Reviews For The Ian Tanner Podcast Nightmare!

Amazingly ambitious, exhuberant, and unique podcast. Ian has an outlook all his own and a way of making you take a brand new look at music. He also talks about society and cultural issues and whatever occurs to him. Don't miss it!
The mind of Ian Tanner is a very strange place. It’s filled with wondrously artistic thoughts, stories, music and ideas. This podcast is a window into that world and I love it! He bombards you with loads of morning zoo type liners that are so over the top, zany and cheesy that you just have to smile. The music is first rate. He is an extremely talented artist and producer and he seems to use this podcast as a vehicle to showcase new songs and experiment with sounds and recording techniques. His music sounds like everything from Zappa to The Beatles. From alternative to power pop to prog, this guy is musically talented and his podcast is very entertaining because he’s funny and original. This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard.