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I am a clinical psychologist in private practice and have referred people to this podcast regularly. There is great research, tips/hacks, and cute stories about the professor’s kids and snowy Canada life.
I have listened to several of these podcasts and I find them well researched, and helpful. The professor provides the background and previous research that led to the current topic of each podcast. He gives credit to the other authors and researchers and provides titles so that the listener can look up other information if he likes. Some reviewers don't like this academic approach but I love it because each theory is discussed and references are provided. Often times people will say things and you wonder how they came up with that but this professor explains exactly how the theories came into being. I have found a golden nugget (or two or three) of help in each podcast. That said, it's time for me to "get started" on my next task.
I put this on while I make breakfast in the morning. Whatever the topic of the episode, it just helps me prepare my mind for the day to think about and objectively analyze procrastination. The content is very good.
The professor is a very interesting and caring person. The podcast is very interesting and self aware. If you have a problem with procrastination this is a must listen.
Well I overall like the concept in the idea presented here this podcast is terrible because it takes forever to get to the point about 20 minutes to cover what could be said in 30 seconds. I listen to it at double-speed and it was still tedious slow and very boring. I got the impression that A small point being made was being stretched into a long podcast. This was highly recommended by a friend and so I had High hope's, and ended up being just very disappointed.
Sometimes over my head, but very thought provoking with helpful strategies interspersed. Have you considered reposting early podcasts that define procrasitnation and are more elemental? I found the full list on your website after happening to hear them referenced. That location may not be easily located for less tech literate. Thanks for continued posting.
Not a lot of practical advise here with the exception of the 5/10/13 "Graduate Student Beats Her Proc. Challenge” and the 9/19/12 interview with Kelly McGonigal.(Clearly I’ve listened to a lot of them! Took me a while to find others that DO help.) Luckily stumbled onto Paul Gilmartin’s Mental Illness Happy Hour and from there ADHD Experts Podcast. Procrastinators: if you’ve never been screened for ADD/ADHD, do it. It has changed my outlook greatly on the root causes of my crippling procrastination, and there are some truly helpful podcasts out there, plus real support — once you know what to look for.
great easy to listen to & very helpful
I am a clinical psychologist and just found this podcast. I am so impressed at the quality of each episode and find the content useful personally and professionally. Thank you so much, Dr. Pychyl, for this great contribution!
I discovered this podcast a couple years ago (at the time I was a full time working mom of one). It is amazing how much I've learned about how my own mind worked - it has been a lesson of humility. Ha! My mind is more clear and focused with each episode, whether that is its intention or not. I am currently a stay at home mom of two and I've listened to all the podcasts again and each is just as applicable now - even though I struggle with procrastination differently. I appreciate hearing the research in an understandable way. I can't thank Dr Pychyl enough. I have recommended this podcast to many.
Love this podcast. While dry, I found it very informative and helpful, even inspiring. So sad he’s given it up.
this is a fantastic podcast! try it!
Dr. Pychyl offers practical suggestions on how to deal with this all too common human condition. He has a great voice and asks interesting questions - and actually listens when the interviewee answers. His monologues are fantastic too. I just wish that he would post more often. But considering that this is a free resource, I am extremely grateful to him for making the time to share his knowledge and strategies with the world.
This podcast is chock full of practical, compassionate insight about procrastination, and that's super-useful. However, the real message is existential: life is shorter than we think. Delay just ruins the precious time we've got. Grab that task, find the joy, and live your life as fully as you can... It is a short, sweet, precious life, so don't waste it. Love this podcast, it's changing my life!
Dr. Pichyl thanks for sharing all this info with the world. It really helps us understand procrastination backed by academic research. I highly recommend this to anyone with interests or struggles with this subject.
I am so excited to listen to this podcast. Tomorrow…
This is by far the best podcast I have found. In a month's time I have listened to almost all of the available podcasts. I'm looking forward to the release of a new one! Dr. Pychyl has not released one since February. The podcast is not only about procrastination. It makes connections to all aspects of life. It is rooted on the idea that every individual has the opportunity to manufacture happiness by prioritizing goals and pursuing them every day. If you haven't listened yet...just get started!! That phrase will take on a whole new meaning once you do!
If you've got something important you should be working on, there's nothing better than listening to an iProcrastinate podcast to keep you from your work.
Very useful for youngsters who see a lot of avenues for distraction and end up putting off important, productive tasks.
