Reviews For Think Like A Leader

Great introduction- now I am looking forward to what you have suggested covering... particularly in the area of the policies implemented by education technologists. We have a lot to learn about how to handle the responsibility of using technology appropriately in a school setting. Balancing access with security. Bandwidth for administrative functions versus educational functions. Even such mundane tasks as keeping software licensing information and ensuring that we don't exceed what we are licensed to use. Or managing student and staff acceptable use agreements. Knowing that Dr. Anderson is quite well connected and has access to some of the best educational technology leaders in U.S., even a few abroad, I am looking forward to some solid meat in the future podcasts - delivered in his witty, homespun, genteel Southern manner.
This is a great topic for a Podcast. I like the idea of focusing on leaders. And, I like the fact that the leaders are from business, the military, and government, as well as education. As a teacher, I see this being used as a model by students. They can use this idea to interview leaders in their own communities for their own Podcast productions. As for supplying you with a lyric, I guess I need to speak to my Garage Band. For now the only lyric I can offer is: Roses are red, Violets are blue, I like the Podcast, To me, from you.