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Sunshine is an expert in cocktail and exotica culture. He’s fun. Starshine, sorry, I know you love a bad review but you’re fun, too. Kalani, you’re sweet but have a raging case of interrupt-itis and it makes it hard to focus on the person you’re perpetually talking or singing over. Pumpkin, um....meh. Anyway, thanks for putting so much effort into entertaining us!
If you are into Tiki this is a must listen. Lots of drunken chatter, cocktails and good music. My only issue is the constant promotion of Zaya Rum. But only cause it’s a garbage run and they could be drinking something much better.
Love this show but I can't say there are problems. Sunshine Tiki (the guy) is really great and clearly the M.C. here. Lots of great info, enthusiasm for all things tiki and parties and such. He preps the show so well and there is lots here to love. Love the music and recipes that are shared. Very entertaining. When paired with a single female cohost the show is still pretty good. It's when there are two or three ladies when the show goes off the rails. It is not fun to listen to several (seemingly) drunk ladies interrupt and mumble and scream and interrupt during the show.
I have been listening to Sunshine Tiki and the ladies for a couple of years and this podcast is like a lively conversation with friends around the bar.
I love listening to the Zen Tiki lounge for some wacky banter and creative cocktail recipes. Just got into the world of tiki recently and this has been my favorite podcast on the topic. If they opened a bar, I would visit.


This is my fave podcast to listen to while I'm at work 'cause it makes me feel like I'm hanging out with drunk people at a party (instead of being at work).
Listening to Zen Tiki Lounge is my favorite way to kick off the weekend. It's a wonderful combination fun, racy chat, combined with delicious cocktail recipes and relaxing exotica music. Whether they're talking about about how to handle a big Richard without breaking it or playing "What's in Kalani's Bra", it's always a great time with Sunshine Tiki and the lovely ladies of the Zen Tiki Lounge.
Step into this tiki bar-cast, exotic music and drinks, charming hosts. A mini vacation whenever you need it.
I recently started listening to ZTL as I was looking for something to entertain me on my 1-1.5 hour drive to work (at Forbidden Island in Alameda, CA) and man am I satisfied. I tried listening to a single podcast a year or so ago and was a little put off at first, but I decided to give these guys another chance and am so glad that I did. I find their conversation, topics, and live episodes a total blast. It really does feel like I am sitting in their dimly lit Tiki bar as I listen in the car...maybe that's because I'm practicly sitting in stand still traffic. Who knows!! Additionaly, I'm pretty new to attending Tiki events so it is nice that the hosts spend so much time discussing them. I'm so excited to get back to Tiki Caliente so I can actually attend their room party this time. Anyway, it's nice to hear all the great tiki talk, especially about the SoCal tiki bars as I just moved from Orange to San Jose...I worked for a certain man named Trader Sam. Cheers and keep up all the great work!! -Brian Rechenmacher (B-Rex)
I've only just discovered this podcast on now their 360th episode so I decided to start as far back as was posted and work my way up. I've only made it through a few episodes but am really loving it. I have the podcast app on my iphone and I've found myself putting it on any time I have spare time, driving, cooking, etc. I've got a long way to go, but so far enjoying the crap out of it. As a big fan of Tiki drinks and lifestyle, they really cover all the bases and add in a lot of good time random commentary. Really captures the spirit of tiki culture. Looking forward to plowing through the next 100+ episodes!
I love listening while I'm working. The descriptions of the drinks give me something to look forward to come 7 pm. Thanks for the drinks and laughs!
ZTL is a lot of fun. It is one of the reasons that I got into Tiki cocktails and culture. It's a great resource to find out about music and events.
Always a good time listening to this podcast, with lots of great tiki-themed tips on cocktails, parties and travel.
This tipsy & often obnoxious podcast is an absolute hoot. A cocktail companion unlike any other.
Always entertaining and often educational :)
I love your podcast. Sunshine and crew make my rush hour drives bearable. Always looking forward to new cocktail recipes and introductions to great music. Mahalo! Jax Pineda
Annoying drunks flapping their gums to amuse themselves; they certainly don't amuse me. Being drunk does not make you witty, it just makes these 3 loud mouthed idiots.
