Reviews For The Paracast -- The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio

In the last month or so there has been a downturn in the quality of the guests as well as the "guest co-hosts." Gene Steinberg is a subpar host, peppering the conversations with non sequiturs and questions that go NOWHERE. There are far too many commercials, the sound quality in general is poor, like it's being recorded in a bedroom not a studio (and I know of podcasts that ARE recorded in bedrooms that are of far higher quality). Oh, and WHATEVER YOU DO, do NOT sign up for the newsletter. Steinberg sends out multiple emails a week literally begging for money to keep him from being homeless. In the world of podcasts where hosts interview figures in the paranormal world, you can find far better shows than this "gold standard."
What exactly does that mean? The Gold Standard? I spend more time listening to ad than to an actual discussion about UFOs. I expected more from a show who touts themselves they way they do.
I canceled my membership 2 days ago, would have been 2 months ago, but I couldn’t find my way back to the pledge page! I finally found it 2 days ago and cancelled, but just got charged again today!! Hopefully Paracast reads their reviews and fixes this?? We shall see!!
your ad time is ridiculous. I’m done.
Unless you enjoy doomsday prepper commercials.
The ads are just ridiculous, constantly loud, annoying, and repetitive. I skip through them all. The content is ok, they interview really cool people, but struggle to keep an open mind and respect who they interview. Won’t be listening again.
Look, all that I want to listen to is constant commercials but MY precious commercials are constantly interrupted by this “show” every 10 minutes. I could care less who is being interviewed and I could care even less about the topics. Just gimme my commercials!!!
First off, the host is pretty good. I tried to like this podcast and was trying to work with the frequent commercials. However, about the time you get focused on an interesting topic it stops abruptly and off to the commercial you go. I think the last straw was the latest guest, Bryce Zabel. I found him a tad arrogant and political. If I want to hear someone tell me about their political leanings I’ll listen to CNN, Fox or MSNBC, depending on what I want to hear. Seemed to look for opportunities to slip in his opinion. I do not care about his opinion and that’s not why I subscribed. Had to unsubscribe. I do not recommend this podcast at this point. I’ll try it again later and see if they make some tweaks.
Interviews are decent but commercial segments are way to frequent and long one has to constantly fast forward to track. ( which defeats the advertisers benefit.)
Since 2006 I have listened, thought, and came away asking more questions. This is a good thing. Expand your Frame of Reference and practice Intellectual Honesty. Thats what Gene and especially Chris try to do.
This show refers to itself as the "Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio". I think perhaps not. Gene is a decent host, but Chris has a very high opinion of himself that is barely tolerable. It was viewing the paranormal shows on television that moved me to seek out podcasts. After listening to this one for two years it has become apparent that if I watch these shows I must be some kind of pariah. Chris makes if more than clear he does not like the shows. That is fine. But the shows drove me to your podcast and I do not feel welcome. I do not question his knowledge of the topics, but have some humility. Apparently being southern and a political conservative is also on his hit list. I am sure you do not care, Chris, but chalk up a lost subscriber.
This was once a rather good podcast about paranormal subjects, with a decent forum to follow. They asked hard-hitting questions of major influential figures in the various fields, without seeming bitter and burned out. In recent years it has become a toxic soup of bitter, burnt-out hosts who rarely acquire meaningful guests. In fact, they utilize their (frequently toxic) forum posters as guests/hosts who have little to add to the discussion. They seem subservient to forum members who pay for the 'paracast plus' service, inviting them on regardless of their knowledge or experience. It makes for poor listening. The primary host seems impervious to any criticism, even that given in the kindest and most constructive way. The secondary host has been criticized for loudly eating on-air, and denies it while continuing to speak through a mouthful of food. He also begrudges anyone who tries to profit from UFO knowledge, while being an author of many such books himself. This review is from a fan of many years! In the early days it was the best paranormal podcast out there. It's become a cheese grater to listen to, with one host caught up in the 'good ole days' and the other endlessly munching burritos. Either way, I don't recommend funding them in any way. I took my books by Chris to the used paperback store, and I never bought any of Gene's sci if novels because he just doesn't seem very creative. ILDR: It's time to put this bovine to pasture and hope it survives the long cold night.
All the host does is complain about an organization, talk about the old days, and offers nothing new to the field. Half of the show is ads, with an uninterrupted version available for purchase. Very rarely informative. All they do is shoot down theories without letting anyone just present themselves. No better than current coast to coast.


Love the content. Love the guests. You guys do a great job, keep up the good work.
It's kinda old man curmudgeon paranormal but I still like it.
If I wanted to listen to a political podcast I would have subscribed to one. Unsubscribe do because the host cannot resist inserting his political opinions.
