Irish Fireside

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Liam and Corey offer great tips, advice and cover everything you need to know when planning your trip to Ireland. Great work!
The tone of this podcast annoys me greatly
Liam and Cory provide endlessly interesting and diverse information on a wide range of subjects for those interested in traveling to Ireland. A tremendous resource in planning my upcoming trip.
I have listened to every podcast, and I have to say Liam and Corey do a fantastic job of bringing all things Irish to the listeners. From Irish travel secrets to the best Irish-American spots, they got you covered. I am sooo glad they are getting back into the swing of things with new content, and can't wait to hear what they have next. Go raibh maith agat (thank you)!!
My fiance & I are planning our honeymoon to Ireland in November. This podcast is the perfect source of all the information I've been looking for! With each podcast, they usually rate one major tourist attraction, then things off the beaten path. Also, you are given the recipie for some scrumptious Irish dish, and ended with a beautifully sung Irish folk song. How could you NOT love this podcast?! I'm addicted. Thank you for providing this valuable information for our upcoming trip.
Been listening to the Irish Fireside podcast for a while now. Always entertaining and information that you can use for your visit to the emerald isle, even if you aren't planning to go. A great job by people that know Ireland.
It may seem odd to have a fellow podcaster leave a review, but we've been listening to Liam and Corey for a few years now, and they were a big part of the inspiration for us to start our own podcast. We really enjoy the variety of things you'll hear on Irish Fireside - from interviews to tours to songs. And, of course, the Irish-American Road Trip in 2009 was really great and as much fun for us as it was for them...well, maybe not quite "as much fun for us"! Thank you for putting together such a great show! We look forward to more great things at the Fireside.
I'd been looking for an informative and entertaining podcast about travelling to Ireland and here you are! You guys are great, very interesting, informative and chock full of travel tips, inexpensive accomodations suggestions, places to see off the beaten track, etc! Keep up the awesome work, I think you should do one for Scotland, too!:)
I've been a subscriber to this podcast for quite some time and I have to say it keeps getting better! Originally my interest was to obtain information because of my upcoming trip to Ireland. However, you don't need to be traveling to Ireland just to enjoy this podcast. It is FULL of wonderful travel suggestions, traditional recipes, and music. Keep up the good work Corey and Liam!! Sláinte, Karen
As someone who has traveled many times back and forth to Ireland, I found Liam and Corey's information well presented and strong. Many of the sites they mentioned I had not yet seen. Also I like the recipes and the interviews with travel professionals. Well Done!
Trust me folks going to Ireland is alot more exciting then these guys telling you about it. a very boring podcast