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Even if some of the discussion is dated at this point this is an excellent podcast and my favorite.
For those of you still in mourning, there's a great semi-official recap of GFW Radio up at Miss you, Shawn...
Miss this podcast.... it was the best ever...
read above
Those of you lamenting the loss of Shawn Elliot and Jeff Green will be glad to hear that these two geniuses have started another podcast, called 'out of the game'. It is also highly enjoyable.
Great podcast, would encourage anyone thinking about listening to do it. Favorite podcast of all time.
Tina ruins it.
Delve through the archive.
but it's still great to go back and listen to the old episodes. If you're missing GFW/LAN Party like me, don't forget to check out Geekbox Radio, Rebel FM, and A Life Well Wasted podcasts with some of the former members keeping the dream alive.
A great podcast that kept it real. It fought strong right till the end and will live on through the Geekbox radio podcast, subscribe to hear the rest of the story!
The pocast is still a good source of information and moderately interesting discussions, but lacks the random spurts of comedy that would arise while Jeff Green and Shawn Elliot were still part of the show. If you can stand the monotoned host Ryan Scott for more than five minutes then you may find yourself enjoying this podcast (maybe).


By Mikuz
i dont even play pc games shawn elliot and jeff green are just so funny (It is no longer worth listening to now because both Jeff and Shawn have now left)
there are only side people left ryan talks more wich is a plus i think garnett would be awesome though
They took the once great GFW Radio and formed the LAN Party. While I will undoubtfuly miss GFW and its Jeff Greene, Tina Sanchez and Anthony Gallegos are an amazing combination and add new blood to the show, not that it needed it. Simply one of the best Podcasts around.
I like the people and I love the podcast! I'm also into the new name, whatever else the rest of the internet have to say about it. The discussion is thoughtful and the banter is often hilarious. Hearing Ryan Scott react to the rest of the cast's ridiculousness provides highlights in every episode. I've been subscribing since well before it became LAN Party, and it's sad to see Jeff, Shawn and Sean (?) go, but I'm happy to say that the new and returning folks make their loss not seem all that terrible. Good work, guys, keep it up!
I'm really glad to see these guys are carrying the torch after Jeff G and Shawn E's departure. The latest episodes are still great and I find myself laughing outloud. Let's hear more about Chuff Love! All of the new game information is great and I can save myself a lot of money by listening to these reviews.
GFW has been and will probably be my favourite podcast ever. These guys are the last to take themselves seriously, bantering and talking jibberish almost every episode (Merchants of Cool was far the best thing I've ever heard). And yet they manage to fall into serious discussions about games and real life issues. Sure, after Jeff and Shawn left, the podcast suffered a big hit, but that doesn't mean, that it still isn't good. Ryan makes for a good lead, because now he actually has to talk, and the others provide the comedy and basically, still my favourite podcast, alongside with other kings of podcasting like CAGcast, Extralife, The Instance, PC gamer Podcast and Blizzcast.
This was an insightful, innovative, and just plain fun podcast. Since Shawn and Jeff have moved on to other things, the podcast is no more. Amazing balance of information and ideation. GFW Radio (The Brodeo) will stand as one of the best gaming podcasts ever.
So I've been listening to GFW since day one. I must say that the history of this podcast should be studied by both journalist and podcasters everywhere. The evolution of GFW was something to be admired. I will miss everyone associated with the podcast and I, as well as many, have a strange feeling of loss. I understand that in the grand schime of things GFW might not matter, but to those of us who listened on a weekly basis, something in our lives has been lost. Say what you will, but this podcast should go down in history as one of the greatest. If you missed the ride, now is the time to download every episode and enjoy the journey for yourself. We love you guys.
i just completed the last episode of GFW and to tell the truth i highy doubt that any other podcast will give me this many laughs while talking about games. :[ but i hope they move on to bigger and better things so good luck!
How cliche can i get? Seriously, this is one of the best PC gaming podcast out there and just as I felt things couldn't get any better, they didn't. First Malloy, then Green, then Elliott... everyone is leaving and the "Brodeo" is dead. My only hope is that iTunes leaves this podcast channel up so that people who stumble on it listen to what a Podcast is supposed to be, funny, informative, and just an all around good time. So sad to know this is it, but it was a good time while it lasted.
and full of bs
An amazingly awesome podcast thats never the same. I can't wait every week for it since its so hilarious, especially with Shawn Elliot. Still, it needs more Yaddle.
I used to love this podcast. Then the show was destroyed by a single episode: 8/27/08. Children have NO place on this podcast! Their brains have not developed enough to create an intelligent opinion on much of anything. I have always been a smart guy, in and outside of school; a consistent 'A' student. I am preparing to graduate high school, and I still don't think that I am prepared to create the podcast/website I envision. So an undeserving child, years younger than myself, is featured on the show, and as an intern no less! Such an insult. I cannot stand to listen any longer. Goodbye old friends.
This podcast is the best ever and is the best that will ever be!!!!!! The Yaddle love will forever make me cry in laughter!
this podcast is informative and funny at the same time.
