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This man has his ear to the ground, and not just because he got done puking up a quart of cheap vodka! If it's cool and it comes from Minnesota, Gary knows about it. Listen from great music and a production value that makes (A)damn Curry sound like he's casting from his moms basement on a cordless telephone from the 80's. Gary rules and he is funnier than a clown with cancer!
Gary Holdsteady presents a show that, not only is entertaining, but cutting edge in its format and presentation. It truly is one of the best shows I've ever heard. Every show is spot on and doesn't fall into the "mainstream" catagory. If only more people in the music business were like him. Do not hesitate to subscribe to this great show! Uncle Hal
Gary is one of the best audio producers that are podcasting out there. The I.S. has some great music most of the time, but it's always entertaining!
I would just like to write thanks to everyone who writes a review. I have a strong passion for music that keeps me balanced in this crazy corporate run circle of life and I would like the same balance for everyone else by showing you what my music scene here in Minnesota is all about!! Give me a download today to listen to some great bands that haven't been overplayed by our crappy mainstream society.
Alright first off I have to say, radio personnel of Minnesota you need to look at Gary and be afraid. He is doing in his show what all radio stations across the country need to do, play good music. Independent Stream is a brilliant mix of great music, humor, and originality that you don't hear much on regular FM radio. If you want a good time tune in and enjoy his show.
I only listen to two podcasts and Gary's is one of them. Great music- The comedy bits and production work are AMAZING. Thumbs up!
gary does a hell of a job bringing you the best in midwest indie music and comedy. this is a must listen podcast.
Slap the music spoon from your mouth and get ready for some great independent music! Gary Holdsteady, with his trusty voice recorder and lack of shame, scoures Minneapolis for local talent who'll give him a drunken word. If you're looking to expand your horizons, and are getting sick of hearing the same crap over and over, check out Gary Holdsteady at the Independent Stream.