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So glad this podcast if back! Was my favorite back in the day, it was dreadfully missed. The only comics podcast worth listening to.
Highly entertaining podcast that was sorely missed. Welcome back, fellas.
The best comic podcast hands down. I’m so glad you all decided to come back. It made my day!
Top Of The Stack For Life!! Easily one one of the best comics focused podcasts around. These hosts are knowledgeable, funny and accessible. It brought a smile to my face when I found out they were back. You will not be disappointed listening to this show trust me.
You don’t know how happy I was to hear the intro music when I listened to this!!!!
My favorite comics podcast has returned!!! I started listening to you guys over 10 years ago. I’ve tried over the years to find a replacement podcast and nothing compared to you (I think that’s a song lol). We’ve all changed over the years but not our love of comics!!
I miss this show. It had a unique slant.
If I'd wanted to hear a podcast about concerts, I'd have searched "concerts".
Downloaded the podcast to hear their opinions on the before watchmen comics. Host admitted to not reading the entire comic and try to quickly finish it up while on air. Audio delay was annoying along with host southern accent. I listened to 1 and a half podcast and got so aggravated that i turned it off.
This is a great podcast however the Before Watchmen series has gotten old mostly because the Before Watchmen books are mediocre at best. I wish you guys would end the series and get back to talking about other books. There's GREAT stuff coming out and Comedian #2 doesn't deserve a 2 minute review, much less 45! I bought all the number 1's and I'm off the train and will be off this pod until you guys are done with this.
A truly great show. It's changed more then a little bit over the years but the show has always maintained it's integrity and quality level of conversation. The core hosts of Chris, Sal and Tom are well versed in the world of comics and very, very funny. You may not enjoy each era of the show the same, but all are great and insightful listens and regular provide me with new stuff to read.
of talk with little comic info. Not for me.
I have listened to a lot of comic book podcasts. I've enjoyed a lot of them, but Brion, Chris and Tom remain my go-to guys. Smart, entertaining, booze-soaked and opinionated. I can't thank the boys enough for keeping me company as I sit in my lonely studio, trying to make the comics. In fact, I think I owe them all a drink.
A fantastic commentary show on what's happening in the world of comic books. The revolving cast of contributors always kept the show lively. Tom Katers was the highlight of the show; his depth of understanding of silver age comics complemented by his dry sense of humor was central to the podcast's success. Thank you, gentlemen.
One of the VERY BEST comic book podcasts has closed up shop. (It's probably Tom's fault for moving to Worcester...) Nevertheless, download past episodes and see what you missed!
The golden age of comics podcasting comes to an end. So sad this podcast has wrapped. Miss the show already. Please Keep the archives available. Thanks for all the great entertainment and info!
Neseman, Katers and guests did an outstanding job during the run of this podcast. Definitly worth listening to the archives if you're a comic fan. The mature, fun, and intelligent discussion of the comic culture was truely a must hear for me every week. I'm sorry I waited this long to write a review as I've been a listener for over 2 years (or more). Neseman you're next podcast should be about bourbon - like you, I share a deep appreciation for that wonderful elixir. Take care and I look forward to listening to you on the 11 O'Clock podcast.
I really enjoy this podcast. It grew on me. I will miss it when it goes.


Sad news... but I just want to say thanks for all the laughs. As my favorite podcast I'll look forward to a couple more months of good times followed by the Monday withdrawls. Your humor and insight will always be appreciated.


i get the confusion. i guess cause i have been reading Manga that have there own way of doing things comic to comic it doesn't bother me at all. cause rules change depending where it's from and who it's from. you guys are really funny. the two pages always flow at the same format so after the first issue never came up for me again. love the podcast guys. can't wait to hear about what you guys are thinking about when it comes to Brightest day or War of the Superman or Seige.
Podcast version of the Legion of Superheroes. If you love comics this podcasts is a great place to start.
This is the podcast that got me listening to comics podcasts. I got an ipod for x-mas 2008. I had i-tunes on my computer but used it sparingly. I found the comics culture subgenre on itunes and downloaded some. Around Comics & Comic Geek Speak kept my attention. My Dad is from Chicago, so I have good feelings about the city, but the conversation, information & humor keep me listening every week. Keep up the good work.
This is a great podcast for comic fans, casual and serious alike, where Christopher Neesman is joined by a panel of guests, some regular and some special guests, and go over anything from covers, current events, aspects of the industry, and many new releases, all with a very palsy sort of humor that really makes you feel like you're right there, enjoying the shenanigans. If you're interested in comics, try this one on for size and see what you think.
A lot of shows have trouble when they don't have consistent line-ups. Around Comics has proven time and time again that they can be entertaining no matter who is present. From the nearly constant guests to differing regulars over the years, I have yet to find an episode I can call boring.
I like the flow the of Podcast & in particular the humor shown. I enjoyed the entire hour.
One of the best comic book podcasts out there. Chris Neseman is the mellow voice of calm herding all the rest of the cats. Tom Katers is one of the funniest guys doing comic podcasts out there. I think its great strength is how intimate, jovial, and friendly they make it feel. They also get tons of real comic people coming through their show so you get a lot of peeks behind the curtain. My main complaints are that the shows tend to run a bit long for a weekly podcast (usually a lot more than an hour) and that the unstructured format, which does help it feel more like a real conversation among a bunch of guys, also means many episodes are a bit rambling, without focus. Still, I just love hanging out with these guys every week.
There are a lot of trash podcasts out there that just go on for hours and never get to actual content...just guys sitting around jaw jacking...screw that noise. These guys have great perspectives, they cover relevant topics on comics, offer different perspectives/takes, and seems to have a great collection of personalities that keep the discussions lively and fun. Combined with great guest interviews and keeping the cast concise, Around Comics should be a de facto standard on any comics lovers listenting list! Love the show!!!!

