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Truly one of the best A/V podcast available, the gents are well read and knowledgeable about they’re specific departments in A/V technology and sometimes pretty entertaining. Not much of a film review podcast, so don’t subscribe solely for that. I look forward to this podcast every week, and is considerably disappointed when they take a week off.
I look forward to this podcast in my feed every week. For AV enthusiasts, this is an informative and entertaining podcast sure to educate and make you laugh. The guys get somewhat off topic on occasion, but that's where the real fun begins. They have a fun time with the show and as a listener, you will too. Only gripe is that one or two guys sometimes sort of talk in a low volume and they are difficult to hear.
Awesome podcast for AV fans, Even if your in the states. Worth a listen
As a southern Englishman sequestered in US it's good to hear some British accents, humor and sparse use of the edit button. With the exception of games talk, it's pretty informative and has a good range of reviews and opinions.
I found this podcast on YouTube and now listen out of iTunes, I've been addicted ever since! Thank you for growing my knowledge of everything audio and video.
An entertaining and informative podcast about all things audio/video.
The guys on this podcast not only inform and review all things AV, they entertain. I love the crazy banter at the end of each podcast. Sammy from Texas
Love the discussions guys. Keep up the good work.
This is the tightest, most profesisonally-produced podcast I listen to. It's hard to imagine that from episode 1, they managed to pull everything together so well. It's focused on A/V tech in the UK, but it's relevant to anyone wanting to keep up on current consumer tech. Crisp sound, a fast pace, custom music, and segments separated by chapter markers and different icons make this one top-notch production. Some news sites could learn from this work! Note that the overhead associated with the metadata for the chapters may take a while for your iPod or music device a while to process when playing.