The Death of Dr. John Parker

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Can’t wait for Season Two! I was hooked on the first episode. If you’re reading this as a new listener then start downloading all the eps right now!
This show has me hooked . I took a break for a bit to go on vacation and for some other things and now I am back. Loved all of season one and am so looking forward to what may come in season two


By trvlrX
This literally sounds like computers are reading the script.
It’s hilarious to me when I read some of the reviews from people who are upset that this work isn’t “real”. I supposed they’ll be extremely disappointed as well when they pick up work by a fellow named Poe, or Conan Doyle. <<shrug>> If you go along for the ride and try not to guess the end (which, who DOES that??), you will most definitely enjoy the journey with this one. The story is set in real locations with real people, and could happen anywhere. It’s a great premise, I really enjoyed Season 1, and can’t wait for Season 2. Excellent work!
It’s amazing how foolish all these people who gave this podcast 1 star because it sounded “too scripted” There is great voice acting, intriguing storylines and very realistic. I’m a big fan of Dan Zapula from the NoSleep podcast. I knew his other work would be top notch!
It’s just so cringingly bad. Twenty minutes in, I realised I wasn’t even paying attention.
Really enjoyed Season 1 and looking forward to Season 2!!
I was really enjoying this show until episode 6. Why the need to say F#%+ Jesus Christ or Jesus on the F#%^* cross? Why be so nasty and crude. I’m not listening to this trash anymore.
Not bad but the foul language is ridiculous and not needed
Entertaining! Enjoyed it!
One of the best shows, I give THIS show 5 👍👍👍👍👍’s up! You have got to listen to a well done and riveting story line, along with experienced acting, one of the best, since the show called TERMS! Kudos to Dan and his talented cast of actors BRAVO!!!! By: Walt Gavula-Podcast review critic.
The number of people who are mad thinking this is a true crime podcast that "sounds fake" is just a testament to what a good FAKE TRUE CRIMINAL PODCAST this is.
I wanted to like it, but it tries too hard to be “Serial” but to have an ending. There is zero reason to care for any of the characters in the podcast. Waste of time. This is easily the worst podcast I’ve ever listened too. Don’t waste you’re time.
Like I said...well produced. Great concept! Good story. The huge problem tho, is that the actress who plays Rachel is so...truly AWFUL that you aren't able to keep on with the suspended disbelief that's absolutely necessary for this to work... Was she a friend of be cast in the role? I mean,,.WHY? Mom Jeannie better...but Both actresses are so obviously READING lines...flat. Totally unbelievable. The question is: SURELY the person producing, at some point, listens to the tape— and therefore MUST have some awareness of how bad the girls "acting" is. So, why was she kept on? I hope the whole thing will be redone with a Rachel that doesn't make you laugh and feel you are being punished to have to get through.
I am having a great time listening to this podcast. Highly entertaining. If you enjoyed Deadly Manners, you will enjoy this podcast.


