Reviews For The Paracast -- The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio

I gave this a try, and couldn’t get through my 1st episode. The host has zero charisma, and neither did his guests. I had a hard time keep their voices separate from each other. The show is also heavily laced with ads. At one point there was a 5 minute+ ad break followed by 8 minutes of show content then almost another 6 minutes of ads. I gave up after an hour. Definitely not the gold standard of paranormal radio. Don’t listen while driving you might fall asleep.
Didn’t think it was possible to spend more time doing commercial breaks than the actual podcast great job!
I love the paranormal. You name it: ETs, UFOs, Ghosts - all of it. But the beat way to ruin this genre is when old liberals clutch together and gripe like old farts in wet diapers over who’s more credible or what’s “nonsense.” It’s tiresome to listen to these guys anymore. I’m done.
Had to shut it off because there is an absurdly long commercial break every 5 minutes.
It seems like 90% of the podcasts are about UFOs. Can you vary the subject matter?
Might as well watch the travel channel. - Worth a shot.
Too many lengthy ad breaks!!
I haven’t listened in awhile & now I can hardly stand it :(
Interesting guests and an effective interviewer, but the commercial breaks are so intrusive and long they really reduce my enjoyment of the show. In addition, the types of hard sell, high hype (think sham wow type hard sell) advertisers in the show are really annoying.
David Biedney.
This would be a good 4-5 star show except for the fact there seems to be as much time spent on commercials as time spent on content. Thank goodness for fast forward.
Good show except for having to listen to the idiotic Fascist conspiracy theorist advertising. They’re almost entertaining if not disturbing.
Look, there are tons of commercials, and he does veer off-topic into politics more than he used to, but the amount of Conservatives bashing it because he’s merely telling the truth they can’t handle is enough for me to stick it out. Stick to your fairy tales of AM radio if the truth hurts; if you want a good show, albeit with way too many commercials, this is your stop.
Aside from the poor hosting and lousy guests, this show has the worst commercials I’ve ever heard, and SO MANY of them. Thank God I can fast forward 4 minutes at a time, but by the second half of the show it’s 2 minutes of show and 4 minutes of commercials. When I accidentally hear them I want to poke my ears out to stop the pain. Attention advertisers, do you think anyone is really listening to those commercials you’re paying for? They’ll put any wacko on, it’s all about entertainment and ratings, they don’t believe in asking questions of their guests that might embarrass them, so don’t come here looking for info. There are other, so much better podcasts, don’t waste your time.
Good grief. Someone get Gene a mic to attach to his head phones. He sounds like he is on his phone speaker from across a room
This is one of my favorite podcasts ever... Thank you and please keep being awesome!
You guys sound like a bunch of bitter whiny UFO investigators. Here’s a concept start working with other investigators stop being jealous and shooting yourself in the foot. Sorry guys your old ways are out time to start working together.
The title says it all. Seems like this is to be a halfway decent podcast (never really good, but decent I guess). But recently it's really gone to crap. The guests are about as well informed as my dog who got parvovirus when he was a puppy (great dog, but he's a little show on the uptake), the host is an appeasing clown, and it's just not fun to listen to. I could have forgiven some of that and used this low effort podcast as something to fall asleep too (is FANTASTIC for that), but his constant "politics" (not really political disclose; just the average, expected, childish liberal name calling and buzzword parroting garbage) is really insulting. It should be insulting to anyone with a brain regardless of ideology. We're all Americans. You may not like YOUR PRESIDENT (But he's still your President, you Üntermenschen lol), but you don't need to alienate people who tried to tolerate this mess you call a podcast.
In the latest episode the guest ( a paranormal researcher) says “I’m not an expert in anything”. So why is he on the show? 😂 ... the low quality of the guests on the show is one of the reasons I’m unsubscribing. Plus the guy said “absolutely” 50 times during the interview which was very annoying.
Will never listen again after many years. Tired of that left wing d-bag mocking President Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him.
