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It’s was good until we had to pay for it.
Every podcast on the planet is free to download! I’m not down with this luminary subscription business. Sell some add space and Give us free downloads. Good podcast… not good enough for that
Happy to hear ur back!
Its genuinely pretty spooky, the stories that, if I were in their shoes Id run a mile in ten seconds to get from the ghosts. Unless its a friendly ghost.
This is my favorite podcast of all time. ALL. TIME. Real stories. No dramatizations, no cheesy retellings. All supernatural stories told from the source from a new person each week. I have such an appreciation for this production and YES I pay for luminary for the few months the season is running because it is so worth. Fabulous host, amazing producers. Interesting and intriguing stories. 5/5, so excited for this new season.
So excited to hear there will be 26 episodes in season 6! I can’t wait- this stuff is so intriguing and I will listen twice for sure!
This was my favorite pod ❤️‍🩹
I’m still in secondary school and can’t really afford to pay for a subscription :( but I love this podcast so much!
Addicted to this show. I don’t even believe in the paranormal and I get so rattled by these stories! Listened to this around a campfire with friends and legitimately felt so scared
I don’t even remember how I found out about this show but ever since I tuned in for the first time I have been HOOKED! The stories, the music, the sound effects, all just *cheff’s kiss*! 1000/10 would recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to sleep tonight...
We can’t listen without a subscription now? Boo.
Thanks for this show!
The stories are fantastic. I love Glen and his personal intro stories (I can’t believe how many people dislike them!). Just an all around great podcast. FYI- The new episodes are released around Halloween every year.
The actual stories are top notch. They feel more real than a lot of the more popular anthology series I’ve binged (NoSleep) which is something I was looking for to get a break. The only downsides I see to this pod is the the host and the paywall. The hosts Intro content is so corny it just kinda throws you out of the atmosphere of horror. As other reviews have mentioned skipping the 10min intro is a must. It seems if they just cut out all the fat off the episodes and created a patreon like every other big podcast it would be more effective than making it so a huge portion of listeners can’t listen to your content.
You guys! Greatest podcast ever! My friend Saun referred this show to me while we were camping. The day after the trip I started listening to this and am HOOKED! What are you waiting for?! We need two episodes a week at least!
I can’t play the latest episode because I have to pay for this service? Is this correct?
I’ve been a fan for a while now and I wish you guys made more. They are so good and scary it keeps me on my toes! Make moooooore :)
Love this podcast. It is done so well. When are the new episodes coming out?
Please please please make more of this!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
I’m not one to write reviews, honestly. I stumbled upon this podcast searching for Paranormal encounters. I am obsessed! From the story telling to the narrators soothing voice. Its spooky and compelling! Give the people what they want!
Shorten the intro man Jesus Christ
I love love love this podcast! The production is amazing, the stories are incredible and actually scary and/or crazy, and Glen is an incredible host and storyteller himself. My fiancé and I fall asleep to this podcast almost every night! 10/10
Omg I love the podcast so! I have a story about how my friends and I lived in a haunted dorm that I might send in.
so good, it’ll keep you craving for more!
I need more episodes!!!
Is this episode audio of a pervious episode or from a different podcast because I’ve heard that exact audio of Vanessa before just with a narrator
Being behind a paywall on a different platform stinks, but it’s still a great show. For some reason, spooked keeps disappearing from my Apple library. Not sure what’s going on there. It’s there one day, it’s not the next?
Spooked and Radio Rental are awesome and chilling... I need more of both... I hope they are gonna come out with another season of both.
This podcast is amazing! Did Covid kill this too?
Please make new content, it’s some of the best story telling from narration to main character selection. Worth the listen.... with the lights on! I enjoyed listening with my cousin on our long road trips.
Loooove this podcast! It’s one of the first podcasts I’ve ever listened to and now that I binged them all it’s hard to find another that compares. I need more episodes please!


By bberf77
All the dread and creepy feeling from reading gothic and Poe growing up is brought back with this podcast. Wow! This podcast is so scary, and it’s scary for adults. Listen to this podcast!
Spooked is by far my favorite paranormal/spooky podcast. Glen Washington is amazing. I absolutely love the music too, it sets the tone that is unique to Spooked.
I subscribe to luminary for this podcast and this podcast alone. This is MY FAVORITE podcast Glynn Washington i send you all the love! He navigates you through these stories so well i seriously get so lost in them and I love that they are told by the actual person the story relates to. A PODCAST YOU WONT REGRET!
I absolutely love this like I listen to 3 a day and I love teachers pet lol love it I listen to them at 3 to lol
Super interesting. Love to listen to these stories on a gloomy day.
Please we need more episodes.... when will You all release more? My kids and I went through the them so quickly. The best creepy podcast ever!!! The best storytelling, sounds mixing, timing ect... amazing job. We need more!!!!
Love the podcast for the most part, but there are many episodes with references to violence against animals and they don’t warn you that it’s coming. I never leave negative reviews - if something isn’t for me I just move on. But I feel like it’s really important that people know that before listening.
The best paranormal podcast I have found to soothe and fix my somewhat picky preferences for my spooky cravings. Amazing jams, intermission sessions, soothing groovy voice, real live telling of experiences- saddest part of this podcast will be when there are no more episodes to listen to. Love this!
Loved the episodes. Haven’t seen a new one in about 5 months. Is this project dead?
I love listening to the story’s in the car and in the dark once I start to listen to the story’s I want to keep hearing them I don’t wanna stop the episode! Great job on spooked! ❤️😰😱😨👻☠️🥵
We love Spooked. ❤️🖤
While I can’t say that I dislike the podcast, I will say that I’m very unhappy with the fact that we don’t get all of the episodes past season three. The content is five stars. The withholding of episodes to make you pay for the other platform is one star, so I put my rating in the middle.
Perfect level of creep. Love the stories! So many creepy podcasts are the same content and stories as all the others-but so many different ones/originals here! Great host! Great content! Great production value! All around loooooove! Keep it up!
This is with out a doubt my favorite podcast. I love hearing the first hand accounts, it really makes the stories feel so much more authentic. The music that goes along really sets the mood & gets it feeling extra spooky. Also, hands down the best theme song ever. Glen Washington is an amazing host. Voices are so important on podcasts & I could (& do) listen to Glen foe hours. If you’re into spooky stories this is definitely the podcast for you.
I’m thinking of signing up for Luminary just to get more Spooked Episodes. This is my favorite podcast of all time, but I’m biased having lived in two haunted houses. It’s cathartic to hear other peoples first hand stories. Some are so scary. Some are so sad and beautiful. Many are so compelling that there’s truly no logical explanation other then to suspend disbelief. As someone who has lived through two haunted houses let me assure you this sort of stuff happens in our real world. Poltergeist activity, apparitions, conversations, footsteps, missing or tampered with objects... these phenomena are real.
I didn’t care for the added sound effects at first, but they are actually perfect for listening with others near a campfire or something. I usually listen in the car and just want to continue listening to the story and less of the sounds, but eh. Also, skip the host in the weird voice and then you’ll get to the good stuff.
I have been searching for a well-done “across the veil” podcast- and this one is it!!!