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I downloaded this book about a year ago and quickly deleted it.I lisiten to alot of audio books and did not like this one at first.Audio books need to grab me during the first 5 minutes or I am off to find a new one. Then this book kept comming back up during my searches so I thought I would give it a new try. I WAS WRONG THE FIRST TIME. You need to lisiten to at least 3 episodes, then I promise you WILL get hooked.
I love 7th Son. The first broadcast of this story is what got me into podcast fiction in the first place. The story is fantastic, keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's great to hear "new" fiction from Hutch again. This is a reboot of the original story, edited for the print version. I'm on episode 7 and have noticed a few differences, but nothing that detracts from the story, and mostly enhances it. It's true, JC can lay it on a bit thick when he's got something to sell, but I encourage you to listen anyway. His fiction is first rate.
Been a fan of the Hutch since the beginning of 7th Son, and now with other titles like Personal Effects: Dark Art I can't wait to see what Hutch brings us next!
It's like pulling that old comfortable pair of shoes out of summer storage. Old is new here, get to know the clones a little better and all with that comfortable familiar voice of J.C. Hutchins. I couldn't be happier with this little morsal of 7th Son a-new. I gave it 4 stars for the simple greedy fact; the need for more is undeniable.
Yuck!!!! The guy is stuck on himself. What a dork!!!
If you a fiction/possible fact kinds of person. If you think that maybe there is truth in fiction. This story grabs you from the beginning words in the first book Descent to the last words in book three, Destruction. A MUST HEAR!!! And a must purchase and read once the books are published. I have made it a point to tell everyone I know about the story line. Not much, just enough to entice them. You must really hear it to appreciate the literacy and content. Download it. You will not be disappointed.
you gotta listen to this story. It's awesome. Go Clones!
Great job J.C. anything done by this man is worth downloading and subscribing to.
7th Son: Descent was the second podcast novel I'd ever listened to (right after his arch-nemesis Scott Sigler's Ancestor). I'd have to say that he's one of the best podcast authors out there. I've been a Beta Clone since Book One, and he never disappoints. Excellent story. Yeah, the extended intros and outros are a bit much, but I loved the story so much that I'm willing to forgive him for it.


This was the first book I listened to on podiobooks. I loved it!!! I will be buying a hard copy when it comes out.
You would think after 3 great, on the edge of your seat books we would have had enough of 7th son conspiracies... BUT NO!!! I am on the edge of my seat once again. Not many authors can do that for me!! You have got to subscribe to this book!!! DO IT OR JOHN ALPHA WILL FIND YOU!!!
absolutly great emotions run high in some of these episodes and i love every minute of it. All I can say is gove me more, more, more.
The 7th Son trilogy was a great piece of storytelling. If you haven't been there, GO NOW! Then you can be the knowledgable one when it hits the shelves. In a bit of brilliance, J.C. grabbed some of the hottest up-and-comers in Podcasting/New Media fiction to extend the story. Great idea, great writers.... lot's of fun for everyone! Thanks Hutch!
7th Son has been a great series with all the twists and turns in it. I could hardly predict at all what would happen next. J.C. Hutchins also does a great job of getting his fan base involved with the story.
This book had me hooked. I found myself constantly wanting to get to the next episode. I literally could not put by ipod down. I recommended this book to everyone!!!!
I ahve been addicted since Book 1. Can't get enough.
Hutchins the little S.O.B. gets me every week with this gripping tale! It's great if you like supense, some sci-fi, or high action.
Thanks J.C. for these great works. Your work is so compelling and exciting.
All the right elements. Excellent reading voice, unbearable suspense, well defined characters, unpredictable turns. I can't get enought. Keep 'em coming, JC.
This story is awesome because it's interesting, fast-paced, and has sympathetic characters. You will never have to sit and wait impatiently for the plot to proceed. Anyone interested in SF, conspiracy theories, action, and drama will enjoy this story. The podcaster also seems like a genuine nice guy which is just the icing on top.
7th son is an amazing story told by JC; the voices come alive and I am always left hanging on the edge of my seat, waiting for more! This trilogy is amazing!
JC Hutchins really knows how to lead his reader by the nose (ear?). This is one of the best podio books I've ever listened to. If you're screaming at your car stereo while driving to work, you know it's good.
Welcome to a fabulous story that feels like it could be completely plausible, even though it includes clones, memory implants and mind control. But wait! You need to start at the beginning, with Book One: Descent! Don't miss the great Virtual Reality tour at the website. J.C. Hutchins deserves your attention.
This is a great idea, and a great story. To give this away as a pod cast is good way just to get your name out there. Cant wait for the whole story. i dont think ill ever delete this from my ipod. Great job keep it up.
My wife told me about this podcast after hearing about it on a Manic Mommies podcast. I have listened to book one and getting ready to download book two. It has a good story line and the Author reads it very well.