Not even worth one star. Trump-hating, mindless, holier-than-thou posers. I guess their searching for the truth doesn’t apply to the Clintons. Don’t waste your time with these dopes. You will learn nothing here, nor be entertained. Unless of course you’re smart enough to have voted against Trump.
This podcast is so boring you almost welcome the commercials which is good cause there are a ton of them
Really had enough with the hate for conservatives and anyone who doesn’t tow the liberal, northeastern propaganda line. This podcast used to be about the paranormal. Now it’s about Gene, the host, and what he thinks of the rest of the nation and President Trump. Oh, and stupid commercials and talk about atheism. No thanks. It’s a shadow of its former self.
If you enjoy commercial breaks this is a great podcast for you!
I’ve enjoyed this podcast for awhile now but this weekends episode was my last. I’m done with non political shows inserting snarky political comments. It’s not the first time and I let it go but I’m done. I’m not sure why liberals assume everyone thinks like they do but we don’t. It’s your show so do what you like and I’m not one of those people who get offended and demand things change for me like some but I am giving you the courtesy to let you know why I unsubbed. I think Gene is great btw! I will miss you.
I listen to podcasts all day at work, and have never heard a pod with more ad breaks ruining the interviews and virtually making the content unlistenable. It’s unfortunate, because I enjoy this kind of content, and they have good guests, but they have decided to ruin the show with this format. They’ll try to annoy you to the point of paying for the commercial free version, but with dozens of free pods on the same topic, that’s a hard pass for me. Figure it out guys, maybe I’ll be back, but no time soon.
This show has seriously gone so downhill. It has the potential to be a great podcast (again) with such amazing guests but the hosts sound like naysayer, overly skeptical, at times rude, old jaded men. This is not the energy Ufology needs. For example, the latest episode with Preston Dennet... I felt like a good portion of the interview you guys were sort of talking down to him and just sounding like a skeptic on a major media outlet. If you really can’t take an honest look at the ridiculous amount of evidence over the course of 50+ years to prove that yes the American government has craft, bodies, and have been back engineering alien craft at least since the 50s, and possibly in contact with et... well why are you even doing a podcast on the subject? I agree a healthy dose of skepticism is essential in ufology however that being said, after the length of time these guys have been at it I would hope for more open mindedness. Preston Dennet made them sound stupid in my opinion. Shout out to him for being a stellar ufologist and author.
The Paracast has been going downhill since Chris O'Brien left it. The replacement co-host, Randall, is a total materialist and debunker. He calls himself a ufologist, but can't name one case he accepts as valid. Even worse, he constantly intejects he materialism and atheism. Gene has to be considered guilty by association as it is he who brought Randall aboard. I won't be renewing my subscription.
The show was great when David Biedney was still on it. After he left, it all went downhill. Now it’s just Steinberg constantly interjecting with pointless stories about the old days or movie references no one cares about. Don’t waste your time, and definitely don’t sign up for their forum unless you want daily spam emails from Steinberg begging for money.
Great topics but the commercials are excessive.
I was looking for a new podcast to listen to about the paranormal. I came across this one but the hosts were talking politics instead of the subject matter. It would have been fine if it was a quick comment but it got rudely immature. On to the next...
If you love listening to long blocks of endless ads, then this is the podcast for you. Occasionally, a couple of guys interrupt to talk about paranormal stuff, but don’t worry - the string of ads are back in no time! Tune in to hear about show merchandise, life insurance, and my favorite - an herbal remedy that promises to work better on your clogged arteries than your doctor prescribed medication! 😳


He just can’t stay away from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Politics on a paranormal podcast. Sad.


By Kennyrd
A once great podcast that has over the course of time slid in mediocrity and commercialism.
In the last month or so there has been a downturn in the quality of the guests as well as the "guest co-hosts." Gene Steinberg is a subpar host, peppering the conversations with non sequiturs and questions that go NOWHERE. There are far too many commercials, the sound quality in general is poor, like it's being recorded in a bedroom not a studio (and I know of podcasts that ARE recorded in bedrooms that are of far higher quality). Oh, and WHATEVER YOU DO, do NOT sign up for the newsletter. Steinberg sends out multiple emails a week literally begging for money to keep him from being homeless. In the world of podcasts where hosts interview figures in the paranormal world, you can find far better shows than this "gold standard."
