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Great job Novell. Glad to see you out here. Keep kicking tail with the Linux and Identity products! :-)
An eclectic blend of interviews that spans a wide range of folks who work with or for Novell. NOA interviews people from known product groups, partners and also individuals involved with the various open source projects that Novell helps sponsor. They ask the project folks to describe what they are working on as well as provide details on how the open source community can become engaged and help these projects grow. Whether technology benefits society or becomes a hindrance depends on the choices we make. The open source community fosters choice. With that in mind, this podcast invites listeners to provide input that helps guide who is interviewed and what is discussed in future episodes, hence the name Novell Open Audio.
Very well done, excellent production and most of all informative information from some of the best and brightest engineers at Novell. It is so refreshing to get good feedback, and honest input from one of the premier software companies on the planet earth.
I couldn't pull down the podcast (error about the source not being available). Hope this isn't another example of Novell's marketing & communications group not coming through...