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Loved the characters, story was fun, sound quality was exceptional. More Nina would be a good thing.
I only found podiobooks less than a year ago and have voraciously consumed them since. This is the *only* completed novel I have listened to more than once. I find the "whiny" aspect of Nina's voice both annoying and part of her charm. Nina is (PLEASE don't tell her I said this) flawed in a way that is both accessible and refreshing. Fantasy needs more of the self depreciating humor found in Nina's story - but unlike some, she's not lost the personal introspection and social commentary that keeps me coming back to this genre. Nina - please make sure to protect the well-being of your scribe. She does your biography, reputation and the literary world a great service!
Well...At first the voice of the princess Nina was annoying but...I'm obsessed & addicted to the story now and the sound effects etc (but the sheep noises went on a bit too long)! Francis the king is hilarious and I almost choked to death eating my dinner once! (when he says 'wait till I tell my friends that I can make u tremble with just a thought!!!') I'm so glad I found this gem of a story! Well done and I can't wait to know how their quest ends...still can't decide if William is hiding he good or bad?! Who'll she end up with? Was the dragon once human??? Will the king be killed? Ahhhh?!? Lovin it! Cheers!
Well crafted characters that leapt out at you and took you for a fun ride, thank for sharing your talent, Christiana!


Loving Nina and the rest of the characters in the story. I'm about 1/2 way though and can't wait to hear how the story ends. Thanks, Christiana!
Do you have what it takes to listen to Nina Kimberly the Merciless? I warn you... not everyone will survive this ordeal. For one thing, you will need a great deal of respiratory fortitude. The weak and unworthy have died of apoplexy after laughing a lung loose. For another, you will need a firm grasp on reality. Those who are prone to dissociative mental illness are in danger of losing their grasp on reality during listening sessions of this engaging tale. Finally, you will need a strong sense of self-identity and force of will. After listening to Nina Kimberly the Merciless, the feeble-minded have been found bowing to the greatness of Christiana Ellis in ways most unbefitting of upstanding members of society! You have been warned.
When the initial Nina Kimberly podcast came out, I did not listen. I heard the first chapter in the Space Casey (great podcast) feed, and Nina's voice sounded way too annoying for me to want to listen. When I heard it was being remastered, I took a chance and listened, and found that Nina's voice in this edition had all of the same feeling of the 'original' without any of the annoying-ness. I've been listening ever since. So far (episode 3), the story is well written with interesting and believable characters. I especially like the interactions with Nina and the Dragon. I believe the visual imagery created in those sections provides a lot more descriptive interaction than a regular speaking character would. Give this book a listen. If you are a fan of fantasy in general, or a fan on unconventional fantasy, or in some cases not a fan of fantasy at all, you should enjoy this story! I am!
I am loving this podcast even more than the first release. Keep going, Christiana!!!
Not since Monty Python and the Holy Grail has there been such a seamless blend of Epic high fantasy and side-splitting humor. A refreshing change from the traditional stereotypes that are so engrained within the genre. Highly recommended for fans of Lord of the Rings and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, especially since the quality of the work is really in that same league.
Christiana is hilarious, funny, and in all other ways is the Queen of her special brand of comedy. This brand includes, sarcasim, witt and other laugh out loud qualities. Listen, love, declare an aligiance.
Christianna Ellis has crafted a wonderful tale of adventure. It is a classic journey tale told with humor and wit. The characters are more complex than meets the eye. I am surprised at how I have grown to care for all of them. Christianna Ellis is a master of her craft and I look forward to her next project.


By asild
Am i the only one who found the voice of Nina unbearable?!? The characters voice was so whiny i could barely get through the first chapter.
Well worth listening to, "Nina Kimberly the Merciless" is a fun and often hilarious romp through the cliches of the sword and sorcery genre. Christiana does a great job of telling the story of Nina Kimberly, the orphaned teenage daughter of the leader of a barbarian horde. Nina herself contains every stereotype of the genre, but manages to be a real and likable person at the same time. Accompanied on her quest by the idiotic King Francis, who ably provides most of the humor in this story, Nina befriends a dragon, falls in love, and saves her people - and even grows and matures as a person. If Christiana produces a sequel, I'll be first in line to listen.
While I'm not too excited about having modern elements mixed with medieval fantasy and not a big fan of dragons, William and even more importantly Francis make this story worth listening to. The voices and sound effects are sometimes over the top.
My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed this witty, humorous, adventure story. The dialogue is never "predictable", and the twists and turns in the story line kept us totally entertained and engaged. And keep an ear out for the wonderful music Christiana chose to enhance the atmosphere during the story. Yep, can't wait for the sequel!
I have enjoyed this book very much. The only problem I have is that the volume changes from chapter to chapter-real painful when your using a head set. I would like to hear more stories about Nina the Merciless!
The characters and voices are well done and the story is very compelling. I look forward to listening to the next chapter as soon as I finish the previous one.
Christiana has successfully created vivid, original characters within a unique fantasy world. She has woven serious themes into a generally humorous story. I found the tone reminiscent of Asprin's Myth Inc. novels. If you enjoy comedic fantasy, you must give this podiobook a listen!
Good procution quality. A humorous fantasy story that is well done. The podcaster reads all parts very well. This is a must for anyone wanting to hear a good story.
In a world of run-of-the-mill books, NKtM is one of the truly excellent ones. Christiana Ellis is proving that fresh and compelling content is being delivered via podcasting. Christiana's story is enthralling, her characters are rich, and each episode keeps you wanting more. Publishing houses, take notice!
Christiana has done it! A blend of humor and fantasy that thoroughly grabs you by the ears and keeps you wanting more. Love and romance, intrigue and trickery, magic and dragons, death and dismemberment, all so wonderfully blended together it makes me yearn for a very long series. Did I mention that the characters are very very a-typical? Listen for your self, you deserve it.
Wow. Listen and be amused! Fun for you and your loved ones. Follow along with the ever lovable barbarian princess as she beheads would be suitors and pines for a quest to traverse. Thrill as she tries desperately to rid herself of the one admirer who most deserves her wrath. And did I mention there is a dragon? well there is. And he is as noble and generous as she is cut throat and ornery. In short. Listen to this. And You, Miss Christiana Ellis. You need to make more of these for us to devour.
The episodes are always funny and well done. Her 5/12 episode had a great cliff-hanger. I'd love to hear more podio-books from Nina's creator, Christiana Ellis. When you hear her after-episode remarks you get the impression that she is writing simply for the listeners appreciation. I am eagerly looking forward to future episodes in Nina's great adventure.


funny, awesome, entertaining, super production. always floats to the top of my cue...que...kyoo.