The books thus far aren't half bad, but be prepared for ENDLESS pimping from the author/narrator. Half of each podcast is him emploring his listenerst to spread the word about the book and endlessing kissing the *sses of those who do so. If you can put up with that, the books have a decent amount of cliffhangers and suspense that will keep you coming back.
I Love it Love It Love it-- Sorry, words fail me but know I think this is great and I love the way the author does his own thing during the reading and before and after. He really is wild. I just discovered this Trilogy so I am still on book one Chapter nineteen. After I finsh here I will start listening until I am finished with book two, Oh, July the seven won't get here soon enough...kitty
Higgins tells a story like no one else. This schizophrenic storyteller voices at least 10 characters in this tale. Awesome!
I have to say that the story is very good! But, I do have a massive problem with all of the extra BS he includes, thank god for the fast forward. I realize that there are probably some people that really want to hear him go on and on and on about that other crap that he includes in the podcast but I don't. So, be warned if you like a good story get used to using your fast forward. You will probably only get about 10-20 minutes of actual story in each episode most times a lot less. I rate the story as 5 stars but the over all podcast as 1 star for the extra BS he includes.
This one is just too hard to follow.
I listened to the Book One and it was good. It kept me interesred and wanting to hear more. It does have me back for Book Two.
I found it too predictable. It has potential but fall short at the end.
I've listened to a few of these podcasts. Sorry, they don't keep my interest. I will try listening to some more and will change my review if it warrants it.
I really don't feel that Book Two lives up to all of the hype.
This has been a very fun ride! Good story line, lots of action, lots of promoting other writers and artists. Beware that the first 2-3 minutes in most chapters is a recap and commercial for other people, just skip over it and get to the story.


By MyraFox
I have now caught up to chapter 23 and will actually have to *wait* for the next chapter to be released. This series will have you talking to your ipod - well, probably shouting a bit at JC Hutchins too. What a great story. Highly recommended for both science fiction and action fans. Just listen to the first chapter of 7th Son Book One and you will be hooked!
I am so hooked on this podcast. J.C., you rock and I am ready to buy a bunch of copies for gifts as soon as we can get this bad boy published.
And I dont even mind. I consider myself a voracious reader and due to time constraints I switched to Audio Books. As I am sure all are aware, this can bbe a huge hit in the wallet. That being said, this podcast is worth the price of any of the top audiobooks out there. You will be screaming JC's name each week as he leaves you hangin precariously on the cliff jonesing for the next episode. I am already stressing out because the end of Bopok two is near :-(
J.C. Hutchins has crafted a three-part masterpiece! This is the kind of science fiction thriller that keeps you wondering just what is based on fact and what isn’t and ultimately leaves you convinced that you really don’t want to know the answer to that question. It may not be the one you were hoping for. You will be panting for each successive chapter as the author takes you on a breathless thrill ride filled with rich character development, surprising twists and turns, and an endless supply of dangers. The heroes are believably vulnerable and the villains are ruthlessly diabolic. A new twist on an old saying, “Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.”
This is storytelling at it's finest. Watch out for this author, he's the next big thing!
One of the best out there! Very suspenseful and leaves you wanting more!
Okay, so maybe MUST might be hyperbole, but this is a great story! J.C. is telling a awesome tale with memorable characters (and voices - how many does the man have?) and plot twists. I've never been cliffhangered so well. If you've never listened to a podiobook before 7th Son is the place to start.
I first discovered 7th Son through listening to Scott Sigler's Infection podcast. I have been listening to 7th Son on my commutes. I really enjoy it. The story is original, with cliff hangers almost every episode, that just make you want to listen to the next episode even more. This is the first podcast I listen to each time its updated. If you haven't listened to it I highly recommend it, and would suggest starting with Book One Descent. Thanks for a great way to spend my commute time on the bus J.C. Keep up the good work
This is one of the best podcasts available today. But, it is not just another podcast. This "Podcast Novel" is incredible. Science, Technology, Politics, Action, and Suspense. Technology and Military Technology are described with a "Tom Clancy" feel. Throw in some cameos from podcast celebrities and TV and Movie celebrities. Can you say “Nathan Fillion”? I knew that you could. “Gorram” it. One warning, there are cliff-hangers in almost every episode. Keep up the great work J.C. SteelTX
I love this series. I think that JC Hutchins is an awesome author who does such great job at telling the story with so many different characters and backgrounds. Each and every week I can't wait for the new episode. The cliffhanger keeps me intrigued until the next week. You definately need to subscribe to this podiobook....it rocks!
J.C.'s novels are well-written, intriguing, and keep you on the edge of your seat. The author also reads his work with such flair that you always know which character is speaking. I highly recommend 7th Son. You'll be hooked after one episode.