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Paul is a patient, generous, and expert instructor. Im so grateful for this podcast, which I return to again and again!
This guy rocks
I'm so happy that 10 years plus on, pauls podcast is still available! Not sure if he is still with us, but enjoy his podcast immensely. A wonderful teacher! This is a fantastic resource, hopefully it will be available for a long time to come.
Love this Podcast to death...
I've been poking through a lot of what's available online for understanding jazz. I so appreciate the pace of Abraham's teaching. For me, a classically trained pianist with no jazz training, it's perfectly paced and clear.
I recently found this podcast and wanted to say that the lessons Paul presents are really Jazz theory lessons. They are presented in such a way that I as a durmmer am learning Jazz theory and to play and understand jazz chord progressions on the piano. Thank you Paul!
Maybe the best music instruction I have come across on the internet. Paul's voice is very pleasant to listen to, the instruction is well paced, I even listen to them when not at the piano sometimes. And I love the amount of time each podcast is and they are also commercial free, unlike others.
A great combination of theory and opportunity to put in into action playing with Paul. A fantastic gift to the jazz piano community - Thanks Paul
Paul is a great teacher. I am quickly becoming a competent jazz piano player. Great mix of theory and practical playing advice. He even wrote me back when I sent him an email. Thanks Gary!
I have learned more from this course than with using all the books I have combined. Paul is an excellent teacher and you will learn how to improvise after listening to his course. I learned how to improvise after the fourth lesson. I definitely reccomend this for anyone who wants to learn jazz piano.
Mr Abrahams podcasts explore complex musical concepts, with master simplicity. After years of self teaching keyboard, I finally feel my skills moving upward in a short time frame. I am greatfully thankful to this kind gentleman for his efforts.
What an interesting thing. This man shares so much, apparently for the mere satisfaction of helping and spreading his love for music. What a fine man he must be. A true teacher and a true musician, from deep in his bones. Thank you Paul, although the mere saying of it hardly seems adequate.
A great resource for the ones interested on jazz piano. I use this podcast and a couple of books everyday to practice and improove my skills and technic. Thanks Paul!!!
Great lessons here. I have been able to apply what I've learned to playing jazz mandolin and violin. Thanks Paul!
Paul Abrahams has a knack for making jazz concepts accessible in a clear methodical manner. I took piano lessons as a child but never really appreciated or understood jazz. Now, I am a loyal follower of his regular podcasts and check back regularly for updates. Many thanks to Paul Abrahams!
Paul's approach is accessible, yet provides you with lots of ways to expand, explore, and develop your playing. I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Thank you Paul!
Paul distills and presents the information in a very thoughful manner. It is easy to follow, I have found that not having a visual reference like sheet music has helped me actually internalize the information better. He starts from the basics and progresses through the fundamental underpinnings of Jazz without any useless fluff. His mellow voice will put you at ease. Thanks Paul!
Mr. Abrahams does a wonderful job of giving nothing but the "meat and potatoes" of fundamental jazz harmony with this podcast. A very useful tool for musicians who wish to expand on their skills thru the piano. The pacing of each lesson is right on the money. Job well done!
I can always turn here to find some great tips and tricks on improving my piano chops. Thanks much!


These lessons are great. I've learnt more than I have from any books or other sources that I have tried to "learn" jazz from in many years of amateur piano playing. Paul Abrahams is obviously a very gifted teacher; I very much hope he will continue with this series.
I finally found the podcast I was looking for. Paul Abrahams explains each of these lessons clearly and effectively. It is the next best thing to having a teacher right at my side. In fact, this is better than having some teachers I know at my side. Thanks, Paul!
Thank you Paul for such a wonderful and informative podcast. I started listening to your podcast about 3 weekes ago. I am in the process of filling up my paper notebook with many notes I've obtained from your podcast. I enjoy your teaching structure and hope you continue this valuable learning tool for all of us who's trying to gain more knowledge!
What can I say, except that Paul is a truly superb teacher. In addition to regaling us with a classical English lilt (somewhat of a novelty to us Americans), Paul shows his gift for teaching in this series of podcasts. There is so much information in them that I've only been able to get through about five or six -- and I've had to listen to them several times each. As a teacher myself, I am impressed at his pacing, his exercises (e.g. where he comps so you can solo, or solos so you can comp), and his passion for tickling the ivories in a jazzy fashion. Too bad he isn't in Los Angeles, or I'd be taking lessons from him in real life. Keep up the grand work Paul!
Every time I see that Paul has a new Podcast I can't wait to listen to it. In each and every podcast he provides very valuable information. If I was in London I'd definitely taken lessons from Paul. The podcasts cover a vast array of jazz piano topics and I often go back to listen to them - over and over. Keep up the great work Paul! Kevin from New Jersey, USA
Paul puts this material into such an easily understandable form. Very highly recommended!!! Please, more on voicings.
Paul, These podcast are an excellent learning tool for the beginning musician and a great refresher trainer for the intermediate to professional jazz artist. Thanks!
I really enjoy this podcast. I'm a guitar player and listen to the podcast in the car. This show is not just for piano players. I've listened through episode 9, and so far Paul has taken me through a nice basic tour of basic jazz concepts. I can't wait to catch up to his current shows. Paul puts the info across in a very mellow and straightforward manner. Highly recommended.
I've only been playing for a year, and then I listened to paul here and I picked up a bunch of basic jazz skills. Very helpful and fun to listen to!
