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My wife recommended Let's Talk About Sects to me, knowing my fascination with cults. I'm hooked! Excellent narration, well researched!
This podcast doesn’t seek to entertain. It’s well researched and well told. If you want to hear the facts about cults/sects/extremists, listen. If you want comedic relief, don’t listen. Cheers
The narrator is excellent and the subject fascinating. (I like the title too.) Definitely recommend.
The stories are good and the research as well, but they follow the same narration pattern for every story and the background person acts surprised and asks leading questions that are way too predictable. They also play this REALLY annoying background music that they play every single time to sound ominous, but it’s just distracting and stupid.
Her content is fantastic. Well-researched and presented in a neutral fashion without any sensationalism. But oh dear lord, the narration is a snooze. Little inflection and little variance in tone. Maybe it improves in later episodes, and I will definitely keep listening because the content is strong, but the narration doesn’t place it in my top ten.
I love this podcast! She does such a great job covering these cults. The information is accurate and succinct. She is also very respectful of those who are innocent.
Excellent. LOTS of detail.
I have never rated a podcast before but i googled “how to rate a podcast” after listening to the first 36 minutes. It’s all over the place, jumps straight to mentions of a cult without explaining how we get from one place to another, very confusing
This podcast is SO well researched and detailed. I’m fascinated by true crime/cults so I was hooked immediately. Definitely recommend for all you fellow true crime lovers!!
This really appeals to the inner psychologist and my interest in understanding how cults can work. I love the way you break down the socialization, the leader’s past, and infuse direct quotes and research wherever possible! Keep up the great work!
I love listening to podcasts about cults. i’ve listened to quite a few. this podcast is the best researched and has the best flow. the story telling is well done and I am enthralled with each episode. My favorite is on the Waco fire, the episode talks about the cult and the implications on the american public. I can’t wait for another episode!
I love the way she tells these cult stories, very well done. I can’t wait for more!
I study cults and sects and for this reason listen to many podcasts on these subjects. This one is by far the best. Most podcasts of this nature focus entirely on the bizarre behavior of the cult members or the gory details of the cult itself. They look upon cults as entertainment with a “look at the goofy cultists” mentality. Sarah Steel rises above this by looking for the reasons for the cult’s existence and the purposes behind the behavior. She backs up her well researched conclusions with references to books and articles on the cults. This podcast is simply a treasure trove of material. I’ve been able to find sources for my research that I didn’t know existed. Thank you, Sarah. I hope I’ll be listening to you for a long time to come.
The host is very thorough in her storyline however the monotone can be hard to listen to continuously.
Imagine my dismay on finding a new great podcast and it's only just started, with no back catalogue of episodes to listen to! This podcast is really nicely done, lots of research and detail. It sounds very professionally produced. Many episodes contain original interviews that do a great job of telling the story, which is not something you always get with podcasts and a sign of a good interviewer. I only wish we had a little more flavor here, and maybe learned a little more about our podcast host. I don't like the extremely dry podcasts like Case Files, and this stops short of that, especially because of the interviews. I can't wait to keep listening to future episodes.
I’m very impressed with the research and information for this podcast. Sarah’s voice is professional but easy to listen to. I do hope she continues on with this project. The sound quality is excellent.
Please do more! I just powered through them all and I need more!!!!!
First off, this is more of a cult themed true crime podcast than a podcast about cults. New religious movements are the motif, but the focus is definitely on the compounding horrors enacted by the cults the presenter chooses as her subject matter. Next to no effort is expended to investigate the strange, potentially interesting, beliefs of the cults; the focus is definitely on the macabre and cruel. Imagine Sword & Scale: Cult Edition. If that sounds good, add a star to my rating. Second- & this is just me being petty- the name is incredibly deceptive. "Let's Talk About Sects" is a wry joke, but that's about where the humor and creativity end. The average Sects episode is a dry recitation of crimes, organized into a timeline. Well researched, yes, but stuffy and completely without charm.
Her voice is so calming but doesn’t put you to sleep. It’s really well written and has great storytelling. Great job!
Just found this podcast while looking for information about aum shinrikyo. I am extremely impressed with the hosts level of research and the guest she had on. Am working my way through the backlog now and looking forward to learning about cults I never heard of. I must just mention how wonderful the hosts voice is too. Definitely expect this to do well
There are other podcasts about sects.One is good but lacks good sound equipment.It is still very good.One uses profanity but would be good except for that. One appears to use manic laughter and jokes when talking about serious subjects.Some humor is ok but when it is apropriate.I also don't want current American politics to be included..I am tired of politics. This podcast has good sound equipment,is organized and uses voice acting for variation.The music is unobtrusive.The coverage of the subjects is factual and very thorough.Sarah's voice is pleasant to hear. Sarah,are you considering Hari Krishna?
Too many podcasts on cults just feel like friends chatting over Wikipedia articles, too drunk to really teach anything I haven't heard already, I want more substance and sound quality to my cult based podcasts. Put this on the level of "Heaven's gate" and "cults" in terms of quality. Also primary sources and voice acting help a lot.
just found this the other day and it's great so far!!