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Since the first time i listened to this show i was hooked. living in virginia, its hard to get any news or anything about the angels. I feel like i am the only angel fan in my city. espn shows like one play from the game and thats it. so this show told me how the game went down. i loved everything about it. Both hosts i thought did a great job on the show, even though they sometimes went off topic, the show was still a riot. then on there final show, they out of no where stopped the show. but while listening to the show, jeff made a remark about how this show didnt bring in the money they had hoped to get. WHAT!!!???? on almost every episode he made a remark about that they didnt get payed for this an they did it for the fans. that was all a lie!!! so the 500 fans know that ya'll were in this for the money, not for the love of the angels or the other fans out there!! This made me sick and i wanted to write ya'll an email but desided not to since we are all supposed to be angel fans. then came the family excuse on the show, i understand everyone knows family time is needed but the shows had been cut back to after every series anyway. which was just the right amount of news that i needed. but that money comment made me bitter. it would b nice to c ya'll come out with a show since they did clinch the al west title today but since the show didnt get yall enough money im sure you wont.
Love the show because I really enjoy the conversation between the guys. It feels like being with guys at the bar. Thank you for your time that you spend doing the show.
I love the way that the guys break this up into different Segments, and how they break down every series that the angels play, They analyz The game differently than i would have thought about. I am also glad that they also go over some of the other teams in the division to keep us up to date on them also
Steve and Jeff do a great job. Their conversational style of presenting as well as their humor make it sound like your chatting with old friends. They're not afraid to be critical of the team either. I got my wife hooked on their poscast and wound up having to buy her an iPod so she could listen to them. My only question is when are they gonna start on the '07 Season. I keep looking for a new pdcast to show up in iTunes.
Not a bad show by any means. Good info and these guys made me pay attention more to the Angels than I ever would have.
Jeff and Steven bring the Angels season to life. No matter where you live you feel like you are sharing the season with a couple of old friends. They don't just follow the Angels, they share in the joy's and the sorrows. Listening to them is like talking to friends on the way home from the ballpark. Their show is a must listen for all real Angels fans.
Angels Rants and Raves gives you typical highlights with insightful commentary and Jeff and Steven are so funny. The podcast they put out is wonderful and keeps me up to date on all Angels Baseball.
If your a fan of the game and the angels, its a must to listen to this. For fans from fans, cool podcast
The nfl show these guys do was awesome. Then they came out with an Angels podcast and it was perfect for me (huge angels fan). Although I wish Jeff would let Steven sing more on this podcast like he does on the NFL show. Keep up the great work.


By jslice
This podcast rocks! Don't listen to that other guy that reviewed this podcast and says this is disapointing. I'm not even a Angels fan and Jeff and Steven turned me into one. Keep up the good work. nfl rants and raves is still a bit better though.
Sure i'm Mike Vanderjagt but even I know this year the Angel's ain't gonna choke. And that's saying something.