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Im sorry,but i really dont think that was Bella Thorne.I mean granted,that was over an electronic device,but that didnt sound like her voice when she speaks on tv or anythin else i seen her in.I might be wrong,but whos to say I may not be.I mean,I want it to be true.
Tommy2.Net podacsts work great! These are my favorite podcasts on my iPod!!! I listen to them all the time! Out of all the podcasts on iTunes, I would reccomend that you get these, if you are looking for really good podcasts to listen to! These work great!
Love the podcast!!!! More BIG TIME RUSH cast(or more James Maslow)!!!!BTR BTR BTR BTR BTR!!!!!


Love that James maslow is on here!!(: put more of Btr plzzzzz!!
There are way to many stars that I've never heard of, and the Jonas Brothers are never featured anymore.
I think that you guys shoudl do a once a month thing with th jobros!!! they are doing so much, that i would like 2 hear more about what they r doing! also, i would like to hear more about the hsm cast, corbin bleu, selena gomez, and demi lovato
I love listening to the Jonas Brothers interviews. They are so funny! I love the one where they're talking about the fair and the giant cow... Hilarious. I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS. I wish there were more inteviews with them on here.
I love this podcast, but you should definetly have more interviews with Jonas Brothers. They are wicked amazing and talented.
please bring the Jonas Brothers back again! I love their interviews! They are hilarious!
the ones with the jonas brothers are great. the are SOOO funny! but you deff need to get more of them. see how their tour is going so far...or something!!! PLEASE GET MORE JONAS BROTHERS!
this podcast is amazing! i only wish they did more mitchel musso and vanessa hudgens interviews. and has anyone noticed there are like no zac efron interviews!! but other than that this podcast is great to hear about all your favorite stars and what they have been up to!
These podcasts are truely AMAZING! Jonas Brothers one is the best=p Great job.
These are SO annoying!!! once you put them on ur ipod, its hard to get them off of it
I love all of the Jonas Brothers interviews! They are so funny!
This is very well done, with tons of cool interviews with people from all aspects of life. A definite download!
The podcast with the interview with Alyssa Barlow from BarlowGirl is reallly awesome! I would totally reccommend it!
I love this podcast because of all the cool stars (Mainly the Jonas brothers) hold on a minute! The only reason I got this podcast was for the Jonas brothers! Nevertheless, all the other stars are a bonus. I LOVE Tommy2.Net!
still prefer radio dis. cuz they gots jonas brothers more on there but this gots the strawberry festival!! i was there watching the jonas boiz!! cool luvs and smoothies!! boosh bye!
wow i love these podcasts! i get to hear from my favorite stars/singers like Ashley Tisdale! She is my role model! Also Dylan and Cole Sprouse! I LOVE THEM!!!!!
This podcast is great, I listen to it all the time. Listen to the interview with the Jonas Brothers, it is so funny!!!
OMG i love this podcast!!!! I think they need to interview dylan and cole sprouse cuz they seem pretty awsome and i think they should interview vanessa hudgens about her new musis video. so yeah other then that i love these podcasts!
WOW! I am so suprised that the interviews would be THAT GOOD! I mean, I just decided to listen to the Miley Cyrus one to see what it was like...because you see I have the origional Miley Cyrus interviews or anything! LAIM! I KNOW! lol. So i am like really suprised that these podcasts are this good. I got like all of though i don't know half the stars!! ((hehe))
It includes my all my favorites! Miley Cyrus(you rock), Ash, Nessa, ZAC, Corbin, Jordan Pruitt, so all Disney Channel fans should get this one. YAY ME!!!
Ashley Rocks!! But this guys voice sounds sooo tacky and fake!! YUCK
you should get more of mitchel musso, but it rocks
Ashley Tisdale is soo cool i am her number 1 fan, same with Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudges, (Im all of there #1 biggest fan not you) Ashley is my role model, Zacs my boy friend, Vanessa is my favorite singer. IM ALL OF THERE #1 FANS NOT YOU SO BACK OFF AND NO 1 WILL GET HURT.
i totally love this interview! it is about time monet is put onto iTunes! hahaha she is so sweet and the interview shows off her personaltiy well.
wow ok first of all.. ashley tisdale is madd cool nd i love her. she seems soo nice&fun/funny! even though shes 21..i keep thinking shes like 18 nd thats not a bad thing! i love her,<3 nd miley cyrus& emily osmentttt! wow their soo cool they look soo easy to get along with nd nice! : ) vanessa ann hudgens&brenda song look pretty cool too ahah i love high school musical;suite life;& hannah montana chyeahh<33=]
This is awesome. I get to hear interviews with my faveorite stars. I love the ones with the High School Musical Stars and The Suite Life of Zack Cody Stars. I love the one with Nikki Cleary in it too. iTunes get more with the High School Musical Stars in it and the stars of Hannah Montana.
this podcast is perfect for all the pop music fans out there! if your looking for an old interview or a new one this is the perfect place to hear all the great interviews tommy and raul do with all the great artists and you get to hear them here first before you hear them on!!!! 2 thumbs up!
This is great! My favorite bands are all here--M2M, Miley Cyrus, and even The Veronicas! I was really surprised to finally find a podcast that has all of my favorite artists in one! Keep it coming, Tommy2.Net!
There aren't any Dylan and Cole Sprouse interviews here. There needs to be some because they are the coolest twins with the most bomb show on televison. The Ashley Tisdale interviews are nice, the one about the high school musical and the suite life of zack and cody is my most favorite.
I really like the Ashley Tisdale interviews. I also like the Brenda Song, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Anne Hudgens ones!! They're really cool!! =)
high school musical and degrassi interviews, its bound to be awesome!
this podcast is awesome, it really is. I mean, you get interviews from excellent Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale :) =)
I love highschoolmusical and the suite life of zack and cody, so it is awsome to listen to them be interviewed
I think it is so cool to hear the stars talk outside of the spotlight and express their opinions!
It's cool to hear stars with their experiences and opinions