This should be on every gamer's subscribe list. Jeff Green and Shawn Elliott are hilarious at least 60% of the time, the other 40% is spent talking about games. They have a fairly steady rotation of regulars who always seem to fit in well with the festivities. Exept Ryan Scott, who usually manages about 10 words through the whole thing, but that's cool, they need a forward observer. From Heroes of The Web to Jeff and Shawn's reenactment of an in-game cybersex chat, you just can't go wrong. Subscribe today! by far the most funny man on the internet. Of all the gaming podcasts this is my number one pick due to hilarious banter, foul language and insight. Anything done by 1-up is promised to learn you.
Hillarious and about PC gaming. Perfection incarnate.
Did you read the title? Just subscribe already.
Even if you don't play much PC games, this podcast will entertain you, awesome and funny cast, will rapidly make you come back to listen every week.Sometimes they engage in a serious topic, also handling them very well. This podcast may even make you a PC gamer! Pro tip: Listen now!
very lolworthy. keeps me sane at work. after hearing a few, I had to go back to the beginning and listen from episode one
This is a funny and informative podcast! Definitly give it a listen!
The most interesting gaming podcast out there, and also the most funny.
This is by far the best 1up podcast. I don't even own a PC that can play games, but I love this podcast. It actual makes me laugh out loud.
This is quite simply one of the best PC gaming podcasts out there. It provides a combination of game info interspersed with hilarious hijinks and information on good movies, books, and comic books. I discovered many amazing PC games(S.T.A.L.K.E.R!) through this podcast. That being said, This podcast may be the best when the GFW staff get distracted from the main topic(as they inevitably do). Anyway, this podcast is a highpoint in my week, and it really is worth the money. Oh wait............ It's Free!!!!!!!!! Not downloading this podcast is a crime against humanity. Enough said.
Here is why Games for Windows' podcast is the worst. Because they bring up the most irrelevant subjects that have nothing to do with games at all. Not only that, they bash these subjects out of ignorance and marginalize the people that are interested. They are doing a disservice to listeners by alienating them with off topic subjects such as politics. As a long time listeners I will be discontinuing downloading podcasts from all of Ziff Davis Media. Luckily, I won't have to deal with he immature, nonsensical rants of 1up alumni, Shawn Elliot.
THis is the first podcast i ever listened to, and it is hard to listen to anything else!
Just excellent. Thoughftful and entertaining. Everything you could want in a video game podcast.
Not much more to say =) A+++
PC gaming might be going the way of the Dodo, but this podcast will live forever! Shawn Elliot is my hero, I wish Jeff Green was my dad, and Ryan Scott is the nerd I wish I could be (but I am to big of a coward).
Of the 20+ hours worth of podcasts I listen to every week this has been my favorite since the first time I heard it two years ago. Most of the credit has to go to Shawn but the rest of the guys are great also. Anthony has been a great addition. Keep up the great work!
All these guys have an awesome chemistry together. Hilarious, Fun, and their Lost Fans. You can't get much better than that. I love the random stories, and Jeff Green's "Hello and Welcome". Jeff you are the man! You guys are great, keep up the good work!
This is easily the funniest podcast I have ever listened to, and I listen to alot of podcasts. If you have a sense of humor, and are interested in anything typically described as 'geeky' then these guys are for you. In addition, there is some really great and though provoking conversations that go on between the hilarity about the nature of games journalism and PC gaming in general. Top shelf stuff, you owe it to yourself to give them a listen.
I have been listening to this since around the begininng and it is one of the best gaming podcasts out there. It is just a Brodeo with the Track and Field Popsicle Wii controllers laying all the place. Shawn Elliot is one of the funniest people I've ever heard and Ryan Scott is just plain hilarious whenever he makes little peeps from behind his gummy snack wrappers after leaving the Candy Machine man angry notes on the Candy Machine. I love when Robert Ashely can join in as well, great stuff. Sean and Jeff are also great. I miss Darren though, hopefully he is doing well at his new job PC Ga-..I mean PC Informer XD On a serious note, best gaming podcast out there...and funny to boot. Great listen.
In order to fully appreciate this podcast, one has to look at it from a general point of view. It isn't so much a PC gaming podcast, but rather a nerd podcast. And that is great. The show is a great blend of several different viewpoints. Jeff has plenty of 'old man stories' and provides great insight as a family guy. Shawn goes off with great childhood stories that are too good to not be made up, and gives an esoteric glance and a myriad of topics such as comics, movies, in addition to the all encompassing games. Sean plays a great straight man... err... in a foil sense.... and Ryan can always be counted on for eternally wise one line parables. Kinda. When you put them all together, give them a topic, or sometimes don't, they provide pure Internet entertainment. Even if you don't play the games they discuss, the conversation is enough to make you feel as if you're in the room, getting into the fray.
These people are funny, informative, and bring up interesting questions. The only problems is that for a website that is centralized around PC gaming they discuss console games more. Normally this could ruin a show but they do such a good job with discussions that you'll come to respect their opinion on all platforms. Still, more PC talk would be good :)
this podacast has made work surviveable, if you have a ful hour or a ten minute smoke break, Jeff Green and his cast of miscreants nealry parody the PC gaming world all the while making fun of the games, the developers, and themselves while reviewing up and coming titles. great occasional interviews as well!!! keep em coming guys. Miss the mag