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I have tried just about every relaxation technique under the sun but none compares to Bill. Has helped immensely with my sleep and I hope Bill makes many more podcasts!!
U are soo terribly relaxing ( compliment) I love u, SUBSCRIBER!! please keep it up
Give this podcast a chance. It's exceptionally unique and just what I've always needed to get to sleep. I have paid a good amount for Andrew Johnson relaxation/sleeping aids as well as many others, but none of that quite makes it when compared to Bill discussing his experience of watching paint dry and his own painting methods. I even listen to him when on breaks at work... During lunch I listen to him talk about tea for fifteen minutes and I feel much calmer and less stressed. I can make it through the rest of the day because of this. Thanks Bill. I know you talk about how few subscribers you have and whether or not it's even worth it, but look at what you've been able to do for just one person. Stay the course my friend.
I hope you read this. You have the best voice on podcasts. I can listen to you talk all day. Thanks for providing your voice. You've at least made one person happy.