Reviews For Tomoka Christian Church Weekend – Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Joe Putting is a man who is honest, genuine and has one mission, save souls. His messages are real, down to earth that fit with lives in today’s society. He has compassion but does not waver in his faith.
I am a member of this church and I sit and listen to Joe every week. Yet I still find myself downloading the podcasts and listening to them over again. I email links to friends and family when he touches on a subject that concerns them. I am finding that I can use the information Joe gives me TODAY. I can put his words to work in my life, right now. I have found new meaning through this church and through these sermons. I've change the way I think, the way I act and how I interact with other people. For the first time, I understand that the bible is not just teachings from 2000 years ago - they are for today, in the 21st century. My favorite part about being a member of this church is that no matter who is preaching or teaching, from Craig and Leah with the teens to Joe, Mike and Ed with the adults, these pastors never tell you what you can't do - they only show you what you are capable of doing! God Bless them all.