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*trying to write the first comment but found many reviews from years ago and the rating is 4.5 out of 5 😯* I love to hear about more detailed stories on how entry level designers grow!
Awesome way to wake up to money!
Listen to this podcast every morning. Increase your financial literacy while enjoying the host's banter. Cohost Louise is joyfully spunky and makes sure to clarify obtuse financial terms. I have learned a lot that I can apply to my life in U.S. Keep it going-love this one!
Great podcast! Love every episode of it.
My favorite daily podcast gives you a sense of what's happening not just in London but also across the EU.
Wake Up To Money makes my day start right. Cheeky, funny at times while providing internationally understandable perspective, it is the best podcast on the net.
My company doesn't offer defined payment pentions anymore so these guys help me plan out my investement portfolio. Stay alive guys, can't live without your show. :) I listen to Andy and Mickey every morning on my train to work, on podcast.
I listen to this show religiously, and particularly love the sharp up to date business content and 'people's champion apporoach of the hosts. Keep up the great work.
I listen to "Wake-up to Money" via my I-Pod every weekday morning while riding the train into work. It's insightful, well-delivered, and on target. Not only do I get my early morning "fix" on global business news, but I also learn about life in the UK.
I listen and enjoy daily from Thailand to keep in touch with UK news. I posted a review recently making the comment that the show's presenters - particularly Mickey - spoke in heavy dialect rather than using correct English pronunciation and grammar. The comment was clearly noticed and acted upon because the presentation improved almost immediately! I'd like to thank you both for an entertaining show that asks all the right questions and pulls no punches. Mickey's comments always get right to the point. All in all, an excellent programme I never miss.
It is my one ticket to the major business news in UK and the rest of the world. I live in NYC but the BBC prospective is uncomparable. two thumps up. Hicham Yasbah