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Diary of a Cartoonist is at the top of my must listen to podcasts. Scott has gotten pretty personal in the past several episodes and has helped me gain perspective for my own life. Keep up the great work Scott and thank you for sharing!


I'm very pleased this has been brought back with regular updates.
The Morning Stream, The Instance, Film Sack are my favorite Frogpants podcasts, and I love getting a look at the rather personal side of Scott's world through DoaC! Keep it up!
Scott even makes the mundane interesting.
I could listen to Scott read his grocery list!
Great host talks about his life. Surprisingly interesting and informative. Couldn't live without it.
A great uninterupted monologue by the great Scott Johnson! It is a joy to listen to and always gives me a jolt of happiness when there is a new DoaC in my list.
I'm so glad it is back! I love everything Scott does and this is no different! To me DoaC is like little a treat to look forward to; short an sweet! :) I am so excited for more to come!
Another fantastic show from Scott Johnson! Love the idea of getting a random little blog type podcast. Has great synergy and inspires me to put on a webinar.
At times, very poignant, funny, whimsical. One episode got me thinking how much I love my son and I love being a part of his life. Thanks Scott... Oh and durp!
Get a glimpse inside the creative mind of a great artist and podcaster.
Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, sometimes weird, but always entertaining.
This show should be the " epic drop" of the week on the instance! Wonderful keep it up
Really good. Love all his stuff. It's a little weird hearing him talk about his family so openingly but it's really insightful and I'm hooked. Wish I had found it sooner.
Even if the topic you are talking about is somewhat mundane and not mass appealing, I can't help but smile everytime I play this podcast. After the crappiest of days, and today would be one of them, I can actually feel better from little podcasts like this one. Keep it up Scott! A lot of us really look up to you
I am a dad and really enjoyed the latest episode "Girls" Keep up the great work. Thank you for letting us experience the Diary of a Cartoonist.
Just to start, awesome show, love all the podcast you do and love watching the comic sketching you do... really inspired me to get back to sketching for fun... again love the show keep up the good work
First, I like Scott's work (mostly re: his WOW cast). And I plan to check out his comics because I think he's pretty funny. But I'm missing something here. This cast is just listening to someone talking about nothing. Like Seinfeld with less funny. Yet, the cast averages almost 5 stars. Maybe it's me but I would think something almost perfect would have a little more meat to it. Obviously, the reviewers have some other agenda. That said, I gave him 4 stars because I didn't want to blow his rating. But for anyone wanting an honest opinion, here goes: just talk to yourself. Same content, less huffing and puffing.
Hey scott just wanted to say great show love the podcast and keep up the good work.
this is fun to listen to, a little glimpse into scott's everyday life. really cool and unpretentious, just being yourself and speaking your mind. i'll keep listening for sure. also nice to hear how you get ideas and inspiration.
Great work Scott, I enjoy all of your podcast work and check the comic everyday. If you enjoy great podcasting then check this one out!
From a fellow cartoonist, listening to DofaC, Scott has inspired me to start making plans to do my own Podcast. I enjoy litening to his creative introspection and where he wants his Extra Life strip to go.
This is a really fun supplement to all the other stuff Scott puts out every week. It's a very real look into what goes on behind the scenes at one of my favorite podcasts. Scott laments the daily minutia of work, fan boys, and keeping up with the other hundred projects he has going on. Personally I most enjoy hearing what fast food restaurant Scott is dining at on each episode.
of a great podcaster (for me extra life radio). Discussions range from thoughts on his various podcasts, his opinion of relevant news and feelings of his own life happenings. A great quick listen.
I really like Diary of a Cartoonist because it is just so random. Every show is different and that is what I like about it. Also, it is funny hear some of the things that go on while Scott is recording and what interesting stories he has to share.
Scott's podcasts are all great, but I really like the Diary. It's great to hear Scott talk about random things on his mind and because many of them have been from his car (where I normally listen to most of my podcasts) there is some kind of weird connection. Keep up the great work Scott. And by the way Scott I totally get your feeling about getting to the other island.
I listen to Scott Johnson's other podcast, and this one gives insight into his everyday life. You also learn about the man behind his other podcasts.
DoaC is a great add for any fan of ExtraLife or ELR but probably doesn't have much of an audience outside of that core group (which is probably intended). I think this podcast, for me, replaces the traditional email newsletter that most comics have. Scott's the man. Keep up the great work.
I think the personal nature of this podcast and it's average length make it wonderful.
I like this one, it's a bit of geek americana a few times a week. Scott fills you in on what's going on in his life in general. It usually gives me a bit of positive stuff to listen to on the way to work. I also listen to ELR regularly so I may be a bit biased. Keep up the good stuff Scott


By Zucrad
somtimes he forgets what he wanted to talk about and seems to blabber on about somthing relevent to someone somwhere but over all great show keep up the good work
I listen to almost all the Scott Johnson network, so maybe I'm too fanboy to write a reasonable review. Diary is pretty much an audio blog entry from Scott's life... sometimes it's an upper, sometimes (though rarely) it's a downer, but always provides a window into Scott's life, for those who can't get anout from Extralife Radio, or the blog under his strip, or whatnot. And if you aren't interested, fert on you.
I have been a listener of most of Scott's Podcasts, but this on is truely great, as Scott just lets the listener in to his life, on family, work, podcasting, and anything else he is into.
Scott's thoughts on anything and everything. Very Entertaining. Fits in well with his other shows.
So basically, as the title implies, this is a diary of the guy behind ExtraLife Radio and The Instance. It's a great little listen, and you should get it if you like anything Scott does.
Scott, you are my hero! This is an awesome side project that tons of EL fans especially me LOVE! And dude, grow your hair out, it'll be awesome. And dont buy an iPhone, buy an iFert, It can fert, dial ferts, do textferts, check your e-fert, make a contact fert, and even FERT!
It's interesting to watch how Scott's drawings come to life. The music selection is great too.
You never really know something like this is done, and now you can see it for youself. Great idea and very good execution. Something I'm currently recommending to quite a few people.
Hey, I can like my own thing, right?