Toes the line between self-help and academic with interviews of professors and researchers in psychology of motivation, personal anecdotes and Dr. Pychyl's own insights into the thorny problem of procrastination - the act of giving in to feel good!
I am a huge fan of these podcasts. They are the best around. Professor Pychyl gives no-nonsense and no-hype information. Well worth the listen.
Excellent Podcast! I recently discovered it and now I am in the process of listening to all the archived podcasts. All the psychology and research are very interesting. I find myself realizeing so much of what I do with procrastination and finding little tips on how I should help to manage it. Its not a cure for procrastiantion as Dr. Pchyl will say but listening does help me to be more aware which is the first step to making changes.
I love this podcast. I started listening in 2006, and then lost track of it after he didn't update for awhile, I've only started listening to it again. I'm still a huge procrastinator, but there is always something to learn.
I saw this podcast, but I haven't subscribed yet. There seems to be so many episodes that I don't know where to start.


By Fyliao
A lot of redundant information. The host and guest speakers are not very engaging for the listeners.
The author provides comprehensive coverage of all facets of procrastination. Listening to this podcast has improved my life by giving me more insight into why I put off things I don't want to do. Highly recommended!!!
I have only gotten through about 15 podcasts, but I really like how these podcasts are presented and how useful they are at understanding why we (especially me!) procrastinate. Even better, Dr. Pychyl mentions ways to combat procrastination! Thanks for helping me out, I look forward to listening to the other 75 podcasts!
I've been meaning to listen to this. I'll write a review when I get around to it.
This has truly changed my life in so many ways. I never knew how much of a role procrastination plays in my life and the awareness itself has allowed me to improve my quality of life 10 fold. Please keep doing what your doing, this is the best information out there and is making a huge difference in my life!!!
This podcast has taught me much about procrastination: why we do it, the different ways we do it, and how to circumvent it. It is very informative and helpful. I appreciate Dr. Pychyl's work on this podcast and look forward to hearing new episodes in the future. Thank you so much, Dr. Pychyl.
Any chance of making your book into audio? I am a long time listener and got the book but know that I would listen to the book over and over for tips while I have yet to get through the book, even though it is very short! Good book but with the ADHD and procrastination I have listened to many books while I have only finished a couple of written books.
If you have even the slightest tendency to procrastinate, these podcasts are for you. If you are a chronic procrastinator, they are a must! Understanding procrastination and its root causes, practical tips to change the behavior and how to fully engage in your life are what you'll get out of listening to these podcasts. Dr. Pychyl has a real gift for translating highly complex psychology research into terms anyone can understand, and he has a wonderful way of speaking and engaging with his listeners. Don't be put off by the dates on these podcasts--my advice is to start from the beginning and listen to them all in sequence because he defines certain terms at the beginning that will help your level of understanding.
I was excited to find this podcast, but argh!!!! It is soooooo painfully long and drawn out. He goes on and on and on and on and on and on before he gets to the meat of the topic. The first 5-10 minutes (!!!!) are wasted talking about how busy he is, or summarizing everything he's going to say, or over-introducing the guest speaker (not just "this is Dr. So-and-so from such-and-such-university who has published widely on xyz topic", but even where the guest grew up, current citizenship, what page of what journal article has an interesting quote by the person, what company is publishing their latest book and whether it's a good publishing company, blah blah blah). The meat of the podcast is slightly better, but again, listeners don't need to hear the names of every author on every paper and specific page numbers of every journal article cited. Put that info at the end or in the notes. It's completely distracting from the topic at hand. The last 1/4 of the podcast often re-iterates the whole damn podcast (not summarizing, but restating everything). Basically each podcast should be 1/2 as long and cut to the chase.
This podcast has it all -- interesting subject, relevant, practical, very helpful; the presentation is smart, organized, and effective in conveying information. There is only one tiny area that could use some improvement, and it happens during the episodes with interviews. It's a given that the host Tim Pychyl is an expert in the subject matter, so when he interrupts his guests to put in his 2 cents to summarize what the guest is attempting to say himself/herself, it becomes a bit annoying and disorienting for the listener. As the audience, I would like to be able to listen to what guests have to say without them being interrupted. Think Larry King; he rarely interrupts his guests, that's why his interviews always flow so smoothly. Tim Pychyl finds himself having to interrupt his poor guests now and then to give his own summary. It's not the summary that's the problem; his summary is always accurate and informative. It's the way the guests are being interrupted and the floor is abruptly taken away from them before they could finish their sentence. As a listener, this makes me cringe.
