Reviews For My Rabbit Grace Podcast

I just happened upon these wonderful podcasts recently and have fully enjoyed them!! Cindy Lablanc talks in true storyteller fashion and it feels as though I am with a friend, having tea while talking about the story of Grace and helpful tips. This is a truly unique podcast with a "homey" feel to it that I just love!!! Brenda
i LOVE your podcasts but i cant really listen to them because you ramble about stuff we dont care about. your dog story was cute but make it shorter and explain what ever the topic is for that podcast shorter try to get it to all fit in half an hour. you help me alot for im a new bunny owner and this helps me for i want the best for my baby. keep podcasting just in less time and cut to the chase. i just dont have time to listen to it for an hour i would rather be playing with my bun bun but want your advise and tips thank you xoxo lacey