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Quick and to the point. Love it!
Every business owner should take 5 minutes per week to listen to Roy. Excellent insight. Stimulates your creative juices. This is time well spent.
...so I can hear the latest Memo!
This is worth your time...I find the weekly podcast to be insightful, concious, stimulating, educating & entertaining. Roy H. Williams has definetly learned the magic art of dazzaling and captivating.
There is joy in surprise. With Roy you are never sure what rabbit his beagle will chase and yet you are never dissappointed; even when strongly held axioms are taken into question. This isn't really about advertising and marketing. It is about making your business and yourself grow.
It is refreshing to be given a chance to think. Roy's podcasts are bigger than marketing or ad writing. They are about you life and the meanings thereof. If you want a chance to think big thoughts join Roy and those of us who love to think with him. I'll see you at the Academy.


By atrinki
The issue is now available, there was an error in our PodCast diirectory of issues that caused it to not appear properly that has been resolved. Glad you enjoy the memo!
I love the podcast. I've gotten the email for a while and now I enjoy the podcast even more. I'm looking forward to more challenges such as the whole diner incident. I didn't have an opportunity to do that...I'd like to be part of the select few...even if I don't live in Canada. Quick question thought...why did the April 17th episode not come up?