20 Year Old Movie

Reviews For 20 Year Old Movie

Really enjoyed this podcast. Joel and Matt are hilarious.
I love listening to this podcast. Going back and reminiscing on movies and belly laughing as these guys dissect them i my favorite part of the week!
I really enjoyed the concept. The comics seem to be developing a good back and forth with each other. I might start a 30 year old podcast
I like movie from 20 years ago a lot!
Matt is Great! Love the movie picks, can’t wait to hear more.
This is awesome. 1) I can’t believe that these movies are 20 years old, it really makes you think you’re one old SOB and realize the hot garbage they make now 2) Matt Anderson is funny AF and gets it hard
I really enjoy listening to this podcast!! My favorite episode is The Lost World, but they're all great!
Matt and the crew bringing us back to the 90's with topical fun.
How fun to revisit some of my favorite movies. Nostalgically delightful!!
Matt Anderson is my favorite working comic and this podcast is a really great showcase for his talents. Each episode is perfectly paced and it's a great refresher for classic movies. I can't wait to hear what he puts out next!
It's like rewatching your fav movies, but instead you get to skip to the best parts and just remember what you loved. The hosts start a little rough but it gets way better each episode I'm looking forward to the Good Will Hunting episode! 🙏
How fun is this pod! Would recommend for anyone looking for some great 90s nostalgia. I was lucky enough to get involved in some episodes and had a blast doing them, give a listen todaaay
I like this podcast. I remember when these movies came out, so when I listen I pretend they're still new and I feel young again.