By Kr1314
Well that was disappointing.....
After being sent to this show because of the no sleep podcast. I can say. It’s not a great story at all. Yea at first it seems worth the listen but by the end it’s ....... lacking great content. I mean Dan half the time you sound like a person trying to make a dollar off of his death with a podcast. Then you get all self righteous at the end...... hoping for better. It’s a meal that’s cooked. It’s hot but no taste. Bland. Needed more seasoning
With the end in sight, The Death of Dr. John Parker has kept me intrigued and hooked from the start. I'm curious to see how the finale episode is going to play out. I love the way our host doesn't just interrogate people and move through life without a care - these lives matter, his family matters, and that develops as well, for better or worse, throughout this story. Whether or not certain event are expected is I think an issue of genre rather than script-writing. Some of the voice acting from the rest of the cast is a little over-acted, but the major voices you hear the most often are wonderful.
This podcast is full of talented voice actors and writers! So many if these folks are on other podcasts I love. Dan Zappulla has knocked it out of the park with this lineup. Update: The first season has been a stunner. Great detail, great dialogue, great writing. Great work, Dan!
This podcast is so amazing that during the first episode I believed that it was a true story. I am hooked! After the first episode, I couldn’t stop. Looking forward to the finale next week 😍 I hope there are more stories to come!
Love the show and characters. The actors are wonderful and the story is riveting. I would recommend Mr. zapulla’s work to any fan of radio drama, especially detective dramas.
I have been following from the beginning and I absolutely love it!
I was unsure about the podcast at the big inning with all the bio background information, but the mystery really picks up around episode 3 and it feels very compelling! I’m excited to keep listening!
First of I like the idea and premise for the story. Unfortunately every positive element is hacked to pieces by bad voice acting and poor writing. The dialogue it very fake, the voices either sound like professional tv commercial voices or teenage girls. The tone is always wrong for the characters’ supposed emotion. The acting is off too. Because people are trying so shard it’s impossible to get any impression of the characters. This may be all of the teenage girls trying to sound like 65 year old women. It actually makes following the story (and caring) a little hard. Worst of all is the cd of 10,000 sound effects they use for sound cues. It’s like a high school play. Repeating the same door knock track over and over, weird sounds that are too loud, out of place, and usually unnecessary. Just ditch it. Also listen to King Falls AM for an example of really well done voice character acting. And please hire age appropriate actors.
I’m trying to finish it out but the writing is really strange and awkward. The conversation flow is so clunky and abnormal. The voice acting for most of the characters is flat and unbelievable. The only saving grace is the main actor and his wife in the story.
Needs more meat. The characters do and say improbable things constantly, while Dan jumps to conclusions that seem to appear from thin air. It has potential, but there’s just no there, there.
First 5 episodes have been really good. Gets better as it goes!!
Couldn’t get past the first episode.
I’m on episode 4 because I wanted to give this a chance. This might have been good but such a highly scripted contrived dialog with overly dramatic voice actors died not make for good or even passable true crime. Please stop creating podcasts like this you’re not fooling anyone.
I listen to a lot of fictional podcasts - and this one is wonderful. I’m a few episodes deep and it’s definitely got me hooked. Great production and intriguing story. Love it!
I love it I can’t wait for more!!!
Really love the idea of this, and it seems really cool so far!! Can't wait to see where they go with this. The voice acting is particularly great imo
1st episode was long but the 2nd episode was enjoyable. looking forward to the next one!
I was ready for a good crime story, but it sounds too scripted, too fake. From the looks of the reviews, people either love it or hate it. Thanks for the free content (sincere), I'll pass though.
Very interesting just getting 4 stars because it seems to be very STAGED ? With the interviews not sure but interesting
Dropped off after the host trying to act like he was recording actual conversations. Uninteresting and no one wants to listen to it. Sad!


Sounds way too scripted.


By Not-fun
First ep was ok. Second was the most white bread boring fantasy dreck ive ever heard. Its like someone made an audio version of tommy wiseaus “the room” without any of the weird charm. If this is its regular writing level, its simpering garbage. Avoid.
Really, I feel so bad for the future careers of the voice actors that I am giving this podcast an extra star out of sheer pity.
Don’t know anyone from the cape that goes to Saugus for any comedy. Sorry, the story has good potential. It will be interesting to see how the characters build into the story.
Narrator is excellent and and the production quality is great, but I can't get past the terrible voice-acting of the supporting cast.
I'm sorry but I couldn't get into this. The host states in the beginning that he realizes it sounds a little scripted, but that's to draw audiences attention. Well I hate to break it to you, but other crime podcasts don't need scripts to bring an audience. Stick to the facts and that's fascinating enough. The reenactment of him and his wife arguing was so off putting I had to stop listening. Disappointing since it sounded very intriguing, especially since I live in MA.
Sorry, but this sounds so fake. Every interview seems scripted and weird. People don’t talk like that. Boring.
Looking forward to more!
With his brilliant voice acting and numerous other talents, Dan weaves an engaging tale that leaves me wanting more. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out!
looking forward to it