Reviews For Burncast

When your jonesin' for the playa the other 51 weeks of the year, Burncast is the best way to get your fix. Every time I listen, it transports me back to that dusty, windy, blistering-hot gypsum lake bed that I love so much. Even if you've never been to Burningman, it's a great way to find out about the event and all the wonderfully strange and glorious happenings that abound there.
Only a few podcasts allow me to relive a place in time. This has been the only podcast that has allowed me to relive something that I have never been a part of. I now want to get to a festival.


By Eklypz
I love DaBomb's inflection and mastery of voice techniques, it draws me in and feels like I am there. I heard that this is going to be cancelled which makes me a sad panda. I rarely have time any more to sit in front of a computer and keep up with what is happening around burnland so this was nice to download and listen while driving around. Thanks for all the great podcasts though!!
I love DaBomb's voice, her enthusiasm, and her ability to ask questions and get interesting stories. Of course it helps that she's usually interviewing interesting people about interesting art (or events) in interesting places (often the playa, but also other places as well). Before I went to Burning Man for the first time, it really helped me prepare, and now this keeps me connected to and enthusiastic for the next burn year-round.
DaBomb lives up to her name. Burncast is the only non-biased view of the Burning Man community(DRINK!) from the inside.
August 2007 will be my first Burning Man (I do the Podrunner and Groovelectric podcasts, and I'll be spinning out there as well -- hoo-wah), and DaBomb's Burncast has not only proven an invaluable resource, it's been an introduction to the culture and flavor of the Playa itself. Even better, it's extremely well-produced -- a polished, informative, useful, and contributing resource for anyone interested in Burning Man. What else could ya ask for?
You can almost smell the playa dust! DaBomb keeps us Burners informed on the happenings of the BRC community (DRINK!). It's one of our favorite podcasts in the studio and we always look forward to tu-tu-Tuesday. Music, gossip and all the lowdown about the community (DRINK!) rolled into one dynamite package. You go girl!
As a friend of DaBomb, my opinion may be a bit biased, but this podcast is AWESOME! She has really put her heart into producing something for the community, by the community (drink!). This podcast captures all that is eclectic, irreverent, sublime, and fantastic about Burning Man.
I've listened to it twice and it was even funnier the second time around. Only the great Kernul can say "Doom is the new Hope" with a straight face! Sensational! When you think about it, both Chai Guy and Da Bomb take time during what would be their own respective Burning Man experiences to trudge across the playa and seek out these stories, and then spend more time in post-production to bring us this quality content. It's an awesome audio documentation and I would not doubt that it will be studied by future generations. I'll start with my kids.
Anyone who's been following DaBomb throughout the evolution of Burncasts knows that the love & commitment that goes into such historical reference is unquestionably essential Burningman oil for lack of a better analogy. Burncasts are a beautiful illustration of gifting for those who have yet to experienced BM/BRC or are temporarily adrift in the default world between events. This lifeline is crucial, the sounds, the energy, and the testimonials help to maintain the bonds we develope each time we meet on the playa. Be inspired, be curious, be energized, i know i am and i thank you! See you in 07:-)
After only two episodes, I am convinced that BURNcast is a "must" for anyone who has ever been to Burning Man, is currently a playa-goer, or anyone who is even thinking about attending the annual event. Plus, how many podcasts have built-in drinking games?