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This is a fantastic podcast. I don't get a change to listen live that often but every time a new episode comes out it makes my day at work fly by, keep up the great work.
They have been doing this for a while, and it shows- the podcast is well produced, full of great clips and sound bites, plus a group of hosts that are never in danger of taking themselves too seriously. Three hours seems long until you listen to it- the format they use keeps everything moving along, and keeps them from lingering on any one topic for too long. The pop culture discussion is broken up by pleasant discussions of their personal lives, and occasional visits from their kids/families. My husband and I enjoy listening together, would definitely recommend!
The NIM podcast is one of my absolute favorite podcasts, I was originally introduced to the Nowhere in Mulberry podcast because of their Dark Tower podcast, but instantly became a fan of the NIM crew and started listening to their regular show. One of the things I like best about the podcast is the length and quality. I know everytime I download a new NIM that I'm going to get hours of quality enjoyment. To be honest, the NIM podcast is one of the only podcasts I have donated money to/bought something from... just because of the simple fact that they give me so many hours of enjoyment that I would feel bad if I don't give a little back. I don't even watch most of the shows that the podcast covers, and I still love hearing the crew talk about them. For example I have never even seen an episode of "Cake Boss", but have gotten tons of enjoyment from the show just by hearing Jason, Bill, and Steven discuss and rant about the show. And there have been times where I see a great show, or a movie, and can't wait for the new NIM episode to come out to hear the guys talk about it and hear their opinions on it. I've been listening to the Nowhere in Mulberry podcast for 3 years now, and the only complaint I have is that I didn't start listening earlier. Keep up the good work guys, hope there is still many years of the show to come!
i would really like to rate this show higher. it's really funny-no question. listening is like hanging out with high school buddies. but, the attitudes of the hosts are pretty 'high school' too. i don't know if they are even aware of it but every episode that i've heard has some really homophobic comments in it. they also don't seem to value women unless they are "hot". and anyone who might like the occasional foreign or art house film is labeled a pretentious snob and dismissed with a classical music clip. i'm not a snob, i've just been around long enough and have seen enough movies to be bored by formulas so yes i like something outside the box once in a while.
High addictive value. Kicks pop in the balls, very funny stories. Reminds me of 9th grade, with good depth on cool ***t we forgot about. Better sense of humor then any other podcast. SHAZAAAAM!
This podcast is seriously the best ever. The hosts don't ramble on about nothing. They keep up on the latest movies, TV shows, and news. They're very down to earth. Very good with audience participation! One of the best aspects is... the drops! Very talented, very dedicated hosts! Please Download and listen. You will not be dissapointed
I listen to quite a few podcasts and this is one of the few I really look forward to listening to each week. This show cracks me up. The production value is great, the hosts are hilarious and energetic and it's a good way to keep up on what's going on in entertainment. If you aren't listening to Nowhere in Mulberry, do yourself a favor and check it out.
Nowhere in Mulberry is more than just a podcast about film, television and pop culture. The hosts are very enganging and often hilarious. Try it out; it will become your favorite podcast!
This is probably my favorite podcast I'm subscribed to. They discuss television, film and have even started a book club now. Always full of fun and witty commentary which is great for getting you through a Monday morning. Full of fun sound clips and tons of old commercials to remind you of the "good old" days. It's definately worth checking out if you watch movies or turn on your TV at all during the week.
Makes my crappy work days less crappy
Just a great listen. Makes you feel like you're hanging out with a group of buddies chatting about the latest in pop culture. Absolutely love it.
Fantastic podcast. I first started tuning in for episode 156 about Watchman: The Movie, having followed a link from old Andy Siems at Apocalypse Hollywood. Since then, I've been on a Mulberry BENDER, listening to half of their old episodes and bonus shows. As soon as I get completely caught up, I plan on donating some bank to get the Christmas package. This show is f-ing hilarious, creative, and never gets old. Thanks a lot boys for giving me something to laugh at while grading papers!


By Deluxo
MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PODCAST ON THE NET. I cannot get through my week without the genius of Jastrom, Mulberry Bill, and Steven. These guys don't just talk about pop culture, they are pop culture!
I'm always thrilled when the new Nowhere in Mulberry comes up. It's a terrific show wiht Hilarious hosts with very critical opinions that are absolutely fun to listen to. I hope the shows never stop coming. Thanks Mulberry.
I don't know how these guys do it. Mostly every week they spend at least two hours reviewing the highs and lows of pop culture. Average men would stoop to intoxicated ramblings to hide their eventual psychosis doing a feat this great. In a way, they should be applauded for doing the dirty work that so few of us have the stomach for. The format is consistent so there is always a sense of familiarity no matter when you listen. The audio drops and homage to classic television sound bites is two-edged sword of nostalgia. The most compelling aspect to the show is their commitment to having fun. Not too long ago, they were featured as part of a podcast network. This really altered the format of the show that they felt was best left alone. Deciding to go back to their roots was the best decision they could have made. Pop culture surely won't change the world, but it does reflect the zeitgeist permeating the present landscape. It is refreshing to hear these guys wax on and on about the state of television that so mirrors our own ennui about the world around us.
I've been listening since episode 85. Bring back cult news. My only complaint is the shows are sooooooo long. It takes me a whole week to make it through the show :) Keep up the great work.
Love these guys. Always entertaining comments from the boys on movies and television shows new and old. You will not be disappointed.
