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Really enjoy being able to experience the lectures of so many intelligent, well informed individuals speaking about their varied fields. Truly worth the listen for me.
If you have any intellectual curiosity about anything, you need to subscribe to this podcast. The range of topics and the variety of speakers, each of whom is an acknowledged expert in his or her field, will assure that you will be engaged, informed, entertained, and provided with abundant fresh food for thought.
Big Ideas is a long form treatment of topics that are of interest to those who also enjoy TED talks, Seminars on Long Term Thinking (SALT) from the Long Now foundations, etc….
Some really good podcasts, some miuch better than others but consistently very sharp, thoughtful people, some of the comments and observations incredibly insightful. Hard to compare to any other podcast. Shows how close we are in the world to Canada and their issues, feels like US issues with some exceptions. This is one of my favorite sites.
Indispensable well produced show
but deeper and more thorough.
Awesome topics, very informative.
I've now listened to six of the Big Ideas podcasts and have not found one that is bad. The programs are intelligent, insightful and inpirational, making one want to expand further on the subjects covered. I'm very much looking forward to experiencing additional programs! I recommend these to anyone that enjoys intelligent talks on a broad range of subjects from experts in the respective fields.
i really love this podcast - it provides such an intersting mixture of different topics, with topics from the real experts, not just reporters condensing the facts. i really like the variety and that so very many of the lecturers try to keep the 'story' interesting and connect it to real life. every week, i know that i am a smarter person for having listened to my weekly big idea.
This podcast presents a variety of interesting topics and the format permits the speakers to illuminate their work on their own terms in contrast to shorter interview segments on radio programs. It seems to be consistent that the audio track does not include an announcer, moderator or question and answer segment. The speaker's message is the substance of this podcast. Audio quality is quite good.
Exactly the type of content I needed in my iPod. I beleive every human on the planet could benefit by listening to these lectures.
Long (an hour), but very good. Its greaet to listen to people worth listening too. I'm so glad I found it.
This is IMHO, one of the best podcasts around. It is a very well produced and intellectually stimulating series.
Keep them coming! I could listen to many of these every day.
This program(me) is a terrific addition to my podcast menu and one of the three that I most look forward to new installments of. Another reviewer noted the lack of introductory info- the program begins where the lecture begins. I, for one, think that is a lot of fun especially because from one show to the next there is absolutely NO continuity in subject matter. The show might be described as an upper-level university-course grab-bag. Hilarious concept, and unlike other reviewers, I have not found any of the lectures dull in topic or mode of approach, nor have I found any of the arguments poorly reasoned. I am a big fan of randomness and of learned discourse. Jackpot!


By ike9898
Some episodes are fascinating lectures. Some are duds. Almost all of them start out with zero introduction, so you may well not even know who is speaking. I suggest subscribing, but know that some weeks it won't be worth your time.
Some of these lectures are very interesting and the presentations compelling. They are just the sort of programs I hoped to discover when I bought my IPod, replete with ideas, writing and even humor that make travel enjoyable.