I've listened to The Paracast for a handful of years now and I found the change to Chris O'Brien a good thing but lately the show has been sliding. Smug comments on politics is becoming a weekly standard now and it falls under the "UFOs are in politics" mantra, I guess if someone thinks the government would ever release that information, regardless of late night sound bites, you could say it's politics but we're going on 60+ years now. I for one listened to the show instead of political shows for a reason and if you don't follow their views you're likened to someone that has some sort of problem. A hint: just because someone isn't 100% Hillary doesn't mean they are 100% Trump. I feel that's more of their attitude and as an independent voter it wears pretty thin after a while. The UFO guests are starting to run out. It's becoming a choice of 1940's information, dimensional travelers, and "we'll just vote for them to tell us" advocates with not much that's new. More paranormal and less ET would have been nice. There are commercials but each podcast has to fund itself in some way so if you really don't like commercials they will bug you, they were fine in my opinion. There is a refreshing aspect to the show regarding guests and the far out ones; it's one of, if not the only one, that questions guests (sometimes to the point the guest huffs off). THAT is something that puts them above many shows that just let guests rant with no checks. This may mean that some "fan favorites" don't come on the show knowing they aren't 100% safe, so keep that in mind. The listeners that come on as guest hosts are interesting, and if there was more variety that would be refreshing, otherwise they can become a guest you've heard before. Gene has really bad jokes, groaners. They should get the cricket chirping clip for them. "Keep working on your act kid, one day you'll make it." In the end my decision to unsubscribe was due to the constant political jabs, I get enough of that on other media forms thank you. So I'm taking Chris' advice, since I don't like it I'm not going to listen. Too bad as it was my Sunday night work favorite.
Just stop with them!!!!
Weekly interviews with current authors and researchers. They have a nuanced view of the UFO phenomenon. Closer to Valle than to Giorgio Tsoukalos. They believe it's not just swamp gas, but it doesn't have to be "Aliens". Challenge guests who make claims to provide evidence or an argument.
I never write reviews but when you have a podcast do commercials ever ten minutes it becomes a joke. It seems like these two are trying to make a living with this podcast and the non commercial podcast which is fine but not at the expense of all the commercials over 30 minutes of commercials for a hourish show is a joke. Wake up and cut the commercials maybe I'll come back after a year when they realize their format is a joke. Up the price of advertising quality not quantity in your commercials. Peace out!
It can be interesting at times depending on the guest. I wish they would diversify a bit more in what they talk about and even cover recent discoveries such as the discovery of water on mars , etc. which have a connection to the theme of UFOs.
This is my favorite paranormal podcast. I actually get excited waiting for the new one to come out each week. Chris and Gene work great with each other. Thanks guys!
Try paracrap. Parastool. Parafools.


By Owill4
You would probably get more listeners if in the title you wrote what the show was about rather than just "Gene and chris discuss.."
Every week I can't wait for the weekend so I can hear a new episode of The Paracast. The topics and guests are always extremely intriguing and thought provoking. I've been listening to this and Gene's other show the Tech Night Owl Live since 2008 and I'm never bored. Keep up the good work Gene and Chris!
I thought this was a good podcast for the first 5 minutes but geez it has more ads in it than any podcast I listen too. Can't listen to it. An hour's worth of ads in 2 hour shows
The content to commercial ratio is beyond acceptable. Not only do they have a commercial break every 5 minutes but its the same ads over and over again. If you can get past that you will be treated to some great guests with great topics but unfortunately the hosts constantly bad mouth people in the paranormal field to the point it comes off as childish. People want bias hosts that don't spew their personal agenda or dislike of other authors/researchers/shows on a regular basis. They also tend to disagree with alot of guests and you hear them argue points before the guest has a chance to speak on the topic he is invited on to discuss. Bottom line is there are much better podcasts with much fewer commercial breaks and much better hosts out there so don't waste your time here because you will be disappointed.
No reason for THAT many commercials. Unless you're solely living off advertisement checks, if so I take it all back and good luck. -1 listener
I am stunned how bad this podcast is. I listen to a couple other paranomal-themed podcasts, and the difference is quality is amazing. These two guys have no idea how to conduct an interview. They spend more time talking about themselves or expounding on their opinion/experience than asking questions of the guest. They interrupt the guest constantly to answer own question. They are unbearable to listen to. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I am stunned at the amount of ads on this one. I exxagerate a little bit that it's 50% ads, but it has a similar percentage of ads that the Superbowl has. It's really annoying. Overall: a huge waste of time. Try Jim Herald's Paranormal Podcast instead.
I really enjoy listening to both Gene and Chris!:)
I've listened to atleast 1000 podcasts. This podcast has the worst most frequent ads which completely destroys any interest in the content immediately. Take a note from Joe rogan, Sam Harris, or Dan Carlin.


By m_e_d
...of the Rockoids
I'll never know. I run and listen to podcasts. Never have I met a podcast which goes to adds more often than I like to take run breaks.
Wanted to like this podcast but it feels like there are more commercials than actual content. It seems every five minutes they cut to commercials and they just run and run and run. If I hear another ad for special drops to put in water to rid my body of toxins I’m going to jump off a bridge.