Staggering insight into the human condition filtered through a glass-blown Harvey's Lake Tahoe ashtray residing atop a kidney-shaped, cocobolo coffee table, littered with Sanka grounds and last evening's 14th rum runner. Approach with extreme irresponsibility, and be sure to get tested within a fortnight. So yeah, highly recommended.
It's true this is just like hanging at your favorite tiki bar. Listening to friends chatting, hearing great music, and most of all sipping some amazing cocktails. Each week Sunshine never disappoints to craft a cocktail that will make you turn your nose up at anything else you've had in the past.
Zen Tiki Lounge, the longest running Tiki Podcasts provides its listeners with a literal calvicade of all things tiki. From uniquely designed tiki cocktails to Exotica and from current Tiki events to special guests, ZTL provides a potpourri of Tiki for both the aficionado and apprentice. Lastly, shenanigans are guaranteed with each and every double entendre ladened episode.
Been a listener for almost a year! Love all the bar tricks and tunes! Mahalo!
YOU MUST listen to this podcast if you are into the tiki scene! That is all you need to know.
Amazingly fun podcast - as a gay tikiphile who hates work, this makes my workday fly by! Seriously, some of the friendliest, most real folks you'll ever hear. Sometimes the Tiki-Talk is a *little* light, but it's always an entertaining show. Everything about this podcast is right up my alley and I always await the next episode!
Make a cocktail (almost every episode features an original recipe from the Lounge), put on a record (Sunshine Tiki highlights new exotica and surf tunes), and relax in the Zen Tiki Lounge.
I spent Sunday late afternoon making salted caramels and chocolate chip cookies while sipping some Crusoe Spiced Rum and listening to the Zen Tiki Loung Podcast. Laughing and cooking make a wonderful combo. Thanks for the great podcast, and please keep it up. (This is TikiBear69 aka Matthew Vinson on FaceBook). XXXL ;)
If you want to know what's going on in the world of Tiki.
Tiki, Cocktails & Fun! Always a laugh with great information as well. Want to laugh & have a good time? Mix a cocktail up and tune in! This is the lounge to be in! Especially ZTL#257 not up yet but I hope it will be soon!
ZTL brings great fun and entertainment with each show. I aways look forward to the next episode! It's like having friends over to your tiki and not having to worry about cleaning up a mess when everyone leaves. Plus, Sunshine aways has a great new cocktail recipe to make. GREAT job ZTL! One of the BEST of the BEST podcasts out there. - Tiki Brian
This show is a blast! I never have to drink alone when ZTL is in the house. It's like a party at the push of a button! Seriously, though, I love to play this for friends when they come over for drinks. We love the recipes and the banter. So tonight we're making Painkillers with some Pineapple Mint Water on the side. Thanks for always being a great time.
...at the Zen Tiki Lounge, wondering how those characters can have so much fun, drink so many exotic drinks, and manage to keep the action rocking for an hour! "Oh," these Tiki Gods sigh to themselves. "If only we weren't carved coconut trucks, then we too could enjoy one of Sunshine Tiki's libations!"
ZTL makes every day brighter! And this week, not only did we get some great grapefruit drink tips, but now I know what Tiki dics I need to have in my collection! Now I can focus on the week ahead, since I've had my weekly fix! Mahalo!
I have been listening to Zen Tiki Lounge for a little while now, and I have to say, I love the witty banter, the exploration into new drinks and exotica. Very cool and easy to listen to, I feel like I am in the Tiki Bar with them! When I am feeling like I need to have some friends over on a blah day, I turn on Zen Tiki Lounge!
This is one of only 4 Podcasts that I REALLY look forward to. I love the laughs, the insight, the shennanigans, all the ladies of the lounge, Sunshine, libated chit chat, and mostly the wonderful Tiki Community support. Mahalo for the Good Times, all!
This really is the tiki bar in my head. Nice break from reality on my way hone from hectic work to hectic home. A nice brain break on my own personal tiki island.
The Zen Tiki Lounge is just the thing to listen to after a long day of hunting chupacabras, and spreading conspiracy theories. Judge Crater and I love sitting in the fallout shelter cleaning guns and listening to the antics Sunshine, Starshine, Kalani, and sometimes Pumpkin. They have provided me with a great deal of inspiration on my plans for the Luau of the Apocalypse on December 21. Mahalo and Hail Eris!
