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As a listener of rbcp carlito and prank podcasts, i heard i should listen. And after one ep i think its cool. Like the style. More review to come but im giving you a try. Good luck bigs New review. I agree with rbcp. Love the call in part of the last season because im a prankcaller too. But def love the change of attitude in stick it that Biggs has and concept of show is great. Ive been thinking of doing a satire show with calls and im learning alot from what yaw do. Great shat.
Got turned onto this show by my good friend Stevedave and now I can’t stop listening.
I've been listening to Roger's and Mr. Bigg's material since 2009 back when I discovered Ask Mr. Biggs and he never fails to put out incredibly amusing material. I miss the edited phone calls of the original show, but aside from that the new Stick It show is just as great as the original, and the call-in shows he's been doing lately have been top-notch. Keep up the great work, Biggs & Roger!
I love this show and missed the long delay in new episodes!
I'm glad to see Mr. Biggs and crew are back! The stuff that Mr. Biggs says is hilarious. Mondo is my favorite character in this. Listen to all of the episodes. The one with the old woman is the funniest when Mr. Biggs is so upset and fixated on the dump button. Gold.
If you like wandering, inane diologue, full of little awkward moments, starts and stops, and concentrated insanity, then this is the podcast for you. It's almost like listening to an episode of Home Movies.
There is literally no podcasts out there quite like Ask Mr Biggs. Real calls from radio phone-in shows are repurposed and re-edited to suit the framework of the Ask Mr Biggs show. Quick wits and kung-fu editing skills makes this a surprising and enjoyable listen. New episodes show up infrequently, which I greatly prefer: quality is better than quantity in my books and Ask Mr Biggs is aces in quality. Keep it up, guys and thanks!
This is an amazing show that is completely dedicated to maintaining its bizarre but subtle and understatedly hilarious universe. The characters are quirky but not over the top, and rather than going for simple laughs, the majority of the show involves them playing off each other's unique but consistent characters. The calls themselves seem to exist in their own universe (as a lot of talk radio phone calls are apt to do), but fit perfectly with the tone of the show, and are seamlessly edited in. The audio quality is also amazing, this is easily the best-produced podcast I've ever heard.
These podcasts are not only very well produced and funny, they have a lot of replay value, which even the best podcasts don't usually have.
Clever Premise, flawless execution, Ask Mr. Biggs has everything one needs to enduce a laughing fit. I sometimes find myself imitating Mr. Biggs after my occasional binge on this podcast. Timeless and Classic!
This show is always hilarious. These guys deserve a Comedy Central or Adult Swim deal.
Been a fan for years :) From your Teenage Fan Club.
I only wish they produced them more often.
I'm so glad I discovered this podcast. It's fun, fresh and original. The articulations of Mr. Biggs often bring tears to my eyes. I highly recommend this podcast!
Only a precious few things make me actually laugh out loud. I don't laugh at stand-up comics or most television shows, and I've never stumbled upon a funny podcast ... until now. Mr. Biggs and the assorted crew are funny. The timing is perfect. The humor feels natural and, while some are expected, the jokes never fail to entertain. It may seem juvenile to some, but I actually think this is a sophisticated humor and I really hope the trend continues. In fact, if the creators need any help, I'd be glad to offer my assistance free. I need more Mr. Biggs-lovin' more often.
This podcast is comedy gold. I wish it was produced more than once a month but I can imagine how much production goes into this. I listen to this at work and it makes my day goes by faster. Great stuff guys.
Huge fan of this show. Biggs and Roger compliment each other and the comedy is non stop. I want to make a trip to Whizbangs and enjoy some Whiznog or a Whizbanger. Keep up the good work guys and keep the shows coming.
Neat concept, but very very boring. Might work if they add humor. Otherwise, it was a waste of time.
This has got to be one of the best podcasts I've ever heard. It's funny, clever and without a doubt pure genius. It's evident after listening to just 30 seconds that this is no run-of-the-mill talk show. The quality is superb! I give it 5 stars! Way to go Mr. Biggs!
It's not, as in many cases, two guys rambling about nothing and everything. This one is carefully planned and brilliantly executed conversation of two characters, of whom one is young, smart, but seems easily intimidated, and the other one has thick chest hair glaring at you from his slightly unzipped velour tracksuit. The subtleties in those characters are so funny, I don't really care for the phone calls. Also, Korean food makes me gassy.
This podcast has the potential of better comedy, but when I heard the last 3 episodes, half of some/most calls sounded like they had trouble connecting to the person, as if a quarter to half of the show was dull.
I stumbled across your podcast and tried it out. I am a radio talk show host and I think your show is genius. I laugh at every comment you guys make. Brilliant editing, brilliant writing and very inside. Keep up the great work!
Comedy is a subtle art. It would be easy to take the premise of this podcast and beat it into the ground within the first 15 minutes. The fact that I pray daily for a new episode shows how clever these guys are. If you haven't heard Ask Mr. Biggs! yet you owe it to yourself. My only complaint: Such infrequent new shows.
What a great podcast. The humor is subtle, not "in your face". I just wish Mr. Biggs voice wasn't so cartoonish. Still it's one of the best shows I've heard
I knew the setup before I first listened to Ask Mr. Biggs, but I still didn't know what to expect. The callers, while all taken from real life, are wonderfully insane. However, I had expected the hosts to play it a little more... normal; instead I found myself laughing in wide-eyed astonishment at how dead-pan-ly bizarre they are. Within minutes I had realized that the people that brought us this show could just as easily have pitched it as a cartoon feature to Adult Swim — indeed, I can already picture the animated characters in my mind (somewhere between Space Ghost and Aqua Teen Hunger Force). If you like that brand of comedy — deluded, irreverent, but just grounded enough to make you think this could almost be real — you'll love Ask Mr. Biggs.