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Really enjoyed your latest episode on "where to go from here" for our governance. Always enjoy hearing both Tom & Roger discuss politics and society without getting me more agitated that our world is going to end. Such podcasts and news outlets have their place; but it's always good to be able to hear two intelligent people discuss things and try and see the benefits of all sides.
Very agreeable #flo-BAMA
While I enjoyed the conversations the two host had, the poor production quality of the podcast made me decide to stop listening after their last podcast of 2011 and the first one of 2012. Tom sounded OK, but Roger was easily twice as loud as Tom and you can hear his breathing when he is not talking. Also, from Roger's mic, you can here him tapping his desktop and playing with some unidentified objects. This makes it hard to pay attention to the conversation due to the very distracting noisy background from Roger's microphone.
I love this podcast! It's always fun to hear what Tom and Roger are thinking. Every podcast is different and intresting, and it's a podcast to just sit down and relax. A lot of their topics are centered around technology and geek pop culture, and it's awesome!
Tom Merritt and Roger Chang have excellent takes on the world of geeks, phreaks, nerds, and everything tangental and diverging these burgeoning in our new techie world. They are fresh when many are stale, some podcasts are blah, blah, blah after a while. But these two draw me into their topics everytime. I find myself staying with topics that wouldn't interest me normally, the rest of the time I like their topics anyway. I can't lose!
Tom & Roger are just & always have been great. I have been watching the TechTV Crowd Every Since the ZDTV Days & I love them they are the best at it & I trust them on reviews & anything else. I will watch all of there shows until the casket drops ( He He). Simply Love Them All.
East meets West deals with everything in pop culture that geeks care about. It's a nice netcast to listen to when taking it easy. The kind of netcast you can take home to mom.
Tom Merritt is exceptional on all of the podcasts he is on, and East Meets West has a great premise and content. The problem is in the delivery, on the "East" side. Roger Chang cannot effectively deliver anything he wants to say. He probably does great at writing, but in this type of audio he sounds unprepared, and his monologues are so littered with "Ummm", "You Know", "Uhhhh", and other filler words that it is painful to listen to him trying to make a point. I believe his points are probably very solid, and complement Tom's viewpoint, but that doesn't matter when they are delivered so poorly. Roger, if you are going to continue on this Podcast, I suggest you add a lot of time to your calendar for it. You probably need to listen to each show, after it is recorded and critique yourself. Take that critique and apply it to your prep time, which also needs to be dramatically expanded. I deleted this Podcast from my repertoire, but hope to come back in a few months to see if it has improved at all.
This is: two people, blathering on about one thing or the other...bad breath, awards shows, or some other incredibly uninteresting topic, in a smug, oh-I-am-on-the-air way. I listened to three partials - I forwarded each on, thinking it can't be this bad. It is.
Great discussion and banter. Def worth a subscribe. Tom Merritt is the best podcaster.
Roger's sound level is about half of Tom's. I can barely hear him unless the room is quiet.
Tom Merritt must have more podcast hours per week than pretty much any one on the internet. Don't know how he finds the time for it all, but as a listener, it's funny, informative, and thought provoking.
Two guys just talking about a WIDE variety of topics. Anything from foreign politics to the new BSG episode. Always entertaining and enlightening
I like the politics in the informative form, with a laid back view in a real world setting. You very rarely hear an angry Asian that doesn't bow to the system.(refreshing)
It just two guys hanging out talking about anything. Roger is very witty! Tom has great hair! love it!


By CoolB
I've seen/heard both of the hosts on other things, Roger from his days at TechTV and Tom from various CNet podcasts. And while they don't always get as geeky here as they do in those places it's still fun to listen to them, especially when they go off on tangents. R U Listening?
I really like that East Meets West covers a wide range of subjects, but maintains its geeky slant on the topics at hand. I look forward to listening to this show every week.


By radnac
I had no idea that Merrit did another podcast...