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Thanks to Chris and all the Bird Dogs Forever folks for caring so deeply about our sport and educating others in its traditions. It was truly an honor to be included in such a well done pod cast format.
I'm sorry that I discovered this podcast late. And I hope that it starts up again. If you want to learn about bird dogs this is the podcast to get. Chris has an amazing gift as an interviewer.
I loved this podcast! Especially when he went through the breeds one by one. This was a great podcast but I have heard he will no longer continue to create anymore. Too bad as I honestly enjoyed it.
It is always a treat when a new cast is availble to down load. Thank you for the shows!!
I think this podcast was great in the beginning but the last year or so has lost some of its appeal. The host needs to go back to covering a variety of subjects rather than just the different dog breeds. I would like to hear more episodes on training and hunting.
The dog trainers/breeders and industry folks the host interviews (he obviously has some great contacts in the industry) are fascinating, but he cuts off his guests to insert his own stories/opinions too often and redirects the interviews abruptly, just when the experts he is interviewing are covering some really interesting ground. This often makes the whole thing feel awkward. It's enough to drive you crazy, but I keep listening anyway because the good stuff is just that good.
I used to watch the series on TV when I could catch it and enjoyed it. The quality of the TV show was fair but WOW Chris really does this right. If you love hunting and dogs this is it. I would gladly trade in my magazine subscriptions for this. Chris asks the questions that matter to hunters and his guest are stars in the sport. If he doesn't have a big name the host finds, credible, seasoned, educated people that participate in bird hunting. I just discovered this podcast in the last week or so and can't tear away from it. I am sure iTunes might feel the pain of this because I haven't had time to download music and my iPod is set to this Pod Cast. I live in a city in Georgia and since the quail have disapeared in this state so have the bird hunters. It's nice to be able to listen to a community of people I wouldn't have access to with out this podcast. It's March 2009 and I can't wait for fall. He covers every aspect upland hunting in an intelligent, articulate, and insightful way. I have two Brittanys and they are benefiting from what I am learning from Chris and his guest. I have called all my friends and told them about this. The power of the podcast is I can play it over and over on demand. I am greatful for iTunes for putting this on. Chris was one of many on obscure channels that hosted hunting shows in off hours. Here he is a star and has set the standard and I believe this will be a legacy in our sport for years. Way to go Bird Dogs Forever. If you have a bird dog and hunt upland I am sure you will agree. If you get a chance don't listen to just one. There is so much variety in topics and questions if you don't like the topic just click another one and you will find something you like.
I started listening to and viewing this podcast a couple months ago and it has proved to be my favorite podacast. The podcasts have some great hunting footage along with many interesting interviews. The topic is always related to bird dogs and I have been amazed at the variety of discussion with such a focused topic. Interviews include breeders, trainers, writers, hunters, conservation organizations, guides, creators of innovative products, hunters in other countries, etc. The podcast is full of useful information and a healthy dose of inspiration.
As a recent subscriber, I have to comment on the quality of the episodes I've downloaded from past video casts - fabulous scenery, great commentary, beautiful shots of dogs working and excellent shooting with great hints. Very good for any age hunters or dog lovers!
I have been very happy with both the free and premium podcasts. I'd like to see more of this type of media for hunting. Chris does a great job of mixing up interview topics and showing video. I've learned a lot since he started. My biggest problem is that some times the voice levels on the interviews are different and it is much harder to hear Chris clearly but the guest comes in fine. I've never had a problem with the video.
Chris, What a great idea. Your podcasts take us viewers places we may never get to see or hunt. Keep up the great variety of guests and locations on your Bird Dog Forever Podcasts. Thanks again. Toyman
Great podcast for getting information about bird dogs and hunting. I've missed the TV show, and this podcast helps fill that void. Thanks!
This audio/video podcast is the most convenient and accessible way to get your regular fix of upland bird hunting. The various species of birds are comprehensive, as well as the various breeds of dogs. The video is exciting and enjoyable. It is all professionally filmed and edited. The audio episodes contain a weath of up-to-date, interesting interviews with various experts in the fields of conservation, hunting and dogs. Host Chris Hageseth has an easy, likable manner and is obviously quite passionate about his sport. He is a wicked shot, as well.
This is my new favorite podcast! I have never written a review before but wanted to say that if you have a hunting dog, this podcast is for you. Excellent content!
Chris I can see this taking off very well and am looking forward to watching it grow in leaps and bounds The Interveiw with Rick Smith was extremely interesting...Having met Rick and attending his seminar This interview really gives a great insight to a person who truely gives alot more to dogs then any one could imagine.... Your putting this Podcast together is a real neat idea...Thank You