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Contains a lot of good information on home winemaking. Humorous, but with a tendency to go off on long, sophomoric tangents (yes, we get it, you're drinking wine)...a common problem with amateur podcasts.
We actually grow grapes and spend a lot of time driving back and forth. These podcasts make the time fly by, they have interesting "off the cuff" content, as well as pertinent, intelligent discussion of the topic (if they have time to get to the topic), but very witty discussion of all things wine -- and sometimes, some history and idioms thrown in. What's an idiom? Listen and find out. I would vote these people the two people with whom I would most like to sit down with a bottle of wine. Your fans need more than the 70 podcasts!
These guys are both informative and hilarious! There is absolutely nothing not to like!!! I have learned quite a bit from listening and have referenced the podcasts when I needed a little assistance with my own wine. Thanks for coming back, it's been too long....
What a great show. I listened to every single episode. Have a glass of wine in hand when listening. Better yet, down one or two first. The entertainment will be even better. You will have fun and learn lots of information on making wine and screwing around. Warning, after listening you may feel the need to start making your own wine.
These two are very enjoyable to listen to, and the content is very good as well.


By flo07
seriously this is a fantastic podcast (even with the tangents that sometimes run amuck :-)!). I am not quite through all of them, but I am now milking it because I know the day will soon come when their aren't anymore! I know TOG has moved but come on, this is a podcast, is it necessary to be in the same site!?! Besides, I'd love to hear if he has had any winemaking adventures here in AZ - I'd love to know if wine making is really feasible here in the valley of the sun!
While Dave and the passionate one oftentimes serendipitously skim skid and tousle through their show and I have yet to drink to help them sound better, I am thoroughly enjoying the ride. I have become an avid listener when I am driving in my car many mornings to work to start my day. I recently took them to Hawaii with me and listened almost the entire way (from Phila!) on my iPod. I have yet to catch a live show, but hope to join one at least one time. I am currently reviewing the episodes on frozen must from Brehm and am inspired to go beyond the kit. Keep it rolling guys and never let you glass go dry!
This show has taught me so much information about every aspect of wine making that when my vines finish maturing and start producing grapes, I'll be able to make some great wine.
You guys are great---- keep it up. Thought I'd leave some positive comments for you here at i-tunes. Keep crushing, keep pressing, keep bottling and keep drinking.... isn't that the home wine makers motto? For anyone out there wondering if they should listen and subscribe to this podcast... do it! It is 100% fun and informative. From the virtual wine tasting to step-by-step tips; from quirky idioms to breaking wine news....this show has it all. Kudos to The Numbers Guy and TOG... you've earned your five star rating!
TOG and Dave think they're the Click and Clack of winemaking, THEY"RE NOT. There is very little winemaking discussed. They put down people that make wine from kits, even though MANY wines made from kits beat their wines (especially their beloved Zinfandel) in the the 2007 Wine Maker Magazine Internation Wine Competition. If you're looking for good solid winemaking information I'd suggest you look else where.
Well, it will at least encourage you to drink more wine! Dave and TOG make it easy and enjoyable to learn about wine tasting and winemaking. Their banter and genuine amusement endear themselves to a listener, and the interactivity of email and call-in's let you be a part of the show.


By Goldry
This show is like Car Talk for winemakers. They list a topic in case they run out of other things to talk about. I listen as I'm running and find it entertaining and informative. Congratulations on your medals. Most of my wine never leaves the neighborhood.
I highly recommend this show to anyone that loves wine; the topics are interesting and very informative. I am fairly new to making my own wine, have done a few kits, and this show has been very helpful with keeping me informed. Besides my passion to make wine I love to enjoy wine and so do the Cellar Dwellers and their faithful followers, I plan to add my name to that list. The talk about wine appreciation is right on the money, thanks for making a great topic even better and keep up the good work. I will be seeing you online and highly recommend others to join as well.
Overall, a really good show. However, as other reviewers have noted, these guys do go off on many tangents and, although entertaining, mostly detracts from the main content rather than add to it which often taints the show with a self-indulgent sensibility. Dave and TOG give solid advice accompanied by the occasional (and forgiveable) error. The show is improving with time. One last thing, take it easy on the French. ; )
Title says it all...entertaining, informative and hilarious! Whether you're new to winemaking or been punching down for years, you will want to listen...keep up the good work.
A 20 year old guy from Washington State, not even legally allowed to purchase wine, runs across a Talkcast called, "Cellar Dwellers" and downloads them all. He loads the Talkcasts to his iPod, grabs a journal, and starts taking notes. Within 2 days, the 12 hours, 6 minutes, and 17 seconds of the first 12 Talkcasts are consumed (along with 20 pages from his journal) and he's off planning and preparing for the September buzz. Great Talkcast. It kept me, a 20 year old male entertained, for 6 hours before my flight to Hawaii and 6 hours during my flight to Hawaii. If I can learn how to make my own wine, so can you.
I just started making wine at home, and I've learned a lot about the process from these guys!
Theese two will make you laugh while they attempt to pass along knowledge, some of which is even related to winemaking! It's a great listen for someone who is just getting into the hobby yet still fun to listen to if you are already up to your knees in must. Well done. :)
This show captures everything that's wonderful about making wine at home. It's obvious how much fun they have, and it's fun for us to just tag along. Even if you've been making wine for a while, just hearing the two hosts talk about their experiences and will make you smile. Little to no wine snobbery, and a whole lot of joie de vivre.
This is my favorite wine-related podcast. Although these are long podcasts, they just fly by because the hosts, Dave and The Other Guy, are knowledgeable and extremely personable. These is a must-hear for all wine lovers, and not just those that make wine at home. Know the wine that you drink, and have a good laugh!