I don't know how they do it exactly but these guys are a phenomenon. They go on for two to three hours talking about some of the silliest things, but the time just flies by. They are so fun to listen to and their chemistry they have works perfectly with the show. Also "Eugene" calling in to tell the hosts they are wrong with their episode number is one of the funniest things ever. Keep up the fantastic work.
Topnotch, consistent. One of those rare podcasts that has survived the high turnover rate for podcasts. Always maintained the same quality without missing a beat. This show can be used as a primer for other podcasters. Join Jastrom, Stephen, Foggy and *the rest* for a good 3, 4 or maybe 5 hour show each week.
You need to listen to this show. These guys do what they do better than anyone. T.V., movies, etc... these guys cover it all. I especially love the retro commercial breaks. Keep up the good work you guys. AWESOME!!!
These guys are very entertaining. I look forward to listening to them each week. The only thing I don't like -- they occasionally delve into crude humor. I'd give them 5 stars if they kept that out of their otherwise awesome podcast.
My best friend turned me on... to this podcast. It is one of the best I've ever listened to. The chemistry between all of the Mulberry hosts is awesome. Very down to earth and easy to relate to. Great coverage of television, movies, etc... I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is currently my favorite. The production level is great. All of the sound bytes and clips they play make it a lot more fun to listen to and the retro commercials are so cool. Has a "radio, morning show" feel without traffic updates and they can say how they actually feel with out fear of losing their jobs. Belongs on the radio, and definetly deserves to be featured on the itunes podcast page.
You know Jason is right, why listen to some fanboy podcast that covers one show a week when you can listen to Nowhere in Mulberry and they cover bunches of shows like Lost, Heroes, Smallville, Fringe, Dollhouse, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Celebrity Apprentice, 24 and make fun of it all never taking anything too seriously. These guys aren't stuffy pretentious psuedo intellectuals that think their you know what doesn't stink. And they are funny too. Give Nowhere in Mulberry a chance. Film, Television and Pop Culture indeed.
A very funny show. Always worth a few laughs.
Nowhere In Mulberry (aka. NiM) is one of the best live shows/podcasts ever, it might also be the most underappreciated. Week in and week out NiM is consistantly hilarious. Jason, Bill, and Stephen crack me up every friday night while I listen to their show LIVE on NowLive, and when the podcast of the show is posted on Tuesdays I will download and listen again. NiM is the best show available for talk about TV, Movies, Games, and Pop Culture.
This is one of the few podcasts that after 3 years of listening I still look forward to playing it. The guys on the show are great except Bill is kinda an a** hole. I laugh constantly every episode and start watching some shows just because I want to listen to what the Jastrom and guys think. It feels like I get together with great friends every week and I'm always sad to see an episode end. I highly recommend this high quality very fun podcast.
This is the only film, television, and pop culture podcast I listen to. There is no need for another. Well worth the nearly 3-hour listening times.
meets all my pop culture needs ..very funny and great chemistry--update--4-08-09 - Still love the show.The best Pop Culture Podcast out there. I listen to mabe 15 podcasts a week and this is the one i look forward to the most.
I've listened to all 160 episodes of this podcast, and I still want more. You should listen. It'll make you laugh.
One of the best shows available with tons of talk about tv, film, culture and whatever else they want to talk about. Funny, entertaining, and overall just a great listen!
NIM is a great show. It gets me through my day at work. It's getting better and better as the show gets older. If only they had a spinoff, let's say....Lost in Mulberry? Yeah....
A weekly review of tv shows, movies, and other pop culture by three funny guys. Their forte is taking apart bad tv, showing how stupid some of the stuff is. The discussion is free wheeling, like talking to a bunch of your college friends. A lot of great audio clips punctuate the conversation to humorous effect. I think the title confuses people unfamiliar with the show. How about calling it "Nowhere in Mulberry Pop Culture Review"? All in all a lot of fun that I look foward to every week.
This is a great podcast, and one of the best parts of my entertainment week. The major highlights of the show are high production value, massive amount of content, and the three very different yet hilarious senses of humor Jason, Bill, and Steven bring week in and week out. I would highly recommend this podcast if you don't mind being the person laughing out loud with your headphones on in public, while everyone else gives you strange looks and wonders what the heck's wrong with that guy.
These guys make the mundane interesting and entertaining. Perfect for just checking out and having a laugh. I would recommend checking out their older shows as well.
Don`t watch, or have any interest in half the shows that these guys talk about. but still enjoy hearing their take on the world of tv. keep up the good work fellas
This is my favorite podcast of all time. It's the only good tv podcast and for those who no longer have the tv guide podcast, THIS should be your replacement! They talk about everything, Lost, BSG, FNL, Smallville, Hells Kitchen, Big Brother, and also movies, dvd and rgular pop culture stuff.
The only way to describe the fun that is Nowhere in Mulberry is to simply say that I listen to this show on my iPod at work. I laugh so hard that I'm a distraction to those around me. I draw glances from people in cars next to me as I listen on my drive home. That's the only way I know how to describe how absolutely hysterical this show is - the best way to describe it is to just tell you to hear it for yourself.
My Favorite Podcast! Hillarious, smart and full of suprises. Jason, Bill and Steven really know how to entertain and enlighten. You can't lose with NIM. Oh.. yea and Foggy too. please stop Eugene from calling though
Mulberry Bill here. You will listen to this show and laugh, and that ain't no jibba jabba fool!
This podcast is hilarious. Very energetic and fun to listen to!