What exactly does that mean? The Gold Standard? I spend more time listening to ad than to an actual discussion about UFOs. I expected more from a show who touts themselves they way they do.
I canceled my membership 2 days ago, would have been 2 months ago, but I couldn’t find my way back to the pledge page! I finally found it 2 days ago and cancelled, but just got charged again today!! Hopefully Paracast reads their reviews and fixes this?? We shall see!!
your ad time is ridiculous. I’m done.
Unless you enjoy doomsday prepper commercials.
The ads are just ridiculous, constantly loud, annoying, and repetitive. I skip through them all. The content is ok, they interview really cool people, but struggle to keep an open mind and respect who they interview. Won’t be listening again.
First off, the host is pretty good. I tried to like this podcast and was trying to work with the frequent commercials. However, about the time you get focused on an interesting topic it stops abruptly and off to the commercial you go. I think the last straw was the latest guest, Bryce Zabel. I found him a tad arrogant and political. If I want to hear someone tell me about their political leanings I’ll listen to CNN, Fox or MSNBC, depending on what I want to hear. Seemed to look for opportunities to slip in his opinion. I do not care about his opinion and that’s not why I subscribed. Had to unsubscribe. I do not recommend this podcast at this point. I’ll try it again later and see if they make some tweaks.
Interviews are decent but commercial segments are way to frequent and long one has to constantly fast forward to track. ( which defeats the advertisers benefit.)
Since 2006 I have listened, thought, and came away asking more questions. This is a good thing. Expand your Frame of Reference and practice Intellectual Honesty. Thats what Gene and especially Chris try to do.
This show refers to itself as the "Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio". I think perhaps not. Gene is a decent host, but Chris has a very high opinion of himself that is barely tolerable. It was viewing the paranormal shows on television that moved me to seek out podcasts. After listening to this one for two years it has become apparent that if I watch these shows I must be some kind of pariah. Chris makes if more than clear he does not like the shows. That is fine. But the shows drove me to your podcast and I do not feel welcome. I do not question his knowledge of the topics, but have some humility. Apparently being southern and a political conservative is also on his hit list. I am sure you do not care, Chris, but chalk up a lost subscriber.
This was once a rather good podcast about paranormal subjects, with a decent forum to follow. They asked hard-hitting questions of major influential figures in the various fields, without seeming bitter and burned out. In recent years it has become a toxic soup of bitter, burnt-out hosts who rarely acquire meaningful guests. In fact, they utilize their (frequently toxic) forum posters as guests/hosts who have little to add to the discussion. They seem subservient to forum members who pay for the 'paracast plus' service, inviting them on regardless of their knowledge or experience. It makes for poor listening. The primary host seems impervious to any criticism, even that given in the kindest and most constructive way. The secondary host has been criticized for loudly eating on-air, and denies it while continuing to speak through a mouthful of food. He also begrudges anyone who tries to profit from UFO knowledge, while being an author of many such books himself. This review is from a fan of many years! In the early days it was the best paranormal podcast out there. It's become a cheese grater to listen to, with one host caught up in the 'good ole days' and the other endlessly munching burritos. Either way, I don't recommend funding them in any way. I took my books by Chris to the used paperback store, and I never bought any of Gene's sci if novels because he just doesn't seem very creative. ILDR: It's time to put this bovine to pasture and hope it survives the long cold night.
All the host does is complain about an organization, talk about the old days, and offers nothing new to the field. Half of the show is ads, with an uninterrupted version available for purchase. Very rarely informative. All they do is shoot down theories without letting anyone just present themselves. No better than current coast to coast.


Love the content. Love the guests. You guys do a great job, keep up the good work.
It's kinda old man curmudgeon paranormal but I still like it.