Don't mean to disparage P J; it's just a clever headline. When I read that Mr. Abrahams backed Mr. Proby, my admiration for his clear, methodical approach reached new heights. I am taking lessons from a great teacher, but only 2X a month. Paul's progression through scales, chords, extensions and rhythm changes follows closely to my teacher's, so it's the ideal support and great validation for two great teachers. We were even studying Autumn Leaves at the same time I discovered those posts on Paul's podcast! Bravo Paul.
I wish this type of jazz instruction was available when I was a kid. I could be doing what I love instead of working 9 to 5. Oh well. I'm grateful that Mr. Abrahams shared his vast knowledge of musical architecture with the world, so that I can enjoy the gift of expressing myself through jazz. He explains arcane musical concepts with clarity and precision, in a way anyone can understand. Thank you, Mr. Abrahams!
Paul's podcast is a wonderful gift to any student of jazz piano. It is enormously helpful and filled with easy-to-understand, essential information on theory. Thank you, Paul, for sharing your talents!
Paul Abrahams helps the pianist to know chords, scales, modes - basically what you do beyond the note and the chord on, say, a "lead sheet". For decades I was "stuck to the page", playing only the notes and chords, but now I know what runs, supplemental chords, scales, etc., to play around a note and basic chord. I commend Paul Abrahams with great enthusiasm!
I and all the other reviewers seem to agree: These are wonderful lessons. If you happen to play some instrument other than piano, they are still worthwhile. I play the alto sax, but I still found Paul's clear explanations extremely helpful. Listen to a few of Paul's lessons. Your understanding of music theory is bound to improve!
Thanks so much for your free jazz piano lessons! I hope you will continue making them. This is the best jazz podcast I've found on the web and it's free!
paul is a great teacher. I have been playing for 10 years and i learned so much more through his podcasts. thanks i tunes for having paul on your site
I love these lessons! I can listen to them over and over again and learn more each time. Thank you so much for creating them. They are great!!!!! Lynn (:
What can I say that has not already been said about Mr Abrahams. He is a wonderful teacher. My piano skills have improved and I learn something new with each podcast. I look forward to the next session.
Finding Paul Abraham's jazz piano lessons online has literally paid for my iPod 10 fold. I am an intermediate level piano player, but I have never really taken the time to work out the mechanics of scales, chords and chord progressions. Starting with lesson one, Paul explains these progressions and although anyone who has played piano for a while will probably take it for granted that they already know this stuff, I guarantee you'll pick up something that you had either wondered about or sort of ignored. When I came across the first 13 podcast lessons, I immediately downloaded all of them. I started at lesson one and have worked up to 7; it really is amazing how much you learn progressing through each lesson. I can't wait to work through the next 6. Take your time with these podcast because Paul has provided a huge amount of really great information that anyone with a piano should know and understand. Thanks to Paul, and I can't wait for his future podcast.
Paul does a great job of breaking down the topic of each of his lessons to the basics, and then building it back up to stuff that sounds great. And the great thing is, it all makes sense in the end. There are plenty of examles of everything he's talking about along the way. It's the next best thing to sitting next to him at the piano for a lesson. Highly recommended.
The Learn Jazz Piano podcast is highly recommended for beginners and experienced musicians alike. I have 10 years of music experience, and there's so much more to learn. This podcast is excellent if you're into learning all about piano music theory. Wow! I cannot recommend this highly enough. Superb!
I've been playing jazz piano for years and never picked up on some of his pointers. Never have I heard teaching be clearer. My playing improved within the hour.
I love this podcast! ive taken piano lessons in the past and have forgotton most of the teachings but this guy really knows how to refresh my memory..
Paul Abrahams goes in depth in a lot of things that set you up for jazz piano. if you have a basic understanding of the keys he can definately teach you something new. as a young piano player he is very interesting and knowledgable of the piano. i can't believe that these lessons are free!
Paul does a wonderful, clear job leading us into the world of jazz. I play jazz by ear and this podcast really fills in the many holes in my jazz knowledge. Thank you Paul.
I already had a decent foundation in piano. However, Paul took me to new levels of playing and understanding music theory within a couple of podcasts. His lessons are so valuable that I've listened to numbers 6 & 7 several times each. If the rest of the lessons are only half as good as the first seven, my piano skills will greatly improve in short order.
I really appreciate the thought Paul has put into these lessons - it is very high quality stuff, packed into a relatively short amount of time. Particularly powerful is how he links concepts, and leverages what you've learned in previous lessons in ways that let you get into the "meat" of jazz and jazz piano. That's one of the intimidating things about jazz-so many chords, so many chord variations, so many scales, so many songs! Paul has helped me to better understand what is common across much of the jazz spectrum, and how elements of jazz are related to each other, and in the process has made learning this stuff seem more like an adventure than a chore. Great podcast, and a great service to the music community.
This podcast is a great way to learn jazz improvisation. I've always had a classical training and any improvisation I tried didn't sound good... until now. If you already know music theory and want to try an incursion into the world of jazz piano, give it a shot. You'll be playing jazz standards within minutes!
I listen to the podcasts over and over. Paul does an excellent job explaining the material and makes it easy for beginning/intermediate players to progress at a good pace. If you're willing to invest your time in practicing and understanding these lessons, you won't be disappointed.
I absolutely love these piano podcasts. Although some episodes are a little long, they get the point through! These are, simple easy-to-follow lessons. Keep educating the next generation of jazz!!!