By Rob_L
Who says talking comics and drinking beer doesn't mix, surely not me. Grab your cammo can and settle in for the ride. Nice to hear Sal back on the last episode. Looking forward to Tom vs Aquaman. Keep it up guys.
Around Comics is fantastic! They nearly always have on a comic creator and do great interviews with people working in the industry. They discuss comics like the art form they are. A great place to get a perspective from the inside of the business and to see what those people think about the current trends and stories going on.
i'm always entertained by the revolving panel of hosts and guests. a great "talk show" about what's going on in and around comics
I have a long commute and my Podcast's get me through the traffic, Around Comics is always my first listen. I laugh outloud to myself as I drive. Subscribe you will enjoy, the chemistry between the guys is really fun it's like hanging out with my friends talking about all the dorky things I love.
If you enjoy comic books this is for you. Not a weekly recap of what came out but more a look into whats going on with comic books. The hosts are knowledgable of comic history and up on all thats going on in the comic book world. The stream of guests from the comic book talent pool is very impressive and does not come across as more hanging out with the guest than interviewing. Something to look forward to every week.
Great podcast. Its been going for quite a few years and is a shining example of how to do a comics podcast. They cover a wide range of topics and it is always entertainng.
There are three absolutely amazing comic book podcasts; 11 O'Clock, iFanboy and this one. Around comics splits the difference between 11 O'Clock joyous ramble and iFanboy concise format. Amazing. The conversations are informal and organic, but here's the thing, where normally that's a polite way to say 'this guys don't know what they're doing,' in this case it means just that, no moments are forced for time or not given the oppurtunity to develope. It's great. It's like talking to your best friends, if your best friends, were smart, funny and occsasionally a famous comic creator. '
Originally, tuned in to listen to the John Bryne podcast and been hooked ever since. I think of these guys as the NPR of comic podcasts. I mean this in a good way! I little more mature in approach than the other comic podcasts but still entertaining.
AC does it all--great interviews, topics, reviews and humor! Listening to it is like continuing the conversations my comic nerd friends and I have each week. Perfect for drawing to and for exposure to mainstream and independent titles!! You can't miss with this podcast--keep it up Chris, Tom, and the gang!!!
Give these guys a shot and you will know why; These guys and their guests know their stuff--and present it in a round table style that is conversational and funny. Big congratulations go out to Tom! -handsome john
It's a solid, if somewhat aimless, comic book discussion show. I find the quality varies somewhat, but it's generally fun to tune in and hear their chats. Here's how to listen - if Tom isn't on the episode, you can skip the whole thing, and if there's a long-winded interview, you can skip that too. That's the key to enjoying Around Comics - you'll miss the stuff that gets pretty dull.
This well-produced, funny and insightful podcast has almost single-handedly revitalized my interest in the comic book medium some 20 years after my comic shop patronage heyday. I would like to thank the Around Comics crew for introducing me to the diverse world of comics in the 21st Century.
I've been making my way through the back catalog of episodes....and i've been enjoying every minute of these episodes. If you want to feel like your in a conversation amongst friends about comics, then this is the show for you!!! The show has evolved through several formats and manages to avoid going into a rut. Good job Guys.
Mssrs. Neseman and Katers have wonderful chemistry here, and the hour-long free-flow conversation is highly engaging. The fact that this Chicago-based production manages to grab so many guests from that region's rich population of working comics pros is both a testiment to the show's relevance as well as a win for the listener, who is treated to wonderful stories of the inner vagaries of the monhtly comic pamphlet business.


By Dcrist
Nobody is annoying, it's informative for veteran comic readers and also people new to the medium. These guys do a great job.
This is a great way to get into comics and comic book podcasting. These guys are funny and love comics! Keep up the fine work, fellas!
There are plenty of comic book related podcasts out there, and believe me when I say that I've listened to most of them, but Around Comics is definately one of the handfull of podcasts that ever comic fan should be listening to on a regulate basis. These guys keep you entertained right from the start and keep it going to the end.
All of them have radio voices and their off-topic stuff is good. The comic book talk is informative and they have some good guests. Positive attitudes, nothing too "comic book snob" and a good sense of humor. Keep up the good work fellas!
after listening to your last two shows you need to have katers and suintress on every week , besides thier knowledge of comics , the cutting up those two did was hillarious ! they need to be regulars .
The first and best podcast I've ever listened to. I've been following them for a couple years now, so I figured it's time to write a review! The truth is that it's only looking back at the show that you can see how far it's come. From the very beginning, there's been a real sense that the guys involved in the show have a real and genuine love of the medium. The three core members, Chris, Sal and Tom have become something like drunken scholars of the form, but they've also managed to become part of the scene that they critique by being able to reach out to independent and exclusive creators that they've created relationships with. Touching on not just comics, but music, movies, the creative process, booze, sports, the greatness of Wisconsin, the awesomeness of Chicago, baseball and the unstoppable power of a bunch of dudes sitting around with nothing better to do than talk loudly to anyone that'll listen. Compare the quality and consistency to any other show out there. Like a great artist, the show has passed through several incarnations and only seems to be getting better. I hope the guys never find anything better to do on a Friday night!