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Thank you Fred, thank you Eli, for the great effort you're making with Activist Radio. Activist Radio is the only social justice podcast I know of which is not spicifically devoted to Animal Rights, which includes our nonhuman brothers and sisters in the discussion. The horror we inflict on them is comparable to none, I believe. I appreciate your passion Eli, thank you, thank you, thank you so much.
I think this is one of the most thought provoking, well researched and entertaining shows I am able to get on the radio. Fred and Gary do a great job and I thank them!
Fred and Gary provide a wonderful progressive alternative to all the censored and too frequently biased information reported on the main stream news. I suggest you listen and then make an informed decision. I congratulate your courage and commitment to protecting human rights and speaking for the 99%
Debating inside the "left right paradigm", reporting on corrupt corporations to demonize capitalism. Progress the model of socialism from our current croney capitalism. Then call it activism. This podcast is a joke.
If you're like me and you live within 100 miles of the Mid Hudson Valley, you'll enjoy the local rundown of events for activists. Nevertheless everyone should find "the history you never heard in high school" very eye opening. Fred and Gary put news events in a fresh perspective you'll never hear from the big corporate media, so prepare to be shocked and enlightened. Became a subscriber after one listen.
If Fred Nagel wants people to be active listeners, he needs to get to the point and not play so much music. It is called "activist radio", not "activist music radio".
A rather informative look at history you were not taught in school. Somewhat boring and very un-willing to step out of the box of "leftism". YOU should listen to the show anyways.