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Absolutely fascinating insight into the music of Path Metheny from the man himself. Pat thank you for taking the time and effort to share these with us. Too cool!!
What else can I say that has not already been said? Listening to these podcasts with the headphones on and your eyes shut is absolutely magical as Pat takes you on a journey through the album(s). I find myself listening to the same podcasts over and over again, just as I would with his albums. Hearing Pat speak is a treat, he is well spoken, intelligent and everything he says comes straight from the hip, just like his playing. I could listen to hours of this! Highly recommended for any Metheny fan, jazz fan or anyone who enjoys great music. Still life talkin' got me through college in 1986. I have a very strong connection with PMG's music. We are all truely blessed to have been given a talent like Pat Metheny!
Just like Brad Mehldau's podcasts I was really happy to hear this and expecially on 'A Night Away' the depth of the song is always something I love hearing from the brilliant minds that created the music.
Having listened to Pat since the early 1980's, I have very much enjoyed hearing how the music came to be. Pat's reminiscing interspersed with the music is enjoyable and I find myself going back to my collection to hear the albums again. I only wish the podcasts were updated more frequently.
This is icing for the Metheny faithful---and a unique view "from the stage" through Pat's eyes. You'll gain new perspective listening to Pat's comments and those of his guests. Pat is one of the most intelligent, gifted musicians performing today...and he continues to surround himself with the same, e.g. Brad Mehldau.
thanks for having the insight of bringing us into, or making us a part of your world. you are music. music makes the world. continue to build and grow in grace. smile
I love these! Keep 'em comin' Pat! What's next on the podcast? Anxious to hear all about the future as well.
Pat is an extraordinarily articulate in these comments about select records in the PMG catalog. His insights into the group dynamics, compositions, labels and travels surrounding each provide a level of insight and exposure that you would otherwise only wonder about - as many of us, his fans, have done for years. This is simply GREAT to accompany the records and I can't wait for him to reveal the same behind the now unavailable epic CD "Secret Story".
It's great to hear Pat break down each album by giving the listener insight to what was going on in the band's head during each recording. One can listen to each album after its podcast and see what Pat was talking about with regards to the actual recording. I've been a fan of PMG for almost 20 years and I can't wait until the next record.
Pat Metheny is a musician who wants to share his enthusiasm for his work. To that end, he offers special insight into the genesis of many of his important works. His comments are interesting, intelligent and never venture into overly technical areas which might alienate some listeners. The only drawback is the lack of comments from long time collaborator Lyle Mays. One can only hope that in subsequent podcasts, Mays may add some of his comments as well.
I have loved Metheny and The Group all my life. This Podcast is a really good, intimate look at what's behind the albums and Metheny's music. On all Podcasts you hear Metheny talking about the albums, his experiences, where everything came from, with the album's music playing in the background. Excellent!
Pat goes into detail about his relationship with Ornette Coleman and Ornette's music in this first episode. He talks about the Song X recording session and how it all kind of came together. Really well done podcast with dynamic album artwork that changes with what he is talking about. I can't wait for more, especially considering the lack of content at the PMGLN site for the past several years.