Ordinary Means

Reviews For Ordinary Means

I really enjoy this podcast as a means to develop a thoughtful and meaningful framework for both seeing culture and forming a subsequent response. I would highly recommend this. Keep up the good work! ;)
I've only listened to one program and that was the Q&A on 3/28/06 I believe, but it was so good that I had to comment. I also subscribed with the hope that the rest stay this good a quality in terms of handling the subject matter. What I heard challenged my walk with God in a very positive way.
Thank you for this new podcast. Many in the Church need to hear your message which seems to strike modern Christians as radical. Too often, leaders of contemporary or 'emerging' models of ministry are running a race that will only end in exhaustion and frustration. Speaking TO the culture need not require a theological viewpoint that accommodates the culture. Faithful ministry in the local church should never devolve into narcissistic introspection.