Love this podcast channel! I only wish it was more often...
Fantastic show, with great cocktails and shennanigans. i love you Pumpkin
ZTL is a fantastic way to escape your every day grind and hang out with some very interesting folks and pick up some great tips along the way. Recipes, reviews and the what's happening...it's all here!
I have been listening to ZTL since about episode 5. The podcast has grown wonderfully over the years, and has truly come into it's own. To all of you naysayers that there is neither tiki nor zen in this podcast, I whole heartedly disagree with you. Sunshine has a vast knowledge and love of all things tiki that is discussed in each podcast in various degrees. I have come to trust Sunshine as my own tiki expert, even purchasing Beachbum Berry's amazing app at Sunshine's suggestion on the podcast. There is also plenty of zen living suggestions as well as green living. Add a healthy dose of current topics as well as idle chit chat and you have a great, well rounded entertaining podcast. Also, you get to experience more shenangins and hinjinx than the entire gang of Scooby-Doo got themselves into. If you aren't in the true tiki spirit, you won't get this podcast-and don't punish them for such! Give them a few episodes to settle into the rythym of Sunshine and his harem of Tiki Girls and you will be hooked.
Four Thumbs Up! Brilliant, genius, liberal, and we love it. Very well done. You guys are very natural and it's a fun show to listen to.
Listening to this podcast is like visiting a dimly lit tiki bar and eavesdropping on the fun and eccentric patrons. Sadly my only podcast listening time is during my commute so I can only imagine joining them for a drink. Sarah Palin gives it 2 thumbs down!
I've been listening to Zen Tiki Lounge for a few months now. This is more than your typical tiki podcast. You get great tiki drink recipies, and always a good laugh as the hosts talk about a wide varity of subjects including politics, environmental issues, and their life adventures. Tonight I was listening while making dinner and my partner is now hooked after only listening to just a few minutes. I feel like I"m right at the Tiki bar with Sunshine, Starshine, Pumpkin, and Kalani. Keep up the great work guys!
Sunshine Tiki is a SoCal based tiki aficionado. Together with his three ladies of the lounge - Starshine, Pumpkin and Kalani - they discuss all things tiki including, but not limited to, live events, music and rum. They also humorously delve into politics, healthy living, and whatever else comes to mind. I've been listening to this podcast for over a year. I even went back and listened to some of the archived podcasts. It's a nice change of pace from some of the more music oriented tiki and exotica podcasts. You never know what to expect from from Zen Tiki Lounge.
It's kind of like being in an imaginary tiki bar where you're just listening to a couple of broads talk to the barkeep for an hour. They play some really good background music which is sometimes you're better off paying attention to than the actual people talking. Sunshine will also just play a few tracks of a band he finds worth considering and in this he's usually right. California dreaming of tiki and varied conversation is pretty much what this show goes for and delivers.
Other podcasts should take a hint and start with a cocktail! Great music, friendly hosts, playful content... a great recipe for a wonderful podcast.
What this podcast is: A little fun, a little dance, a little pineapple down your pants. Actually, it's a podcast about all things tiki that tries to make you laugh, and leaves you a little more lifted, after all is said and done. After a bout of the zen tiki lounge, I feel like a little fun is long overdue, but I better make the world a better place first. A little laugh with a lift. Thanks, Sunshine!
Aloha listeners! Have an interest in tiki but also enjoy hearing rants and raves about current events? This is the podcast for you! Sunshine, Starshine, Pumpkin, and Kalani gather in their Tiki Bar to listen to music, mix up a tropical cocktail, share tiki news, and engage in some chaotic conversation. Download an episode today and be prepared to laugh. Mahalo!
Come on. Where else will you find a podcast that not only provides you with great cocktail recipes, but also helps you save the planet, eat right, plan an office Tiki party (thanks Sunshine!), keep your nasal passages rinsed, and use various fruits and nuts in ways you never thought possible? Nowhere but here, that's where. If you missed National Measure Your Feet Day this year because you didn't know when it was celebrated, you have noone to blame but yourself - for not downloading this podcast sooner.