.NET Rocks!

Reviews For .NET Rocks!

Great podcast, one of the oldest in the tech space. They always have great guests and wonderful discussions.
Carl and Richard really know how to produce a great podcast. They bring in fantastic guests, and I've learned a lot because they know their stuff and ask the right questions. Keep up the great work guys! The Tablet Show is just as good as this one too!
I have listened from day one, but for some reason, in the latest podcast, Carl decides to change the format, and defend SOPA. No more PWOP for me.
Must listen show.. if u want to keep your self updated to latest technology.....
They are one of the live n active community in MS technologies. There topics r great ranging entire spectrum of development. I travel every day like 2 hr. Best way using my time knowing lot . Net. They r simple AWasome. Keep up the good work.
This is a great way to be educated on differing technologies by people who know what they're talking about. These guys are software professionals, as are their guests. You will always learn something. Mind you, you do need to fast forward the first 2 minutes of intro.
I've listened to one or more episodes of well over 100 different podcasts. The topics varied but fell mostly into categories of technology, education, news/opinion, and entertainment topics (TV fan shows, etc.). This is definitely one of the best gauged by personality, audio quality, content relative to topic, and overall usefulness of content.
The .NET Rocks! team delivers world-class guests on all manner of topics in the Microsoft .NET universe. I enjoy the engaging, thoughtful conversations. These guys do a good job of passing on useful insights in a clear, understable way. Even when the topic is not in my core interests, I come away with useful information. It's definitely worth checking out... I consider it a valuable part of my toolchest.
Maybe someday, but for now, I can't make it through the intro.