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Every year starting in July, begins the ultimate countdown. The 50 days till dragoncon! Almost every day we get a taste of reminder of what to expect at dragoncon with guests and funny stories.
I like this podcast a lot. It helps get me hyped for my yearly pilgrimage to Atlanta. I just really wish that after all this time you guys would do something about the audio and the food noises the mics are picking g up. The interview with Jarvis was borderline unlistenable, which was unfortunate since he was such a great guest.
I listen to these folks every year for their 50 days of DragonCon podcast. I am giving them 5 stars because I know it must be a ton of work to arrange all those guests and put the time into doing the episodes and editing them and posting them in such a fast fashion. It's also just fun to listen to as the hosts are a joy. I would hope they could increase the audio quality of Leigh, as she is on every show and it would help a lot if her audio was normalized at least, or get her a proper mic! Also, it seems that there is zero content for Unique Geek for the rest of the year, which is a shame. But overall, still 5 stars because the 50 days of dragoncon podcast is awsome :)
An additicting podcast. One listen and you will want more. Great humor and banter. Try it out you won't be sorry!!
Sometimes the audio is a bit off, but these guys keep the topics interesting and humerous. Has a nice varity of opinions.