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Perfect to get you through a great workout or just let it play at a part. Impossible to not dance while listening.
If you love music you will love this podcast.... I listen to this when working out, hanging out, drving, at my job... lets just say I listen to this all the time.... keep up the great Electromixes Club!!


By Ria van
I love all these Electromixes Club i can’t wait for newer ones to come out , I listen to these podcast everywhere and anywhere, they’re amazing recommend to everyone!!! Please keep making more Lovin it.
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This podcast has such great interviews! The very diverse, very informed group of interviewees keeps me tuned in.
The electromixes club podcast is great! You wonderful tips on how to live an environmently friendly life and great articles concerning the environment . I would recmmend this to anyone would would like to live a greener life. Thanks team
I was so glad when i found this podcast.
This is a must-have podcast.
I love this podcast. I am a huge fan of this show.
i almost couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this.
Thanks for putting this podcast on iTunes.
A great show made even better...
This Electromixes Club Podcast had me dancing in the street when I was exercising- but i didn’t care one bit!
These electromixes club are great keep making more I love you people for making this you guys (girls if there are) amazing don’t stop making music get this if you like keep if not then don’t hate.
Love this song, We listen to it whenever and wherever we are. Definitely worth downloading. Best podcast. Thanks team
It’s unbelievable how this unknown (for me) DJ is good at energizing me !!
Awesome mixes...please kep them coming! Thanks