My first complaint is the format. The format is awful and there are far too many commercials. This is not what Podcasts are about. The hosts drone on and on for what seems like forever without actually getting to a point. In the way they speak they seem awfully full of themselves. And honestly it's just a whole lot of words around very little content. I would hands-down say this is the worst podcast I listen to. Gold standard, my rear.
I stumbled across this podcast back in 2010 and went back and started listening from its beginning in 2006. I found the hosts and the topics they covered interesting and engaging. Their healthy dose of skepticism was an important element in distinguishing their interviews from others in the same field. The show has evolved over the years. Hosts have changed, advertisements have been added and now (thank god) there is even a premium version without the crazy ads, which is available via a very affordable monthly subscription fee of $5. For me, VERY worth it, as I am a big fan of the show. I think the hosts, Gene Steinberg and Chris O’Brien, are currently doing the best work of the show’s existence. As with any long-running, weekly show some episodes are better than others but the highlights far outweigh the few lowlights. Overall, this show should be a “must listen” for any person interested in strange phenomena. It has certainly had a significant impact on how I view and understand (I use that term loosely) high strange events, most notably, the questions surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena, alien visitations (ETH/EDH/CTH), abductions and serial cattle mutilations.Other frequently discussed topics include ghosts/hauntings and cryptozoological mysteries. All in all, a fun show well worth the weekly 2 hour investment. Highly recommended!
This show claims to be the gold standard of paranormal radio and doesn't have the quality to back it up. It sounds like a bunch of kids with nothing better to do than hear themselves talk. I recommend great paranormal shows like Fade to Black, Howard Hughes' Unexplained, and Bob Bain's Farside over this.
Besides talking like a know it all master most of the time, over half of the podcast is commercials.
First of...this is one of the worst paranormal podcasts out there. Why? The ego of the hosts...the over confidence and the lind faith that they are the number one paranormal podcast is just irritating. Also, if you want to waste your time listening to LOADS AND LOADS of commercials...this is the podcast for you. I get it, they need advertisers but this ridiculous. Deleting and forgetting. Go spend your time listening to some better podcasts.
If you like to hear the commercial break every 5 minutes introduced by cohost Chris Brown saying "The Paracast" as a burping noise , then this is the podcast for you. I just can't get enough of this disgusting sound ! Oh yeah---- and Chris Brown sounds like Kermit the frog. Just a great voice to listen to.
This show has recently hooked up with a commercial radio network and now 30% of the show is commercials (no exaggeration). Gene Steinberg states that their commercial breaks are in synch with commercial radio format. As the wacky or boring guests are constantly interrupted by commercials in the middle of a wacky or boring point, it is obvious that this format does not work for the show. I am interested in the topics presented and used to listen to the show regularly; however, I can no longer stop every 12 minutes to forward through 5 minutes of commercials. This podcast has become a real hassle to get through. As an alternative, I've found Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast much more palatable. I'm not sure how much revenue the Paracast is generating to continue with the current all-commercials format, but it certainly can't help its future as a viable podcast. They'll have to go to radio full time and offer a non-commercial podcast or continue to lose listeners.
Better shows on the paranormal subject can be found in Jim Harold's podcast and in Bon Bain's Farside podcast.
If you're into commercials, oldschool UFO talk, and a pair of hosts who put down anyone who doesn't share their point of view - then this is the show for you. Gene's segues are uncomfortably bad, and unless the guest says something that he can relate to a movie he's seen, it's hard for him to keep up. Chris was better in the beginning, but seems to have taken on the attitude of the self-proclaimed "gold standard" as the show has lurched on. His frequent wacky impressions and voices are a bit grating as well; perhaps a nephew liked them or something and he figures everyone else will too. I recently gave up on the show, but if you must listen, you may want to skip the commercials along with the first segment unless you enjoy them complaining about people, plugging their forums, or asking for money.
Of the whole episode there's ten minutes of interesting and useful info; the rest is them talking about themselves. What a waste of time! I subscribed, listened to about four podcasts and am outta here. Total crap.
Got into this podcast a few years ago. Before the cohost change, before it became a show in between prepper commercials. Often the first 5-10 minutes of each show is spent by the hosts discussing listener critiques of the show, and then denouncing the criticisms. Always feels kind of juvenile and smug. While the guests are still occasionally interesting, making it through a show has become such a slog with all the ads.
I've been listening to this podcast, and I haven't gotten through 2 hours so far and found 26 minutes of it have been nothing but commercials, and I still have over 30 minutes to go! I can understand the need to pay the bills, but when some segments seem shorter than the commercial breaks, there is something wrong. As for the content of the show, I have enjoyed it more than some of the other podcasts. Trim the breaks down so the show has better flow, and I think this would be a great podcast to listen to.
The Paracast is truly one the best paranormal shows out there, hands down. Gene is hilarious, Chris is a legend in his field, and they always have excellent guests. And they have them on long enough to really ask the key questions, not the same stuff you hear every other time. Thanks guys!