I found this podcast (while procrastinating of course) just a few days ago and have already devoured over 1/2 of them. I'm already planning to listen to all of them again to further absorb the info, both research and the practical tips. Just getting an understanding of why I'm procrastinating and that I'm not just "lazy" has helped me relax a bit and that alone has helped me move forward on some projects. I highly recommend this podcast and have just downloaded his book and can't wait to start reading that as well.
For a true procrastinator, this podcast gives great relief in knowing we are not alone! ( or crazy ) And the information IS practical, but you may have to listen a while until your particular type of procrastination is addressed. I recommend you start from the beginning and work your way forward so you don't miss anything.
Lots of great information, but listeners beware: the presentation is very academic. I was looking for something more practical.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast! I'm a major procrastinator and listening to these podcasts helps me to understand the nature of my procrastination and get a move on. I listen to the podcasts during my 45 minute commutes to and from school. Tim Pychyl's mantra is to just get it started and I've learned to just start... I'm a grad student and a thesis (and eventually a dissertation) seem like an enormous (and sometimes unattainable) task. But with this podcast, I just start and am able to work. Of course, I have yet to be able to "just get it started" on my own... I have to listen to the podcast first but hey, whatever works! I am so grateful for this podcast!!! Thanks Tim Pychyl!!!
Both my older brother and I struggle with procrastination. He avoided getting medical checkups and wound up having triple bypass surgery after his third (!) undiagnosed heart attack. Like my brother, I put off (procrastinate) on health issues as well. I've described myself as feeling frozen or paralyzed by certain things requiring attention in my life, and he feels the same way. I've only listened to 8 of these podcasts so far, but I feel like a key has been handed to me. I've passed this on to my brother, who hopefully will take the time to check these out. Dr. Pychyl is easy to listen to and is providing great information. Thanks!
A wonderful resource for procrastinators and others wanting to improve their lives. The podcasts are easy to listen and very well presented. Dr.Tim, a renowned researcher in his field expertly explains the concepts, suggests tools and techniques to get out of procrastination. Thank you very much Dr.Tim for your time and generosity.
Very informative, He makes it fun to listen to while providing great wealth of research, engaging thanks for taking your time to produce this podcast!
Check out the other reviews: pretty lengthy, right? This podcast inspires long, thoughtful reviews because it's that good. Seriously - take our word for it.
Procrastination has been the bane of my existence for years. Lately it's been affecting my job more than I would like. It's one thing if I have a messy house or put off paying bills, but another when I feel my job is at stake especially now with this bad economy. It's not as easy as "just do it". I really wish that it was. Dr. Pychyl has helped me to see that procrastination is not about being lazy or just a battle of wills. There's more psychology behind it than that and now now that I am arme with knowledge, I feel better able capable of making the right choices and make changes in my thinking to lessen the impact of procrastination on my life.
Great podcast that has helped me tremendously. At times, Tim can be repetitive at times, but overall the content is fantastic and really hits home. He's really helped me to understand procrastination and how to tackle it. Please keep the podcasts coming!
As someone who has chronically procrastinated for as long as I can remember, I can't begin to tell you how valuable I am finding this podcast. 1) It has helped me understand my own procrastination. 2) It has allowed me to see that there are many, many people out there in the world struggling with this problem, many of whom find it even more debilitating than I do. 3) It offers concrete suggestions for how to begin the process of ending the dominating power of procrastination in my life. Many thanks to Tim Pychyl for a fantastic service, in the noblest sense of the word.
I look forward to this podcast every week. It is not a self-help podcast per se; rather, Dr. Pychyl and his guests summarize recent research in the area of procrastination and related fields (perfectionism, motivation, etc.) in a way that allows me to understand myself better and suggests strategies I might use to overcome a lifetime of bad habits. Dr. Pychyl is warm and accessible. He understands that procrastination is not a trivial problem but causes real anguish for people, and he wants them to have realistic, research-backed solutions for improving their lives.
Always looking forward to the next podcast! The interviews are a great addition to the series Thank You for taking the time to create this
Dr. Pychyl's insights come from research and as such gives me confidence that his advice is well founded and worth investing some time and effort into implementing. Though coming at this from a research perspective there are plenty of practical suggestions that is derivative of the studies cited and which he explains. I look forward to his forthcoming book (free). I promise I'm not a plant, just the archtypical chronic procrastinator who sees a glimmer of hope through the information provided here.