. I always have to mute his section so that’s a little frustrating but other than that It’s great.