Sledgeweb's LOST Podcast

Reviews For Sledgeweb's LOST Podcast

I think the info and the insight is very good. SW does his thinking about it before talking about it. Certainly worth the time for the LOST fan. The presentation is organized and decent but comes across as a little forced to me. It doesn't bother me too much, though.
This is the best LOST podcast since Ryan and Jen went off the air. I've listened to all of the others and there is entirely too much "chatter" for my taste. I just want the facts... plain and simple. I don't need all of the comedy, jokes, laughing, etc. This podcast is perfect. It's to the point, and VERY good in the investigations department. Bravo! BTW, the website absolutely ROCKS, too!!!
As Ryan from The Transmission puts it: "If your preference is for a level-headed, fluff-free discussion of "Lost," Sledgeweb's show is bound to be a favorite."