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Most videos I've seen show the cities from a tourist perspective. Thanks for getting out and doing some everyday things with ALL your friends. And your uber funny so that helps. Way to go!
Seriously, you don't look like a sophomore in high school but definitely act like one. I've been living in China for four years and to see an American come here, eat perfectly normal local Chinese food and then act like he's never eaten outside his local strip mall is depressing indeed. Also, one of my own favorite Chinese street foods is barbecued sheep eyeballs, so watching a grown man freak out about tofu is truly, truly pathetic. Although I've also ridden a bicycle across 600 miles of the Chinese countryside, so naturally it's impossible for me to be impressed by Ron's astonished visit to all of his local KFC's. Seriously? Try leaving the big city, my friend, and you may discover how thoroughly underwhelming your podcast is to anyone who's experienced anything about China!
Very funny stuff about China. The most hilarious parts are usually the comments from the Chinese appearing in the videos. So if you knows Chinese, especially different Chinese dialects, you can enjoy twice the fun.
Ron keeps his video podcasts fast and funny and if you've been to China before, you'll appreciate his viewpoint even more. Great work.
Was really surprised how funny this podcast was. I mean what could be funnier than a black man in China who who fits in yet stands out from the others around him. WOW.
I really enjoy your work. Please keep producing those hilarious daily-life-in-China episodes. Thanks for the chuckles!
Hung Hau (sp?) - This podcast is hilarious. Thanks for doing this. Keepin it real. WendyZ
Ron Sims is gifted and natural in front of the camera, even when it's being held by himself. He's also extremely funny, and I look forward to new episodes of this podcast more than any other.