Bathtalk with Jade & Kidder Kaper

Reviews For Bathtalk with Jade & Kidder Kaper

I know you guys have a lot going on with SiF but this podcast is great too, in tht you really model all of the advice you give on SiF. To me it's great to feel like I have couple friends that are like me and my husband. We are not out as swingers to our friends and it's nice to hear another couple talk the way we do and just have non vanilla thinking. I love kissers and jades dynamic and I wish you the best. Do some more BTW :)
Love this show wish there could be more.....
I find myself missing the wisdom of Kidder and Jade. My husband and I really enjoy listening to the good advice that they have to give. We wish they would update more regularly.
Eventhough Kidder and Jade don't do a lot of podcasts the ones they do a a perfect Education tool. They are both highly edgucated and their married with kids and a rocksolid marriage. You want to learn about relationships and stuff this is a necessity. This Tool is free..So why are you reading this go subscribe and get all the episodes. THANK_YOU guys! Life's dirty take a bath!
Okay, so it's a super-simple format (a husband and wife take a bath together and chat) that sounds lame on paper, but give it a chance. In this case, the two "hosts" make all the difference. They made me realize that a lot of the things I'm experiencing in my own marriage are perfectly normal. This podcast has been a help and an inspiration for which I am quite grateful. Keep up the great work, guys!