Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Reviews For Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Great spooky stories. Perfectly delivered.
Great stories and great storytelling! Just what I want on a spooky podcast that leaves me on edge. Don’t listen to this before bed.
I love these interviews! These people are so awesome for sharing their scary stories and the length of the stories are perfect. I’m hanging on to every word.
Love this podcast! The human elements of the story are great. Great nighttime listen.
This show is so scary! My favorite part of every Snap season.
My work buddy and I listen to this podcast whenever a new episode comes out. I really like a lot of the stories, and purchased a couple of the recommended books. I would personally like to hear less Glynn stories. He is a great narrator with a beautiful voice, I just get turned off by his storytelling topics and style. The guest stories are magnificent! Excited to see what other stories are coming up!
Always left with chills. Great story telling. The sounds. The music. I get lost I every story and i definitely get scared.
Got your fire starter? Check! Got your inflatable pillow? Check! Got your Clif bars? Check! Got your Spooked? CHECK!
A+. This will give you the creeps, even in broad daylight. And that is no small task. Give it a listen...and keep a light on.
Each story is good, several are amazing! I would recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone. I love that you hear the story from the actual person witnessing the phenomenon.
I loved season 1 and am so happy season 2 has arrived! This show is beautifully produced, the stories are haunting in every sense of the word, and the host is perfect. (And you may not want to listen right before bed.)
I cannot tell you how much I love this podcast and when it became its own spinoff from Snap Judgement I was ecstatic. I’ve been a loyal Snap listener for a long time and the Halloween episodes were always my favorite. Amazing, true, empathetic and spiritually chilling stories. Couldn’t recommend enough. THANK YOU GLEN
Always keeps you on your toes!!! Best added sound effects!!!!
Great podcast! A lot of fun to listen to. I was really excited to se a season 2 pop up in my library. Never stop making ‘Spooked’.
I'm a spookaholic! I love showing this podcast to people to show them that this stuff is REAL. Real people, their real encounters with the paranormal... what's not to love? Great music, too. Love Glynn!!
I’ve listen to a lot of scary/paranormal podcasts, but this is the best. The voice! The music, yes the music and sound effects, wow! The stories! As soon as you start listening to this you will be hooked! This one has everything! Thank you!
i’m so glad you’re back!!! i’ve missed you! Must listen podcasting please don’t stop uploading!! l
Probably my favorite podcast ever quite honestly. Everything Glenn Washington is apart is gold.
I normally don’t get chills from ghost stories because I have experienced a lot myself, however this podcast always makes me shiver to turn off the lights.
Spooked II delivers, just like Spooked I! Hope this can become a monthly podcast in the future -- or weekly.
So happy for Season 2, this is one of my favorites!!!
The telling of the stories is awesome. Keep up the good work. This is one of my favorite podcasts!
My mom grew up in a haunted house in Mexico, so I grew up hearing stories about it. I’ve always loved to hear people’s ghost stories. It’s wonderful that this show acknowledges that mysterious things really do happen to people, and gives voice to these amazing experiences. And I love that it’s the people themselves telling the stories, instead of some other storyteller or narrator. Reality is truly stranger than fiction!
So glad it is back!!
I’m thrilled there’s a new season of SPOOKED! So, so good. Love the host, the music, the vibe
I look for spooky podcasts every now and then to keep me on my toes. I’m a fan of Spooky stories but these ones give me the chills. I love every moment of it, I’ve even listened to some twice and played a couple for my husband (he’s not a scary story kind of guy but he listens to entertain me) and he even compliments this podcast. What i love most is that these stories are true and told by the ones who experiences it first hand. My ONLY wish is that there would be more, but it’s well worth the wait for these few episodes between August to October.
This podcast does not disappoint! Love the format the way the story is told by the individual who experienced it. If you’re looking for some seriously creepy stories you’ve come to the right place for sure! Keep them coming please!
Love the stories!!
Can't believe it's been a year. I still sometimes think about the stories I heard from season 1 that stuck with me! Great host, good story telling and LOVE the beats... woo OOO ooo oooooo...
This is not weirdos telling crazy stories. This could be me, or you telling of our encounters that we typically keep to ourselves. Creepy and awesome! And I knew if it was Glynn Washington it was going to keep me on the edge of my seat and I would be hooked!
...guilty by reason of the insanely good tales, delivery, and production values. This seasonal ghost story stuff is spooky cake icing to this long time Snap Judgement fan. Snap Judgement is a great podcast. The stories are compelling. The writing and delivery are light years better than most podcasts like this. What takes Snap Judgement up even higher is the phenominally good incidental music. Whoever does the sonics for Snap Judgement needs to get paid more and get some recognition. And let them teach other podcasters, filmakers, web content providers, whoever that with a open, creative mind and what sounds like good synth apps you can produce all manner of cool, where did that come from sounds that enhance the quality of the listening experience. I'm a big fan of old Brian Eno on his 1st couple of solo LP's and his work with Talking Heads on Remain In Light and the person doing the sonics for Snap Judgement is operating on a similar mental plane.
I’m so glad there’s a season two going on!
I love this podcast. It’s so interesting and the way the stories are presented are fantastic. I’m so excited they brought back this podcast for a round two. Thanks for your commitment to this!!
So happy season two is out, season one was amazing. “Voice in the Woods” from the first episode is probably one of my favorite scary stories of all time, but there isn’t a bad one in the bunch, ranging from heartwarming to hair-raising! Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a good scare and amazing story-telling.
I’m so happy this show is back. Honestly, that’s all I can say.
I love ghost stories but this is the best of them all! The narrators voice and the sound affects just add to it. My daughter and I are both completely hooked! Great job!
Fantastic stories! Always gives me the chills~~
I’ve been waiting all year for you guys to come back!!
I live this show! I am so happy it has started back up! I love to get my Spooked! on at work! Thank you!!!!!!!
If not the best. Greatly entertaining. Glad it’s back for a second season.
I missed this podcast so much, just listening to season 2 episode 1 chilled me to the pit of my stomach. The ‘I survived’ kind of format of people telling their stories just adds the perfect level of creepy and keeps me enthralled. Halloween take your time so I can enjoy these next few months.
Glenn Washington does it again! These stories are bone chilling, well written and addicting. I can’t wait for for of season 2!!!
Love this show, well made and worth listening to. Lock the doors.
Wow. From the amazing host, to the amazing production, and I don't know where they find the storytellers -- this show fires on all cylinders. Glynn Washington is a find! Minute one, he had me screaming and hiding under the covers. Be afraid, and don't turn out the lights! A++++++
I really didn’t think stories could be scary- def was wrong! Hoping for more


Overblown and cheesy, from the story content to the presentation style and production quality . Not even remotely creepy. No thanks .
I love the show, but I already heard most of these stories in Snap Judgement. Disappointing.
Snap Judgement has always been a favorite, especially the Halloween episodes so it’s a delight to have them on demand. This perfectly blends spookiness with real life. The stories are all so touching.
I love to be scared and didn't find most of these that "spooky", but they're well-produced and interesting stories.
This is so cool I know every episode by hart.