Reviews For Free Learning Video Podcasts from The Voice Over Coach

I really like the information presented in the podcast. But every few minutes during the first 10 minutes of the podcast, there's an annoying 5-10 second promo for the studio that seems to be louder than the actual talking. And, the podcaster tends to get into long, rambling rants. Very, very annoying. More info, less ads, less ranting, less rambling.
My. This is an O.K. podcast to have playing in the background while you're doing something you need to focus on. It contains some useful warnings, but oh, my GOD, it rambles. Rambles. Oh, and by the way, it rambles. And skip forward about 2 minutes to get past the over-produced open. I don't know if it was tounge-in-cheek, but hearing Michael Minetree's name repeated over & over for 2 minutes cut in with clever pop-culture audio clips isn't all that interesting to listen to.